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Seed Full Moon on Molokai

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Celebrating the March New Moon and Mercury beginning its forward motion, the journey of weaving the web through Molokai, Maui and Mount Shasta comes to an end. Another cycle of magick, weaving the web on our beautiful water planet. Our journey had begun on the Seed Full Moon at the time of a powerful galactic portal opening. A portal is a two-way inter-dimensional door, opening into several realities, including the astral world; interstellar space; and alternate, parallel universes. We are given opportunities when these portals open, to pass through these celestial doorways to visit other dimensions, thus enlightening our perspective and our understanding of the Divine Plan. These portal openings create a platform to raise ones awareness, allowing for wondrous experiences and moments of profound spiritual growth. By opening to the higher frequencies of light, we feel our intuitive abilities greatly heightened, our personal power increasing and an overall feeling of happiness as we begin to listen to our knowing heart. When individuals come together in prayer and focused intention during these times of increased light, miracles can truly occur.

Our spiritual family that gathered for this journey, came from the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Germany and China. We had all been called by the whale beings and the spirit of Maui. My experience on the remote island of Molokai several months before was calling me back to Phallic Rock, a powerful star gate still very protected by the ancestral beings and known as a place of fertility.


As we made our way through the darkness, the moon was completely shrouded in a mysterious mist that had come out of nowhere. I knew that doorways to other realms were opening for our group. Much like the mists of Avalon, a gentle rain purified each of us as we made our way deeper through the forest. There would be no moonlight to guide us this night, yet the power of the Goddess was greatly felt. I thought how many times in life we may feel there is no one there to guide us and yet even if we can not see, if we trust what we feel inside and keep moving forward, we will find ourselves where we need to be.

As we gathered around this magnificent stone being and each set our intentions for what we wanted to create, the power was amplified with the group energy. I had asked others from our spiritual family through Weave the Web, to join in prayer and place intention this night to heal the sacred water ways and the land where man’s ignorance had created an imbalance in the cosmic spider web.


As we began, I could feel thousands of heart lights joining our group that night. I also knew the rain and mists had discouraged others from coming to Phallic Rock at this time so our group was protected and we would be undisturbed as we performed our full moon ritual. Magick was everywhere and I felt truly honored to be part of this spiritual family from all over the world. Each person bringing their heart light into the collective vision. We played the singing bowls to the Stone Being as we each felt the seed we carry in our hearts pulsating with life. As we left that night we were blessed with two deer crossing our path. Confirmation of the exchange of love between the world of human and that of the natural world.


We awoke the next morning to a beautiful day as we gathered at the ocean for ceremony. As I walked down to the beach to prepare for our ceremony of sending prayers to the sacred waters, I could see a whale in the distance. I could hear the song of this beautiful being as I prepared the offerings for our ritual.


Two of the women had brought beautiful singing bowls that carried the frequency of the ocean. As they played, we sent our focused prayers to the Pacific Ocean asking to heal the waters of the radiation and toxic impact of the nuclear power plant from Fukishima. Water has an intelligence and can heal itself. We placed our prayers in the sacred waters I had brought from Mount Shasta, that still holds the purity of the ancient waters that flow from deep within the mountain.


As we released white rose petals to the sea one could feel the joy of the waters sending love in return. This was going to be a magickal journey as all of nature was opening to us. We left that morning with anticipation and excitement as we would join the others and begin the journey answering song of the whales on Maui later that evening.

Sending you the beautiful spirit of Aloha, whales songs and heartfelt blessings, Robbyne

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