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Sedona Wisdom of the Grandmothers

March 19th – 23rd

Since the beginning of time the sacred knowledge has been passed on through the women of the tribes. It was for the purpose of maintaining the integrity and true teachings of universal knowledge. As we approach the year 2012 we begin a final turning point for the human race with the turning of the cosmic wheel on December 21st. Every great nation, every tribe has looked to the Grandmother Wisdom Keepers for guidance and direction in turbulent times of change. This time we are in, is no different, and the time has come for the Grandmother Wisdom to be shared now with all who have an open heart. Sedona, Arizona has always held a mystery and a special healing energy for me. From my first encounter in 1994 when I would be visited by celestial star beings to the journey back to the Red Rocks in 1996 when the Elders would come to me with a powerful message. I was told my destiny was to travel to the far corners of the world to find the family from long ago known as the Rainbow Nation and to carry a message of hope, peace and love to every land. This seemed a strange prophecy to me, as at the time I didn’t even have a passport let alone any knowledge of traveling the world.
Little did I know that after that encounter, after the experience at the base of Bell Rock and the sanctuary of the grandmothers I would begin an amazing journey that would indeed take me all over the world including the ice continent of Antarctica and the polar regions of the Arctic Circle.

I am tested every day to hold my center and find my strength but since early childhood I have been visited and guided by the ancestors, the wisdom keepers, the Masters and the animal allies. I have been guided every step of the way, accomplished things that seem humanly impossible and never once been abandoned by spirit. We have had differences of opinions, Spirits and I, as to what is best for me along the way, (they have won every time) but when I learned to completely surrender as I did in Sedona with the message from the elders years ago, the unseen world has opened up to reveal itself to me with crystal clarity and purpose. I was born to be a messenger and to weave the rays of the rainbow around the world. If you have touched my path and are reading these words, you soul is awake and the memory of the rainbow nation is alive within you. You are an earth walker and you are here to anchor the prayer of peace and the message of hope for the generations that will walk upon this earth long after you and I have returned to the unseen world.

In every prophecy it has been said the lands of the Americas would be the lands where the power to bring the earth back into harmony would come from. But America is in trouble; it has become a land where there is a power that is anything but in balance and lack of respect for the natural world. A land where so many of the people walk with their spirits outside of themselves. It will take the vision and prayer of many to bring America back into balance so this land can become what it was always destined to be.

This is a journey to heal the broken circle of the cosmic spider web. Located about 20 miles outside of Sedona is a most magnificent sanctuary known as Angel Valley. This lovely retreat center, 70 acres sits in a beautiful valley, surrounded by four majestic mountains each dedicated to different archangels and thousands of acres of national forest completely secluded and away form the distortion of the city. Many of the cabins have skylights in the roof so you can see the millions of celestial beings in the heavens as you fall asleep. There is a healing river that flowers through the property and many guardian trees holding the secrets of the Native people who once roamed these lands long ago.

On the recent New Moon solar eclipse I was guided to be here in this valley and to walk the magnificent labyrinth, which had just recently been completed to place the Andara crystal into the center. There is both a celestial doorway here as well as an opening into the unseen world where the grandmother wisdom keepers step through and the animals allies provide healing messages. When one sites silently in the various vortexes even the flower spirits will speak. Hummingbirds and butterflies join you on your path as you hike into the forest.

Here you will learn to walk between the worlds, to become a guardian of the unseen world and to form an alliance between the human world and the natural world, who so very much wish to work with us to see that we move through these challenging times into the fifth world that has been promised if we choose to follow the path of truth.

We will spend our days working in the various vortexes and angel sites, morning hikes into the forests each day working with the different elements, we will be doing ceremony together in the angel wheel and each day you will have an opportunity to make your own personal soul journey by walking the labyrinth go gain wisdom and insight.

The gardens are alive with the fairy realm and magic is alive wherever you look. We will focus on the between times where the veil between worlds is very thin with special ceremony at sunrise and sunset. The food prepared on the property is organic and has a high vibration to add to the experience. We will spend a great deal of time in the nature’s schoolhouse and in the evening gather in the beautiful heart meditation room. There will be plenty of time for personal reflection and meditation within the beautiful gardens and the vortex sites that especially call to you soul. Even if you have been to Sedona numerous times, you have no experienced the healing energies and the doorway that exist in this magnificent retreat center. This is a very special Sedona, one you will never want to leave. We will be here both for the Spring Equinox celebration as well as the Full Moon, a time when the promise of the Goddess to return and bring with her new life is fulfilled. If you have ever experience a Spring Equinox celebration with me you know how special this time can be. We will be doing the ancient Celtic rituals as well as those scared to the Native Americans. There are opportunities for healing massages and energy balancing/healing sessions with the color cloths as well as Angel readings for those of you who desire to experience these in the sanctuary.

So mark your calendars and plan ahead to be part of this incredible journey into the unseen world. You will be taught to work with your totem animals and to connect to the Grandmother Wisdom Keepers that are working with you at this time and most importantly you will be part of something so wonderful, anchoring love an gratitude, anchoring a new vision of harmony and peace back into the earth and empowering the land of America.

If you would like more information as to the actual costs and assistance with your travel arrangements please contact White Wolf Journeys at (949) 361-7729.

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