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The Secret of Getting Ahead is Just Getting Started


The pace of life most of us experience just seems to get more and more hectic as we try to keep up with the hamster wheel we find ourselves running on.  Between work, family responsibility and other obligations we are finding ourselves stretched and stressed.  We place our health at the bottom of the priority list.  We eat on the run, skip workouts, get only a few hours of sleep.  We have become completely out of balance.  We find we are unable to think clearly, we gain weight; we feel anxious and often become depressed.  We are unable to make decisions and we struggle to find joy.

It is joy that is our responsibility to express into our world, and yet so many of us can’t even remember what joy feels like.  We are neglecting our own body temples that hold the potential for a beautiful soul to live as an expression of joy, a beacon of light and a true vessel of love.  In this year of self-mastery we must learn to love ourselves, find our heart song and discover our own creative way to bring our gifts and beauty into the world.    We must MASTER JOY.

Sounds fairly simple, but it is a challenge for many to give themselves permission to take a break, rest and be in stillness and retreat into the wonder of the moment.  Even if it’s only a day, now more than ever we need to be good to ourselves.  It is one of the most significant steps in mastering Self Love.  Only when we completely unwind, disconnect from the fast world and walk the path of the unseen can we hear the sound of our heart speaking.


With the recent full moon lunar eclipse a few days ago, I found myself walking beneath grandmother moon’s incredible light as I thread the labyrinth at Dragon’s Teeth.  Although rain was in the forecast as we walked the labyrinth on the powerful Libra Full Moon dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Maat, the clouds dissipated and the Goddess made her full presence known.  Dragon’s teeth is a powerful vortex on the rocky cliff at the oceans edge on the Island of Maui.  I have walked it many times and it holds a special magick for me.


As I walked the labyrinth in a silent meditation, I recalled the last Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in September last year.   I had shared that powerful eclipse with so many beautiful souls on the highest hill on the Isle of Iona, known as the Dream Isle.  I was now weaving the Atlantean energies of Iona into the sacred labyrinth that held the Lemurian dream light.  A perfect night to balance the two energies.   Under the Libra full moon the human world was gifted with an opportunity to find balance.  The balance of the chattering mind of the ego with the knowing heart.   The essence of the life force and power of the waters of Atlantis with the gentle nurturing waters of the Pacific Ocean.

As the waves crashed along the rocky coast I could see the ocean illuminated with celestial light.  The message I received in the labyrinth was a message of courage and hope.  It was a message of listening more to our heart than our head.  Nothing new but it seemed to resonate on a deeper level.


If we never try something knew we will never know what we could become.  In this year of Self Mastery we are becoming.  We need to remove the expectation we have of ourselves and others which will open the space for everything to organically become.   We need to remove the time frame in which we feel something must be accomplished.  As long as we are demonstrating to the universe that we are ready to move forward the universe will respond.     Saturn has now begun its retrograde cycle so remember from now until the 13th of August there will be a major focus on addressing our relationship with money and any fears or doubts we have about making change to step into our true mastery and following our hearts desire to live the life we have always been intended to live.

One of the best ways to hear your heart, find your courage and gain clarity is to return to the natural world.  There you find stillness and can connect to the Dream Walker.

For those who may be interested in journeying into the natural world as you nurture and celebrate your own uniqueness, I am offering a journey of rejuvenation, healing and joy.  In a powerful vortex,  12 dragon lines come together in the root chakra of our beloved water planet, known as Mount Shasta.  For more information please click here

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Wishing you a magickal week.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne


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