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SamHein Celebration

Mount Shasta

October 27th – 30th, 2017

Recognized by the ancient Druids as a special night to communicate with the Ancestors. SamHein represented the final harvest, when the crops were safely stored for the coming winter. A time to complete any unfinished business of the summer as the great wheel of life turns once again. Together on the mystical mountain of Saint Germaine we will experience the ancient traditions and rituals.

It is one of the 8 days of power within the year and the most magickal of times revered by the ancient ones. All Hollow’s Eve marks a time when the veil that separates the world of the dead from the world of the living is thought to be thin, allowing for visits from the spirits of our departed ones. This is a time to honor the changing of the seasons and the cycles of death and rebirth, a time of beginnings and endings. One will find their own intuition greatly heightened. A time to do away with old negative patterns and situations making room for new life. Celebrating in a sacred place enhances the magick available as the wheel turns.

October is my favorite time on Mama Mountain when the schoolhouse of the Goddess reveals hidden secrets and places not available at all times during the year. SamHein marks the decent into the black chaos from which new ideas and new life will ultimately spring.

The sacred mountain is one of the most powerful places on our beloved earth where twelve dragon lines join together. One of the dragon lines is connected to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Here lays a sanctuary known as the School of Hero’s where the Goddess Skathach is the guardian. The Ruins of Dun Sgathaich the oldest castle on the Isle of Skye stand on the headland over looking a mysterious bay.  One must pass the Hill of the Eagle to enter into the Warrior Goddess’s sanctuary.

Skathach is known as the Goddess of Magick and Prophecy.  Her constant companion was the dragon and her symbol is the sword.  It is said that her power is the strongest on the night of SamHein when the veil is thinnest and she comes to the aid of the warrior.   It is her guidance that the Templar Knights would seek to learn the skill of battle. She taught them more importantly the skill of silencing the mind and using the power of words to end conflict instead of weapons.

This is a weekend to empower the Enchantress, the aspect of the Goddess that holds great passion. The wild nature inside that is full of courage and strength. Through a wondrous journey on the mountain to many sacred places one will step into the schoolhouse of Hero’s and discover the Enchantress within.

We begin Friday evening the 27th with a gratitude ceremony connecting with the Goddess and Lady of the mountain as we thread the labyrinth asking the ancestors and Master Teachers to join us.

Throughout the weekend our days are filled with spirit walks to the magickal and enchanted pathways that lead to another world. We will journey to the place of obsidian, the place of transformation.

A human with an open heart is granted access into these special places for guidance as the unseen world comes to life. The mountain nurtures ones spirit and rejuvenates your soul restoring faith and balance. A special time when the veil is opened to reveal wisdom and knowledge for the spiritual seeker who wishes to awaken the Goddess within. The stone beings and tree spirits are awakened to share their secrets as the Goddess invites the human deeper into the world of the unseen.

Mornings we journey to sacred places within the vortex of the mountain. Afternoons are free for stillness and reflection as well as healing sessions. Our evenings we will gather for meditation on the lake beneath the stars to receive the neutrino energy offered by the celestial skies. Together we will celebrate the feast of SamHein and share in ancient ritual.

Space is limited so we encourage early registration. This will be our last group experience on the mountain for 2017 as we will be focusing on journeys and private shamanic retreats in the southern hemisphere. I will announce future dates for journeys in 2018 on Mount Shasta.

During our time together I will be sharing:

  • The secrets of the unseen world.
  • Learn the practice of true magick, natural magick, practical magick, high magick, ceremonial magick and sympathetic magick.
  • Discover the power of sacred ritual at the time when the veil between worlds is thinnest
  • Learn to Invoke the presence of the weaver to assist in spinning the reality you dream of.
  • Learn to trust your own inner voice as the vortex of the mountain is one of the special places on our beloved earth where one can slip through the crack of the universe to find truth and glimpses of the future.
  • Nurture your mind, body and spirit as you develop a stronger bond with the Goddess.
  • Restore balance as you find solace and retreat from the fast world.

Total cost for this four day celebration which includes all teachings, meditations, inner journeys, outer experiences to the mountains vortex, all tools for ritual and ceremonies including  the Feast of SamHein –  $625.00.

You are responsible for your own transportation and accommodations. There are several recommendations for accommodations for all budgets and preferences:

Shasta Mount Inn (my favorite) owned by a very special soul, David Knowles.  David as your host, will make you will feel as though you have come home.  This beautiful B and B sits directly on the dragon line and offers beautiful views of Mama Mountain.  4 rooms available at the Shasta Mountain B and B www.shastamountinn.com

Chalets at the Mount Shasta Resort  – mountshastaresort.com

Best Western Treetop Hotel  http://bestwesterncalifornia.com/hotels/best-western-plus-tree-house

For those who would like to rent a room there is a lovely space available offering two rooms.   Please contact Wendy at [email protected].

Airports to fly into:

Redding, California is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from the mountain.

Medford, Oregon is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from the mountain.

Sacramento, California is 3 1/2 hours from the mountain with a very easy drive

San Francisco, California is 4 1/2 hours from the mountain.

This retreat is limited to create a small group experience ensuring a very deep and intimate journey for each participant.

For registration details please contact Guy at [email protected]

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