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Sacred Trilogy Reading


Now that we’re entering the second half of the year…..

There is no better time than NOW to truly focus on the manifestation of your new reality  and to make the necessary course corrections.  I seek my guidance from the natural world and messengers from the unseen.  There is truth and wisdom in their guidance.  There are no hidden agendas in the world of nature only truth.

We each have a sacred place that provides the stillness we need to hear the guidance, and we each have allies that have chosen to work with us to support us and assist us in navigating the hoooman experience as land dwellers.

Knowing who walks with you and assists you can provide both comfort and clarity when we are at a crossroads. I continue to provide the Rose Readings and Grand Chakra Clearing Readings but have recently been guided to offer the Sacred Trilogy Reading which can identify which animal is serving as your navigational guide at this time of transition, the Goddess presence who lovingingly embraces you and wishes to illuminate your path with her wisdom, the mythical being from the unseen realms who would love nothing more but to create an alliance with you and assist in bringing forth your gifts and talents.  I will also identify where your soul travels at this time in the sacred wheel and how to work with the energies.

This is a written reading where I sit in a still and silent place dialoguing with your soul essence.  I invite the presences that wish to share into the sacred space and simply serve as a messenger to bring forth their wisdom specifically to guide your journey moving forward.  Knowing these presences are with us and developing a deeper relationship with them can provide all the tools we need to rise above the chaos as the 3rd dimensional world around us collapses.  You will receive a written description with images to place on your altar to support establishing a special relationship with you allies.

If you are interested in a Sacred Trilogy Reading please contact me directly at [email protected]. The cost is $95.00.  I can also create a personal talisman that carries the energy of your Sacred Trilogy.

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