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Sacred Ruakuri Cave

Today we would find ourselves at the Ruakuri Cave.  Ruakuri means Dog Cave in Maori.  I always like to create a special experience on these journeys and for me Black Water rafting through the sacred caves of the Maori is an experience like no other.  The intricate waterways that connect the caves represent the veins of the earth mother.  When one moves through the intricate waterway that connect the ancient caves, it is as though one is moving through the birth canal of the earth and one can experience a feeling of rebirth.  This was especially significant at this time in the Year of the Phoenix and the energies of rebirth as we would be traveling to the Temple of the Four Winds tomorrow and this served as purification in preparation for the ceremony we would perform at this universal center of light.

Half the fun of this experience is just getting suited up which can take a half hour by the time you get all the necessary gear on.  I must say we certainly made a fashion statement.

Not only are you given a very flattering wetsuit but also a hard helmet with a minor’s light securely fastened to the top.  You begin this journey by making a test jump backwards into the river, a leap of faith into the unknown.    Our group displayed unusually graceful techniques.

We were all naturals!!  When we were deemed ready, our fearless guides led us to the opening of the cave.  What an amazing adventure as we each leaped into the black waters of the cave.  This must have been the feeling of our excited souls when we  made our first leap into this journey that would take us to the earth experiment.

Floating silently through the water with the lights off, we gazed upward at the universe as the glow worms lit the sky above as though they were the celestial beings of the Milky Way.  Even though some of our group wanted to kill me at first after the initial plunge into the cold waters of the black river, I think we all agreed it was an amazing experience.

In 1997 on my first journey home to New Zealand I had a chance encounter with a woman in the Bay of Islands.  She would become a great messenger for my journey over the last 14 years and would be instrumental in my meeting of Barry Brailsford, the keeper of the old lore and Chris, the guardian of these ancient caves.  It would be Chris who would take Pauline and I to a very special cave that held a powerful being from the Sirian Star.  (Sirius is known as the Dog star so it did not surprise me that the Maori identified this as the Dog Cave).  Chris would carefully guide our group to the cave and ensure the safety of each person to enter this very holy and sacred place of the ancient star walkers.  I had been to this cave several times over the last 14 years but as our group slowly entered this place and joined together I felt so many others join us as we gathered seeking guidance and direction.  I could feel the ancient Lemurians gather around us.  Over the years Chris had served as a messenger for me.  Always it seemed when I was seeking guidance for my own journey, Chris would speak truth that resonated deep in my heart.  I knew my purpose in bringing this family of spiritual seekers to this place on this night but I also had questions for my own journey as I was in the midst of a life changing transition and asking how I could be of greater service to the Goddess.  As I stood before the being I heard the words, “Follow the guidance in your heart and you will know your journey”.  For me New Zealand was the home of my heart.  As I closed my eyes and stood before the great presence I felt a chill move up my spine as flashes of ancient  civilization appeared before me.

“There will be a time when the spirit of the land will call you home” a voice from the past spoke.  It was clear that time had come.  Already friends and family questioned how I could leave the sanctuary I had been the guardian of for 17years.  I had made a promise long, long ago and it was my destiny.   Those who had joined me on this journey had made a promise as well.  I knew everyone’s life was going to change.   There was no turning back now; the only path was the one directly in front of me.

That night we stayed at what is considered the most haunted hotel in New Zealand.  (I love it)  Spirits had great fun with us.  In the corridor where Pauline and I stayed there was a chill in the room.  At one point I watched Pauline put on her jacket because it was so cold.   As I turned around I heard the heater click in and commented to her, “I see you found the heater” She told me she had not touched it and in fact thought I had.  A few seconds later the lights flicked on in the bathroom.  Never a dull moment I thought to myself as we looked at each other.  It appeared the spirits had found us.  They were  welcome in our room and soon settled down.  I seemed to fall into a deep sleep which I was grateful for as I had little sleep the nights before and tomorrow was the day the star gate would open and the Phoenix would return to the unseen world.  This would be a turning point for mankind and I prayed we were truly ready.

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