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In The Rhythm of Life We Sometimes Find Ourselves Out of Tune


In the rhythm of life we sometimes find ourselves out of tune.   As long as we have our family to provide the melody the music plays on.  It is in the coming together we find strength and unity. L1280125

As we continue to Weave the Web singing to the song lines,  activating the dragon lines with love,  and dancing upon the spirit lines, we can come together as one powerful source of light.   A light that can shine in the darkest of times. Our beautiful group joined together just after the Solstice as we formed a human super pod on Stradbroke Island in Australia to commune with the whales and dolphins to awaken to our full potential.  We created a beautiful light because we were together.


The dolphin would join our pod teaching us to celebrate life.  Reminding us to catch the wave and ride it together.   Showing us we were supported by these celestial angels.


We were weaving the energies of Atlantis from the waters of  Bimini into the navigational waters of the whales and dolphins in the Southern Hemisphere off the coast of Stradbroke Island.


The dolphin came to open our hearts.  A mother and baby leaped for joy.  One can not be in the presence of these sea angels and not feel their heart open.


In the distance the whales would bring their song as they too joined our pod.  There was no place for ego or judgment.   We were all the same.  Each of us had a different story as to why we had been called to this magickal island, but a higher power had now joined us together as we created a circle of love.



As the energy of our world continues to accelerate it and we lose our way, it seems that moments when we join together with others can rejuvenate our spirit and help us find our balance.   We are able to support one another to find the courage to make the changes we each need to make. As we observe what we can easily judge as tragic events ocurring aound our beloved water planet, we must remember that succumbing to the fear or overwhelming sense of sadness does not support our journey or hold the light to keep the dragon lines strong.  Somewhere deep inside our knowing, we knew we would be tested.  Individually, so that our soul could grow,  and collectively at times as a nation. Most certainly as a global community. We cannot lose our faith, we can not for even a moment let our guard down and allow fear to penetrate into our knowing.  It is easier at times than other times but as long as we know we are not alone there is strength in that knowing. Whether you join with us through Weave the Web in quiet ceremony or you feel called to join with us in sacred gatherings, together, we are able to bring more love into a world that is confused and at times feels lost.  You are not alone.


I was recently inspired by a story that touched my heart.   Relevant for the immediate now as it appears that racial tension and judgment is still very much alive in the United States.  It is the story of a football player from“WOODLAWN” High School in Alabama in the early 70’s.   Tony Nathan, who become known as Tony Touchdown was a black man who found himself in a school that didn’t want black students there.  There was tension and at times violence in the school and in the town.  There was hate and separation.  There was fear. One man, strong in his faith, believed in the power of love and asked if he could speak to the team.  A man who had suffered through his own adversity and yet had unshakable faith.   Through the power of his faith and belief that love could create oneness the team came together.  As a result of the team coming together, the high school came together.  Eventually the town came together.  It was the power of faith.


The Native Americans believe that in each tribe there is the faith keeper.  The one who holds the faith for the people and never falters.  This is the time for each of us to step into the role of the Faith Keeper.  No matter what is taking place around you  we each must hold the faith.  Now more than ever.  If you look deep inside your soul story you will remember that is why you are here.

Goddess Morrigan

For those who are members of our online Moon Cycle Rituals and Sacred Sabbat Celebrations I have now added a powerful audio meditation (log in) that will allow you to connect to the Goddess Morrigan, the Goddess of Death and Rebirth. She is a powerful presence of influence to assist us in finding our way when we feel lost and confused.  The July Full Moon on July 19/20th is a time to embrace the power offered from the Goddess Morrigan.    In entering her dark temple one can discover what the belief is that creates the imbalance and throws us off our focused path.  It may be an untruth, a fear, an old hurt.  This is a time to step forward as our water planet needs your light.  Working with Morrigan will assist you in becoming a Faith Keeper.

Wishing you a magickal Full Moon.

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Love and Rainbows,


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