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Rewrite Your Soul Story as the next Full Moon illuminates our Path in Libra


Full Moon in Libra – Dedicated to the Goddess Maat

The energy is building from the recent New Moon Solar Eclipse and will culminate with the The Libra full moon ushering in waves of passion and clarity.   The recent Pisces New Moon has defined a specific journey for each of us and provided an opportunity to clear out the past to move forward into our future.   Over the next couple of weeks as we continue to move through these energies, take the time to sit quietly as emotions can run high this month because of the intensity of the two eclipses.   Finding your still point can assist in relaxing into tense situations, allowing you an opportunity to think before you act.

These NEW “thoughts” and NEW attitudes defined by the Pisces New Moon will ensure that we step forward into our destiny.   Life can’t continue the way it has been and the eclipse energy will clearly define that NOW is the time for CHANGE.

Between the 9th of March leading up to the Libra Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd/24th decisions we make will affect our future.    Remember we have the power to make a course direction right now to bring more joy and beauty into our life and to become a beacon of light for others.   We each have a wonderful opportunity to tap into strong creative energies to begin to redefine the next part of our journey.

The meditation to support one in working with the Libra Full Moon and the Goddess Maat has now been posted under “Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – March 2016” for those who belong to our online subscription Moon Cycle Rituals and Sacred Sabbat celebrations.  I have sent all personal messages for those who registered by January 31st.  If you did not receive your personal message, please contact me.


Saturn Goes Retrograde on March 25th

Just after the Full Moon in Libra, Saturn will be going retrograde on March 25th.  Saturn governs the rules and regulations that guide our lives, our sense of responsibility, and our perceived limitations. It allows us to define boundaries for ourselves.   During the cycle when Saturn is retrograde, we have an opportunity to go back and assess commitments we made, projects started and responsibilities undertaken in the past. This must be done before we can continue. Saturn in retrograde provides also the opportunity to reassess what we have agreed to do and allows us to become clear on the motivation behind it, if we are doing it because of guilt, fear or uncertainty.   With Saturn retrograde we have an opportunity to learn to create boundaries by saying NO.  (No I will no longer continue this way of being).

This retrograde provides an opportunity to restructure your life, review your progress, reorganize your schedule and reevaluate your goals. If there are any flaws, Saturn will assist you in weeding them out. If you need a better system, Saturn will help you create one.   During this time you can learn what you’re really capable of accomplishing and enduring. As frustrating as it can be when you’re dealing with it, you have the opportunity to walk away with pride and a sense of accomplishment when Saturn goes direct having passed the test.  The positive aspect of Saturn in retrograde, is that it will push you to ‘clear your plate’, so that you’re ready for a fresh start.  No more excuses and no more distractions.

Saturn retrograde will put a major focus on addressing our relationship with money and any fears or doubts we have about making change to step into our true mastery and following our hearts desire.  It will be retrograde until the13th of August.  Lots of time to review old beliefs regarding our self worth, value, and fears around money and abundance.  I will be sharing tools with our online subscription family on how to clear poverty consciousness into abundance consciousness with the assistance of this Saturn Retrograde.  A retrograding planet simply means there is an emphasis on positive change if we take the time to examine where the imbalance or old belief is found within our own psyche.  Remember we are each masters and this is a powerful year to continuously clear out old beliefs, falling more in love with ourselves and seeing our own true value and worth.  When we acknowledge that within us, doorways we believed were close will open, relationships we felt we would never find come into our experience.  It is a magickal time but will require commitment, effort and focus.

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Wishing you a enchanted night of moon magick.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne


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