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Revisiting your Dreams with the New Moon Thursday August 20th, 2009


A wonderful opportunity awaits us with the New Moon on Thursday evening, August 20th.  We can capture the power of the momentum we are currently moving through as we continue to experience the energy of the recent eclipses.  These energies are designed to help us become more self-aware and move deeper into our own inner knowing.

The solar eclipse has illuminated the shadow side of each of us.  Those places where we hold our fears, insecurities, doubts, angers and resentments.   We are being shown areas in our life that need our immediate attention and must be changed if we are to move forward.   The lunar eclipse of August 5th began to illuminate the pathway but in order to move we must reevaluate our thought patterns and bring them into alignment with our truth.

I wanted to share with you a wonderful story on how by simply changing our perspective on an event we can change our life.  I have shared recently some of the wisdom of a special spiritual leader, Ilchi Lee from Korea.  When Ilchi Lee first arrived in the United States, he came with a vision, a dream and a desire to fulfill his purpose.  He was focused and felt he had direction.  When he arrived in New York at the JFK airport he encountered a situation that completely threw him off balance and caused him to lose focus of that dream and vision.  All of his belongings and the only money he had, $5000.00 were in his suitcase.  His suitcase was stolen from him before he ever left the airport leaving him with a sense that his dreams had been shattered.  He contemplated getting back on a plane and returning home as he saw all his hopes and dreams vanish before him.   Ilchi Lee felt depressed and frustrated.  How many times have each of us had a dream and felt we were moving towards it only to be discouraged and disappointed, feeling as though Spirit had let us down and that the dream we had would never be realized.  Perhaps it was for a new job; perhaps it was for a better relationship.  Whatever it was we began to allow doubts and fears to creep into the energy field that was holding our dream.  We began to have negative thoughts and resentment.  We began to compare ourselves to others and felt we were missing out on something others were experiencing easily.   We fell into illusion.   This was the case for Ilchi Lee.

As he stood on a crossroads he had several paths he could have chosen in that moment.  One was to board the return flight home and leave behind his dream and vision.  To abandon that thought right there at the airport, after all how could this situation have occurred.  He chose however to change that thought process and instead of feeling something had been stolen from him and there was no purpose in continuing, he found strength inside of him and simply changed his thought.  He chose to look at the situation around him as he had just given a donation to the country in which he hoped to create a whole new way of life.  In that moment he moved one step closer to his dream and vision.


The New Moon is creating the same opportunity for each of us.  To revisit our dreams and with intention plant the seeds once again.  To review a situation or experience and allow the light of the Lunar Eclipse to shine new meaning on the purpose of the experience.  We can choose to see the lesson learned and step forward or we can choose to remain behind and abandon our dream and vision.  It is a choice each of us will make this night.

We each have a wondrous opportunity to take an inward journey inside and reconnect to our divine self that holds the answers we seek at this time.

I will be sharing the andara crystal in a meditation with a wonderful group of individuals as we set intention to create the dream of a new earth.  Science continues to document and demonstrate how collective focus can alter the vibrational frequencies and create significant change in the events of the world.  I invite you to join with me once again as our group gathers in Massachusetts to create a central point of light connecting with each of you and we change the vibration for several minutes of holding the vision of unity and oneness.  Please join with me on this night to set intention for our global community to come together in support of one another and each person to awaken to their soul purpose.  Each time we join together in prayer and meditation we are collectively making a change and restoring harmony to the earth.

The group will be gathering at:  

7:30pm East Coast time

4:30pm West coast time

1:30am of the 21st Zurich Switzerland

12:30am of the 21st London England

9:30am of the 21st. Sydney Australia

7:30am of the 21st Singapore

4:30pm Cancun

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Wishing you magick as you plant the seeds of your new visions and dreams.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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  1. Tedeb

    Very cool. Consider us there with you. I really love the pictures/images you put up along with messages. They are beautiful -I usually stare and get lost in them for awhile. Thank-you