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Returning the Light to the Temple of Tulum


After a day of rest, enjoying the white sandy beaches and the turquoise blue waters many individuals experienced the wonderful healing treatments that were available at the spa.  Others walked along the beautiful stretch of beach, and some chose to relax in the warm inviting waters of the ocean or spend some quiet time reflecting on the messages that came when one sat quietly in nature.

We awoke the fourth morning to again a pristine and perfect day.  Having been to Tulum before I had felt so much had been taken from this site by the tourist who approaches with little respect for the old traditions.  My guidance had shown me that to approach Tulum as the ancient ones had done from the sea would allow us to bring the light back to the temple with our focused intention and would allow us to begin to remember the teachings of the Mayan and the ancient ones.


We were able to secure three boats as we began our journey stepping back into time to remember the ways of the past.  So many souls had traveled to the Americas by boat from the land of Atlantis.  The survivors found this site and according to the Mayan established a great temple of light.  We circled seven times and each time we could feel the energy shift and change.  Always focused on bringing light back to the ancient city of the Mayan.  The power is actually found where the sand and the water come together as this is a doorway into the unseen world.  This temple is in alignment with the Pleiades, known as the Seven Sisters. Many legends say the Mayan returned to the Pleiades after they had brought the wisdom and the tools to mankind that we would need during these times that we are living.


After we had approached the City of light for the seventh time we all jumped into the warm waters as I carried the Andara crystal.  Much like returning to the embryonic fluid of the mother, we felt nurtured and cleansed in the healing waters of the Mayan.  When one accesses areas like this with focused intention ones DNA can be changed within the cellular structure and ancient memory begins to flood into ones consciousness.

Another wonderful connection was made that day as our beautiful Shaman, Fabian and his wife Gaby created an opportunity to speak with the fisherman.  These men very respectfully followed my requests to journey to the ancient city by the sea and never questioned why I had asked them to circle and approach the city seven times.  I knew that Gaby and Fabian would pass on wisdom to the fisherman.   Gaby shared that she would return to speak to them about their role as guardians and take the opportunity to be more aware of protecting this sight and the sea turtles.  It felt as though light was truly be returned to these lands.

We left Tulum and traveled to a sacred lagoon where healing could occur for everyone as Fabian led us through a water polarization healing. Everyone supported and assisted in the healing of each other.  Imagine floating gently in crystal blue waters, as you are being lovingly held and supported by many hands.  I watched as each person took his or her position very seriously.  One by  one we asked those that would support us to focus on what we desired.  Some asked for strength, some for joy, some love, some laughter.   It was a wonderful day where everyone received many gifts from the sea and the Goddess.  That night we would return to gather together in meditation, asking for guidance and sending once again focused intention to the leaders of our world to make right choice and right decision.  We again prayed for light to return to the areas on our earth that are still in darkness.  For those who were scared to have strength, for those who were hungry to be fed, for those who were sad to feel love.   Messages came for each of us that night from the Goddess.

For me I fell into a deep sleep and was given many visions.  The ancestors were happy.  These last few days were preparing us for our experience in the Ek Balam.

Join us again as the journey continues into Ek Balam, the Temple of the Star Black Jaguar.

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