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Returning Home to walk with the Ancestors


My journey to the source of the cosmic spider web continued along the rivers edge as I sat beneath the grandmother wisdom tree.   I had such a sense of being wrapped in the loving arms of an ancient wise woman.  The spirit of this tree was strong and had seen many changes take place upon the land.  Many of you have joined me at this sacred place as we have sat together performing ceremony on a Full Moon. When I am seeking guidance and direction these are the places I go.  Grandmother wisdom tree guards a doorway to the unseen world for those who seek answers and when one sits quietly with their back against the trunk she holds you close.  The ancestors speak when you listen to the wind with an open heart.  I have been called to the Grandmother tree many times and seen many unexplainable things occur here.    Unexplainable to the human eye but for those who see into the unseen world of nature these events are seen as confirmation that our two worlds live side by side.    Grandmother’s roots stretch out to the four directions and her children the stone people surround her.  She holds them all close and offers a safe haven.  She is home to many winged ones; lizards and small animals and you can clearly see the doorways to many faery homes.  I was not sure why I was being called to the ancestral grounds of the Anasazi, now guarded by the Navajo.  The message was so strong and all had come together so beautifully that I had come to the grandmother tree to prepare for the journey we would make the next day.

Following the path of the Black Madonna and sitting beneath grandmother wisdom tree I was told it is time for mankind to awaken.  There is much wisdom held within spider rock, in Canyon De Chelly to assist mankind at this time.  I have made my commitment to follow the path of the Dark Mother Goddess to whatever lands she chooses to guide me and to share the story of the cultures and the people she guides me to meet.   I have so many things to do in my human world with my daughter’s graduation and my other daughter coming into town that a journey at this time did not seem logical.  (Logical is not a word anyone has ever used to describe me however, or practical, and the voice of the Black Madonna was now even stronger so I knew there was a sense of urgency to make this journey).

As we approach this very special Full Moon in the next two days on Sunday, June 7th I understood the urgency.  For a very long time I have been weaving a web and had a connection to Grandmother Spider but now at this time I could hear her voice calling me to return to the source of the cosmic web that weaves each of us together.  I had come to the land of the Anasazi and Navajo ancestors to retrace in the footsteps of the great ones who had walked these lands before me.  Now more than ever it is important that every footstep we leave upon the earth carries energy of faith, hope, wisdom, healing and love.  In order for us to walk this path we absolutely must heal the old energies and clear our fears, doubts and judgments.  Our every thought is a luminescent fiber of light that is connected to the great spider web.  I was being called to remember.   Called to the source of the web to gather more light to weave the luminescent web.  Grandmother told me I would hear the stories from the ancestors of the place we had come from and that I would pass the knowledge on to others. She gave me specific instructions that here I would find the presence of the Black Madonna, Isis and White Buffalo Woman waiting to share with me.  She told me I was to carry the andara crystal back to the source of the web to strengthen it with the energy of unconditional love. She told me to carry EB to retrieve the ancient wisdom, the sacred knowledge born within each spider that remembers instinctively how to weave the web.  Grandmother Spider then told me I was to carry this back to the Medicine Wheel that I am allowed to be the guardian of and weave the source of illuminescent light connected to the stars back into the earth in this place.    Spider  Rock deep in the canyon of the ancients is the center of the great cosmic web.  Here beams of light from the Pleiades are sent to earth.   This light was to be anchored now into the medicine wheel and all who sit within the wheel will awaken to the remembrance of our connection to the cosmic spider web.

We left the next morning for Canyon de Chellys and I had an excited feeling stirring inside of me as we set out on the next part of the journey.  Since 1994 I had followed the guidance of the elders who had told me it was my destiny to travel to the four corners of the world weaving the web, joining the rainbow nation together.  After 15 years and standing now on all 8 continents I was being called home to the beginning, the place where the web was first woven. It had been a magnificent story and now Spider Woman herself was calling to me.  In my travels to every continent I had carried the Andara crystal.  I had seen nature at its most magnificent.  I had no expectations what awaited me but I knew I needed to connect to the land and to the people who remained the guardians of this sacred place who had lived on this land and cared for Mother Earth for generations.



We met John, his beautiful wife Lupita, their brother Ambrose and their two beautiful grandsons, Daniel and Deon.  When I looked at the eyes of these children I felt absolute love as though I had known these special souls before.  I was thrilled to hear they would join us with their two puppies Spot and Skittles.  While Lupita, Ambrose and the boys would prepare our campsite, John would lead us into the sacred canyon.  When you first come upon Canyon de Chellys it is absolutely breathtaking.  Equally as magnificent as my first experience when I came around the corner to see the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu.


Tears ran down my face, thankfully hidden by sunglasses as I heard the ancestors welcome us home.  We began to descend from the mesa to the canyon floor, winding back and forth in a snake formation.  Half way down I found a full snakeskin, perfectly preserved as though the snake had just shed its skin and scurried on its path.  I knew this was a powerful sign that we were all about to be transformed.  We would leave something of our old ways of life behind and leave this canyon transformed.  Each of us would shed the past letting go of our fears, our doubts, our sadness and uncertainty.  As we zig zagged across the canyon we were rewinding the tapes of our life’s journey, we would be given the chance to see things with new eyes and learn the purpose of all the experiences that had led us to this very path we now traveled following in the footsteps of the ancestors.  All along the way I gathered sticks, which would be blessed in sacred ceremony for the enchantment sticks to be created in the Faery class on the full moon.

Three miles later we approached our campsite and I heard the wondrous sounds of the boys laughing and playing as well as the puppies barking a welcome call announcing our arrival.    This was land that been handed down from one generation to the next for as far back as Lupita could remember.  This was sacred land and we were blessed to be allowed to share this experience with the guardians of the old ways.  The children came to embrace us and my heart burst open with joy as I hugged each of the boys. Deon and Daniel went with us as Lupita led us on another journey through the sacred lands she and her family were the guardians of.


I felt like a child again scaling the rock face, sitting where the ancestors had sat, listening to Lupita tell stories of her childhood memories.  Only when it was time to scale down the rock face did I remember I was actually in this adult body that was definitely not as agile as the two boys that led the way.  I’m sure my descent down the mountain provided John and Ambrose with a sense of great laughter watching a white woman following in the path of the children who knew every square inch of the mountain.  A white woman who carried the blood of all nations and all people.  In that moment I felt the wisdom of the grandmothers and the innocence of the children flow through me.  I was grateful to just touch the ground and not land face first in a cactus bush.

The seven of us had decided to sleep on the ground to connect to the Earth Mother and John and Lupita had supplied us with sleeping bags and tents.  We had willingly given up the comfort of the local Holiday Inn several miles away to be completely immersed into the canyon and the people.  A choice I would easily make again for the experience I was about to have.  An experience that will remain in my heart and be a powerful part of my story.


For two days I would watch the boys who lived in harmony with nature and feel their excitement for life.  They carried the spirituality of their people in their hearts and were able to merge into the modern world.  The boys became our teachers as all the worry and focus of our modern world seemed to fade away.  The children taught us such a gift in showing us to find joy in what they had.  They had such fun playing with a rope doing limbo, jump rope and tug a war.  Almost immediately two crows appeared flying directly over our campsite letting me know my faithful companions were present and the Black Madonna was near.


Because we were on private land we were able to go into a cave that the ancient ones had visited on many occasions.  There was rock art on the wall of the cave and images of stars on the ceiling.  We gathered as a group and made our prayer honoring the ancestors and asking to find what each of us had come in search of on our personal journey.  I knew the next day would be powerful so we each went to sleep that night with a sense of excitement as to what the journey would unfold.  I was ever conscious of the present moment though and the beauty that surrounded me.  A place still protected from the outside influences of a modern world spinning out of control.  I was excited for the next day to arrive and got little sleep this night.

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