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Resilience is the process of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences.  It is the ability to ‘bounce back’ in the face of adversity. Without adversity, we are not challenged, and therefore we are not required to adapt and to grow.  To find a possibility to the seemingly impossible.  As we officially say goodbye to 2023, we acknowledge all the growth that took place and now embrace 2024 – the Year of Resilience and Manifestation.  2023 required us to make peace with our past so we could move forward .  2024 will require resilience in manifesting our new reality.

January is the beginning of yet another year of potential if we implement the tools we have been given and act from the heart instead of react from the ego. You will be asked to step up your game and the astrology of the first month of January will clearly support the year.  You will choose how you wish to live life.  You will be required to take risks and trust when you clearly cannot see where the path is taking you.  The rewards will be great, but commitment and focus will be key. Until you’re ready to look foolish and take a risk, you’ll never have the possibility of being great.  The earth mother will continue to warn us, and we will need to be strong to assist others but not by sacrificing ourselves.  We start the year off with forward motion, but I advise creating a spiritual routine where you start your day in quiet reflection, stillness, celebrating the beginning of each day by embracing it.  This is a year of dragon magick.

An “8” the numerology of the year, 2-0-2-4, turned on its side becomes the infinity sign also known as the Orborous.  Learning to work with this magickal and powerful symbol can enhance your ability to manifest.  For those who may be drawn into the lore of dragon magick I will be offering a sharing of the ancient wisdom in the red stone elders of Sedona for the Wesak Full Moon in May. CLICK HERE. 

January 1, 2024 – Mercury stations direct

Mercury went retrograde on December 12, 2023, in Capricorn and will station direct in Sagittarius on January 1, 2024. Mercury has been on quite the retrograde journey. He aligned with the Galactic Center 3 times and was squared by Neptune 3 times. The Galactic Center is the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. It emanates deep truths and encompasses the energy of whistleblowing…the process of disclosing information about illegal, immoral, and/or abusive wrongdoings. Mercury, the planet of communication and our personal minds, aligning with this Center that encompasses deeper truth shows that this Mercury retrograde has invited us to see and listen deeper so we can locate the truth at the core of a situation, experience, conversation, etc. Interestingly, Neptune also squared Mercury 3 times, and this particular alignment can bring up lies, deception, and illusion. Not all is as it seems when Neptune squares Mercury. With that, this Mercury retrograde journey has been teaching us to trust our intuition and what it’s telling us, so that when Mercury goes direct on January 1st, we no longer second-guess ourselves or our intuition. As a note, this energy of deeper truths emerging while illusion and deception gets amplified was part of this Mercury retrograde cycle and will last until January 11 the first new moon of 2024 as it moved through its shadow phase.  Being grounded, aware, and unequivocally trusting your intuition are key to working with and navigating this type of astrology.

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January 11, 2024 – New Moon in Capricorn

This new moon in Capricorn is the first new moon of the new year. It is a time of new beginnings and clean slates, and this new moon is amplifying this energy. Capricorn is the sign of hard work, dedication, long-term goals, and inner authority. It is a wonderful new moon to set intentions for the month, or even the whole year if that feels right for you. This new moon is making a lot of aspects to different planets, the most notable being a square to Chiron, Eris, and the north and south nodes. A square in astrology creates friction or tension so we can become aware of what needs to change. The new moon squaring all these powerful planets shows that we have reached a turning point in our healing journey and are stepping more fully into our power. This new moon is also making a trine to Uranus, the planet of rebellion, revolution, and authenticity. The Capricorn new moon is inviting us to release the old and outdated, so that we can be exactly who we are, which is such a beautiful way to start a brand-new year.   Take advantage of the potency of intention setting, we need to shake off the past and embrace the fresh energy of new beginnings. Capricorn is an earth sign which brings a crystal-clear vision for our earth walk, as it fearlessly pursues its desires, often willing to go the extra mile for the golden prize. The challenge at hand is our ability to muster the grit needed to commit to the tasks ahead. In a world that fights with time itself, this is a moment to focus on ‘how’ we’re going to climb up the mountain, rather than ‘when’ we’ll reach the top. Armed with your crafted list of new year’s resolutions, it’s time to delve into the nitty-gritty details of what is required to conquer your quest. And, if you find yourself still trying to nail down the specifics of your goals for the year, be gentle with yourself as we’re still coasting through the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde, which bids farewell on the 14th.  Please click here for the New Moon ritual.

wolf moon

January 25, 2024 – Wolf Full Moon in Leo

Leo is the heart-centered fire sign of creativity, passion, and enjoyment. This Leo full moon will be making mostly tense aspects to powerhouse planets. It will square Jupiter, quincunx Saturn, and oppose Pluto. This shows that this full moon is teaching us quite a few important lessons. This full moon’s square to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, highlights where we may overextend, overdo, and over give in our lives. This shows that this full moon is inviting us to remember that its only after we fill up our own cups that we can give to others from a place of overflow rather than depletion or exhaustion. This full moon also quincunxes Saturn, the planet of moderation. A quincunx represents a personal blind spot. This shows that we may not even be aware that we are over giving or overextending ourselves. So, being sure that you are listening to your body and what it’s telling you, especially if its saying that you need to rest is key at this time. Finally, this full moon will oppose Pluto, the planet of Power. This is the first Leo full moon that will oppose Pluto in Aquarius since January 21, 1780, 244 years ago! This makes this particular full moon very significant. This is because Aquarius is the sign of communities and Leo is the sign of the individual. With Pluto in Aquarius, it shows where the collective may override the needs of the individual for the needs of the community or the group. However, this full moon spotlights the importance of the individual. This is because when everyone is empowered, supported, loved, and truly seen, then communities naturally become supportive and encompass love. This Leo full moon and Pluto reminds us that empowered individuals create empowered communities.   This is also my favorite full moon as it is known as the Wolf Full Moon and provides clarity and vision for our earth walk.  A time to align with our spirit helpers. For those who are members of our online subscription series I will be posting a guided audio meditation to support you in journeying deeper into the lunation and full power of this moon as well as a ritual of magick and enchantment.  CLICK HERE for the Full Moon ritual. 


January 26, 2024 Uranus stations direct

Uranus went retrograde on August 28, 2023 and will go direct on January 26, 2024. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, revolution, sudden change, liberation, and authenticity. When he is retrograde, his energy turns inward, which invited us to do deep inner work. The process of freeing ourselves from limitations and blocks is a deeply personal one. So, the last 5 months that Uranus was retrograde, he encouraged us to do a deep dive into our internal worlds to see where we feel stuck, blocked, limited, or confined so we can free ourselves. Now, with Uranus going direct, his energy will shift outwardly, which invites us to show up and let our truest selves shine bright. The world needs each of us to no longer hide.   We need to be who we truly are, and Uranus going direct is supporting each of us as we make that shift.

All traditional planets are direct from January 27, 2024—March 31, 2024

This means that no traditional planets, Mercury through Pluto, will be retrograde. Direct planets, or planets moving forward in their orbit, represent forward movement, moving through blocks and barriers, and clarity.   With all planets being direct we can nurture our souls and ground into our destiny.  The power of birthing a new expression of self is greatly heightened at the time of the Spring Equinox.  If you want to master the art of Resilience and Manifestation much is offered in the emerald, green temple of the goddess.  Join with others of our tribe as we honor the turning of the wheel for the Spring Equinox in the magickal redwood forest retreat CLICK HERE on the California Coast.

Wishing you a magickal January as we begin a new adventure as earth walkers. As you navigate through January, be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.

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I continue to offer spiritual guidance to assist in providing clarity for your earth walk through various readings and personal sessions as well as create personal sigils to support your rituals of manifestation.

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Kia Kaha.. Be Forever Strong

Love and Rainbows, Robbyne

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