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Reflections in December

milky way

December is known as the month of reflection, providing a moment to think about all you have achieved during the year and acknowledge how much you have grown.  An opportunity to look at your life through the lens of the heart and decide if you will be a ripple of change in the coming year.  The Solstice is for me my New Year Celebration.  2022 represents the gift of my journey as a land dweller, and 2023 now holds the potential of my dreams and desires.  Using a little bit of alchemy, a lot of trust, and the foundation of my faith, I choose to experience the turning of the wheel with hope and gratitude.  I choose to be a ripple of change.

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to each of you who share this journey with me, our amazing and beautiful tribe.  Each of you enrich my life as we travel the pathways of learning from each other together.  For those of you who gather with me to hold a new vision and share your personal magick as we pray for a kinder, gentler world, thank you.   We each need to gather with our tribe to feed our soul, to share with one another and to stand together as Faith Keepers.

2023 is a year to create a sovereign relationship with the natural world and spend more time listening as we become the future we have been holding space for.  I will be posting the energetics of 2023 in the next couple of weeks but wanted to wish all of you a joyous holiday season, celebrating all faiths and beliefs.  I will be entering a time of stillness and quietude as I spend time submerged in liquid  light on Maui to greet the whales returning from Alaska, and become a student of the sacred blue.  The sacred waters are calling, and my soul must answer.

I wanted to share the celestial dance of December and the astrological wisdom of our star child Natasha.


December 3, 2022 – Neptune goes direct

Neptune has been retrograding since June 28, 2022, and for the last 5 months been illuminating our internal worlds. Allowing us to tune into our inner knowing and gain clarity about situations in subtle ways. Now that Neptune is direct, he is amplifying compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, as well as the spiritual and mystical moments in our lives. It should be noted, Neptune’s energy can feel transcendent and otherworldly, so it is key to ground and come into our bodies when Neptune’s energy is pronounced.  As I always do when a celestial body begins to move in a forward motion, I take the time to sit in stillness and reflect on the lessons and growth that has occurred within me during the months of the planet teacher retrograding.  Neptune brings beauty to a higher, more spiritual level. It influences dreams, the subconscious, illusions, fantasies, and all things magickal and enchanting. It enhances our intuition and teaches us to be deeply compassionate with a strong emphasis on looking at life through the lens of the heart.  If we work with the energy, we can see the illusions we live by and the stories we write and continue to repeat.  We can then choose if we wish to be a victim of life or embrace the richness of growth the journey can provide.  Remember NO ONE does anything to us.  We create the experience and on a soul level, we invite other souls to support us with the lessons we wish to master in this lifetime.  These encounters often create disturbances to our psyche but if we sit with this we can find the core of an old belief or pattern that needs to change. Once we learn to navigate the disturbances, we can write a new story and return joy and bliss to our experience.  Remember we have all written numerous stories, so this is an ongoing journey of discovery and rewrites, 

full moon

December 7, 2022 – Full Moon in Gemini

This is the last full moon of 2022 and the month that bridges the gap between the past year and the future year. This celestial event, the full moon in Gemini, is called a cold moon or Oak Moon for those who follow the Path of the Rose.   The cold moon is a spiritual time which reminds us that a new season is approaching and urges us to prepare for what lies ahead. Gemini is the sign of communication in all forms: writing, speaking, teaching, and learning. A retrograde Mars will be minutes from an exact conjunction with the full moon. The moon amplifies any planet it is next to, so this full moon underscores Mars in Gemini lessons.  These include clear communication, self-expression, setting and keeping healthy personal boundaries, and working with anger in productive ways. I have found that channeling my anger through creativity seems to open the channel to create beauty.  Mars being retrograde during this full moon also indicates that slowing down, taking our time, and not rushing is important at this time. Additionally, Gemini rules the mind, so Mars and the moon in this sign can create racing thoughts and mental tension in its shadow. If this arises, it is a sign that we are too much in our heads and not enough in our hearts and bodies, so doing things like going into nature, grounding, journaling, water coloring, weaving, dancing, and even breath work or gentle exercise can reconnect us to our center. Following the earth religion, this is a time to pull in our web, review it and prepare to weave a new one with the turning of the wheel at the time of the Solstice, I have posted a powerful  ritual  to work with the sacred spider in weaving a new reality.  CLICK HERE for the final Full Moon Ritual of 2022.   I have uploaded a guided audio meditation to support your journey on this full moon.  Click Here

December 18, 2022  – Sun conjunct the Galactic Center

Each galaxy in our known universe has a center at its core, which is a supermassive black hole that the galaxy revolves around. The core of our Milky Way Galaxy is called the Galactic Center, located in the later degrees of Sagittarius from our vantage point on Earth. The Galactic Center is seen as the creator force in our galaxy and has Divine Mother Goddess energy because the Galactic Center births stars. Once a year, our Sun aligns with this powerful point. This is seen as a time when the wisdom, truth, and knowledge that the Galactic Center holds gets activated by our Sun and is shared with us on Earth. The Galactic Center is seen as a deeply spiritual astrological point and when the Sun aligns with it, receiving guidance from nature, your highest self, and/or Spirit is heightened. Giving yourself space to tune in and listen to your inner guidance on this day can bring profound insights. For those who may be interested I will be walking the Dragon’s Teeth Labyrinth at sunrise to connect with the galactic core as it aligns over Maui charging Fire and Ice crystals in the center.  Like a swirling sacred spiral, the energy is infused into the crystal and can support one on their personal journey.

fire and ice

Offerings for December

Fire and Ice Crystal

Fire and Ice crystals carry the cosmic fire of transformation that is accelerating the awakening of our beautiful planet.  The crystal being brings greater clarity to our unique spiritual purpose as well as holds the wisdom and knowledge of the planets Lemurian history.  Absorbing purified light energy from the Great Central Sun considered to be male…these unique crystals transmit healing energy into the deep heart of Mother Earth and Humanity.  They re-energize and recalibrate the Dragon Lines enriching our planet with light.  These crystals are especially beneficial for Spiritual manifestation through a strong resonance with the magnetic energy of the Universal Divine Feminine…and the Law of Attraction.  The higher multi-dimensional energy of the Fire and Ice Quartz helps to purify us on all levels of our being so that we may function more fully in alignment with our soul’s purpose.  They will be powerful companions to assist one in the coming year 2023, as they provide a direct connection to the Power of the Great Central Sun and the Earth’s living waters.   They will each be blessed in the waters of Maui  to receive the song of 2023 that the humpback whales will be singing to navigate into the unknown, and blessed again in the fire energy of Haleakala, the world’s spinning fire vortex at the time of the Solstice. If one of these beautiful stone beings calls to your heart, please contact Guy at [email protected]  to pre-order as I have a limited amount.  They are $85.00 each plus shipping.

winter sol

December 21/22nd

In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Winter Solstice, a time where the veil between dimensions is thin. Between our world and the spirit world, there is something known as liminal space. The word liminal stems from the Latin “limen,” meaning “threshold.” Liminal space denotes a time and space between the physical world and the spirit world.  It is also a time where we are more open and connected with the energies of the Earth. The Solstice is the start of a new season depending on where in the world you live, and a new season always brings a transition of energy.  The December Solstice was chosen for this day as it was said to signify a “return to the light.”  For those who follow the Path of the Rose this is the turning of the wheel into the Year 2022.  A winter solstice ritual has been posted click here

summer sol

December 21/22nd

In the Southern Hemisphere it is the summer solstice, and we experience the longest day of the year.  The word solstice means “sun standing still” and is one of the most powerful times for each of us to create a space of stillness within our heart.  As the final turning of wheel in 2022 you will feel a higher power stirs from within, bringing us greater awareness of our spiritual abilities and gifts. Just as the serpent sheds its skin to reveal itself anew, we too are shedding old habits, patterns of behavior, and thoughts, birthing a new expression of ourselves.  As we step into 2022, we need to ground in greater awareness of our gifts, powers, and unique spiritual capabilities. The Universe is ready and so are you.  Don’t underestimate yourself. Realize what you are capable of and step into your full power. A Summer Solstice ritual has been posted.  Click Here

December 23, 2022 New Moon in Capricorn

We will have a super new moon in Capricorn on this night to set intentions as the wheel will have turned, and this will be the first new moon of 2023.  Capricorn is the sign of long-term goals, hard work, and dedication. This is a powerful new moon to set intentions and goals on what you would like to achieve in the upcoming year. This new moon will only be making aspects to 2 planets, which underscores the importance of these planets during this lunation cycle. It will square Jupiter and square Ceres. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity, and when it is square to the new moon, it indicates a time to be sure that we’re not overdoing things and biting off more than we can chew. Ceres is the Great Mother asteroid, and when she’s square to the new moon, it signifies the importance of striking a balance between taking care of others and taking care of the self. Ceres’s shadow prioritizes others needs over her own, but healthy Ceres knows that when she allows herself to receive just as much as she gives, she can give from a place of abundance and overflow rather than exhaustion and depletion.

December 28, 2022.  USA’s Final Pluto Return

A huge astrological alignment in 2022 has been Pluto’s Return for America. What this means is that this year Pluto returned to the same sign, degree, and minute he was at when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Pluto is the planet of power, death and rebirth, shadow work, and evolution. This shows that  America, and the countries that America has connections to, are undergoing massive transformation. This is because when Pluto’s energy is amplified, it signifies a time when things that no longer serve the collective begin to crumble. It’s also a time when cracks in the structures that society has been built upon for ages will be spotlighted because humanity is being shown what needs to change. Pluto transits have us look deeply at our personal and collective shadows, wounds, and fears, so that we can transform from the inside out. On December 28th, Pluto will make his third and final return for  America. Pluto will not be back to this same sign, degree, and minute he is at on this day for another 246 years. This shows that as a country, and global community, we are in a potent portal of endings and beginnings. So, saying a prayer, setting intentions, or doing ceremony to call in a world that is more inclusive, united, and compassionate can be especially potent on this day. Praying for a kinder, gentler world.  This is also a time to evaluate your own truth. Do you stand in judgment of others who do not share your opinion or viewpoint, who may worship differently or choose a different lifestyle than yours?  There is a way for each of us to live in harmony, to coexist if we choose.   This day provides another opportunity to bring a collective vision together to create that reality.

A suggestion on how to work with this energy is to print a copy of a map of America.  Place the andara crystal, a rose quartz heart or clear quartz crystal on the map and a white candle.  Add the image of a spider web.  Place in a circle of rose petals.  Take a few moments to enter the stillness, light the candle and envision weaving a web of unity, hope, acceptance, allowance, and love.  See that the web extends to our entire global community.  There is tremendous power in collective prayer and holding a vision.

Mercury goes direct

December 29, 2022 – Mercury goes retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn on December 29th until January 18, 2023. At the time Mercury goes retrograde he will be hours away from making an exact conjunction with Venus. Mercury is the planet of the personal mind, and Venus is the planet of the personal heart. This indicates that Mercury’s biggest lesson during this retrograde period (and overall teaching for the upcoming year), is becoming aware of when our minds override what our hearts are telling us. In other words, we’re being given opportunities to turn down the noise of our minds, turn up the voice of our hearts, and be courageous enough to listen.

As you can see, we once again have a full month of celestial activity as we prepare for 2023.  I feel gratitude for the assistance from the stars and celestial bodies.

I will be available in January for Soul Life Readings for those who are interested in guidance for the coming year.  If you would like an astrological reading to help you navigate the coming year, I highly recommend Natasha.  She can be reached at: [email protected].

Be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.

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I wish you a magickal year of health, vision, joy, laughter, childlike enchantment, and play filled with a sense of community, a deeper understanding of the gifts you carry inside and how to express them, abundance and most importantly love. I look forward to weaving the web together to create a wondrous new future for our global community.

If you would like to explore further the honoring of the cycles of the moon and turning of the wheel with a monthly New Moon, Full Moon, and Sacred Sabbat Ritual, as well as a monthly guided audio meditation dedicated to working with each moon cycle, please click here.   By actively participating in these natural cycles, we can attune ourselves to the creative forces that flow through us and learn how to live in harmony and balance with ourselves and with the beloved Earth.

Kia Kaha…Be Strong and true to yourself.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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