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Reach through the darkness

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 Global Call for Assistance – New Moon Hybrid Solar Eclipse 

Sunday, November 3rd


Sunday’s eclipse is an extremely rare hybrid eclipse in a class unto itself. It is considered a hybrid because it’s essentially a mixture of two familiar types of eclipse. It will start as an annular eclipse, with a powerful “ring of fire” around the sun, before morphing into a total solar eclipse, in which the sun is totally blocked for a brief period. It is the rarest of the rare ‘Hybrid’ eclipses known to mankind. According to NASA’s calculations, the next one of this type, H3 is not scheduled to occur until the year 2172 and 2853. The eclipse realigns the earth’s electromagnetic field and our own individual energy field. Eclipses function to delete old programs and upload new templates. Eclipses stimulate the pineal gland, the ‘seat of our soul’ and the Third Eye. This is our inner vision and creativity. They facilitate awakening our soul’s blueprint and magnify the power of prayer. We are given a unique opportunity to reach through the darkness to offer a hand of support and a prayer of healing at this time.


Last night in a powerful vision the white whale came to me with an urgent message. The Pacific Ocean is in a state of crisis and it will take the heart of humanity working in alignment with the celestial beings to repair the damage that has been created by the negligence of humankind. I do not share these words to create fear; I only share them to ask for your assistance. There is never a doubt that we will find our way to create unity and oneness but it will not be without challenge along the way.


My deep connection to Lemuria and Mount Shasta has for weeks created an anxious feeling stirring inside. It is for this reason that I feel such a strong connection to the whale and dolphin spirits. In the dreamtime I found myself swimming beneath the sea following the ancient song of the great white whale. I saw a distortion in the energetic pattern of the ocean and a heavy film floating across the surface as though a cloud of darkness was moving through the waters. I felt a harmonic frequency of discordant sounds that left me feeling anxious. In the vision I was shown the energetic frequency of the ocean and the state it is in due to the leakage of radiation from the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant and the toxic energy flowing into the ocean on a daily basis is creating a horrible imbalance of distorted energy. It was clear; we must come together at this greatly heightened time of the Hybrid eclipse to pray.


I have always known that nature holds an intelligence, the original blueprint of our water planet in a state of harmony and balance. Science has now proven that water is a conduit and we are aware of the impact our thoughts and collective prayer can have on changing the cellular structure of water crystals. As quickly as my vision of swimming with the Great White Whale ended, I found myself standing in a room with my Master teachers. I was asked to carry the water from Mount Shasta that flows from the inner city of Telos holding the blueprint of balance to Maui. The water crystals found in this heaing water still remain in a perfect state of harmony. At the time of the New Moon on Sunday the 3rd of November, I was asked to pray for healing the waters and deposit several crystals charged on the mountain into the sea as those of our spiritual family all joined together to weave the web with healing light focusing on the Pacific Ocean.


The crystals I carry are Lemurian Seed Crystals; they hold an energetic code that can assist in clearing the water. It will take all of us praying together and focusing on sending love to the ocean to heal these waters. I was shown that the vibrational frequency of collective prayer and love could be carried through the song lines on the ocean floor by the song of the whales. These waters are the blood of the earth mother and what transpires within this great ocean will impact all life on our water planet.


Before I left the mountain I placed a prayer flag in the peace garden asking for healing of the ocean and support from all of humanity to repair what we had so foolishly destroyed through greed, ignorance, and denial. Because water represents our emotions and thought forms, what is playing out globally is a reflection of what we hold on to internally.


Please join with me on this day to pray for our waters and to heal the mistakes of our past legacy. Prepare an altar with rose petals placed in a circle. Rose is the flower that holds the vibrational frequency of unconditional love. Place a bowl of water in the center of the circle. For those of you who have the andara crystal or a clear quartz point, place these crystals in the bowl of water. Place shells on your altar, especially a scallop shell. For those of you who may have pictures or artifacts of dolphin, whales, sea turtles, mermaids or mermen, place these on the altar as well. If you who have the Whale’s Song Oil, place it on your third eye, heart center and on your wrists, rub them together breathing in the essence of the whale spirit. Close your eyes down and begin the practice of Aloha mai nu….Aloha Aku….. When love is given, love is returned. Hold the bowl of water over your heart sending love. Listen for the ancient song of the white whale as it opens your heart center. Begin to send thoughts of love into the water. Visually see that it creates a a vessel of celestial light that is being poured into the ocean serving as a cleansing agent.


Visualize that there is a golden pyramid of light that surrounds you rising up from the ocean floor. Feel the acceleration of energy as you continue to focus on sending love to the water you hold over your heart. Visualize that a second pyramid inverted now descends with white light intersecting the first pyramid until you find yourself in a three dimensional six pointed star. Your light frequency continues to accelerate and you feel that you are no longer confined to the physical body but instead are pulsating with thousands of points of light. You are starlight. See that the bowl of water has turned into starlight and visualize you are pouring this into the Pacific Ocean. Where there is a layer of darkness, it begins to dissipate and the ocean is filled with golden light. Make your prayer acknowledging the water as you continue to send love. You will feel as though you have become pure light. Listen for the sound of the whale’s song and feel the sonar frequency of the dolphin. Together we can heal the negligence of the human world as we take our rightful place as our earth mother’s guardians. It has always been the responsibility of humankind to be her stewards, but this responsibility we have failed time and again. Together we can change our history and legacy.

We do not own these lands nor these oceans, we are here as guardians and we must repair the damage of the past for the generations that will follow. Share this message with all you know who will support this collective prayer and vision of healing the sacred oceans. When you have finished offer the water back to the earth. It does not matter what time you do the ritual as the energy will be with us for an entire 24 hour period and the affects of this very rare eclipse felt for many months. What is important is to do the ritual and take the time to pray for healing the oceans. Our future depends on us coming together to heal the mistakes of our past.

I will continue to work with the whales and dolphins throughout 2014 and am currently organizing two other events to sing to the whales. One will be August 1 through the 3rd on Stradbrook Island in Australia. I am also organizing another event for Harvey Bay, Australia and will be sending more details on these events as well as the journey to New Zealand in another email.

Just a reminder for those who have ordered the 2014 Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat ritual book. I will be working on the personal messages over the next couple of weeks for those who preordered before October 15th. These are all scheduled to be mailed the second week of December.

If you would like to join Weave the Web and get future up dates and up coming events please click here.


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