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Quickening or Ice Full Moon

Sunday, February 28, 2009


Deep within the earth seeds are stirring, preparing to burst into new life at the time of the Spring Equinox.  It’s time to clear clutter within our minds and physically within our sacred space.  Time to let go of anger, resentment, and any limiting behavior.  Clear away old habits and things that no longer serve you.  Make way for new growth.  The Quickening Moon or Ice Moon is an excellent time to examine what has recently been revealed since the Wolf Moon of January.

Saturn, the planet of karma is very much in the retrograde cycle purging old energy patterns as many of us are experiencing life-changing events. The culmination of the effects of this Full Moon, the Quickening Moon and Saturn in retrograde can create fear and anxiousness about the future. The ways we respond to current changes has a huge effect on our significant relationships. It’s a time of releasing those ties that keep us bound to a certain way of living, thinking, reacting.  Things will happen quickly and with such dramatic change that we don’t have the time to analyze or ponder. We will be forced to take action and clear out what needs to be cleared out.  This being the Year of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes we are in the midst of the fires burning all around us.

Saturn acts as a teacher who guides as one learns the lessons of life. Saturn influences structures, karma, authority, rules, and the shape or form of one’s life experience. Karma is a Sanskrit word that literally means “action”. Karma relates not only to our actions as individuals, but also to how our inner and outer worlds interact. Karma describes the rules that govern our movement through life. For those with eyes to see, a magnificent opportunity emerges to create new connections and take a completely different approach to life.  As old directions fall from importance, there comes an opportunity to locate our own true path, and create unlimited abundance. Many of us feel currently as though our foundations continue to be torn apart.  These are the old energies that have been holding us back from experiencing and realizing our dreams and true potential. In this process of rebalancing there does not need to be suffering. We must begin to shift the final barriers to our greatest potential and the Full Moon of February can assist us with the energy greatly enhanced by Saturn in its retrograde cycle.

At the time of the full moon begin to reflect on the changes that you feel stirring inside.  Ask what chains you to the old energies and holds you back, reflect on what sets you free? As change begins to occur the acceleration of events from the change we seek makes us grip all the tighter until we no longer persist with the pain of our grasp. We begin to realize what are we really losing? Perhaps only what we never really had… In letting go completely, we discover what can never be gone.

By meditating at the time of the full moon, we acknowledge our deep connection to the universe, to the Goddess and to all of nature.  We can experience the spiritual connection that exists between humanity as a whole and all sources of light, love and power.   All of this is present in the cosmic spider web that joins all of life together.   The Full Moon presents us with opportunity, a time in which we can allow spiritual energies to reach human hearts and minds.  We become part of a network of light. In places where groups meet this channel of light is extremely strengthened.  It is a conscious and deliberate process, a reorientation of the heart and mind towards sources of spiritual energy. A conscious direction of these energies being sent out into the world, using the mind to create thought currents that will carry new ideas into the world of human thought.  When circles of light around the world make a conscious effort to unite these energy sources, waves of love and light are fused into the web and a great awakening can occur.  I will be in Connecticut creating a circle of light with a wonderful group of souls who are called to join together on this night to share in the ancient traditions of celebrating the power of the full moon and to pray for unity and oneness for our world.  Those of you who have the 2010 Moon Cycle and Ritual Book will find a special meditation and ritual to clear the clutter of the mind and emotions.  You are invited to become part of our spiritual community and join with us through prayer and focused intention on this powerful night.

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Wishing you a magickal and healing Full moon.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne


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