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Pura Vida

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Pura Vida

September 21st – 26th, 2009

Pura Vida means Pure Life. This retreat setting is located in a private garden estate of tropical splendor, atop a mountain in Costa Rica’s Alajueta province. It is surrounded by coffee plantations, yet surprising only a 20 minute drive from San Jose’s International Airport. Located between two continents and two seas this magical land is filled with healing rivers, powerful waterfalls, tropical rain forests, active volcanoes, mountain cloud forests and exotic wildlife. A place between worlds where one can experience a magical relationship with nature and where the ancient Lemurians and Atlanteans would meet to share and perform ritual to connect to the divine source and the star nations. This unique point on the earth grid was a light station for the Atlanteans. This unique experience will offer something completely different than Maya Tulum as mountains are always revered as sources of Power to connect us to the divine. We will spend our days experiencing true magic as we explore the waterfalls and rainforests. We will have a very special meditation in the hummingbird sanctuary where you will see a multitude of these magnificent beings, over thirty three species in a private sanctuary garden. In this realm of faery, miracles are possible, intuition is heightened and our lives are transformed.

The country of Costa Rica is a land vibrant and rich with the emerald green ray. One experiences a mixture of the energy of Bali and that of India. Pura Vida is a piece of heaven sitting in a cloud forest in a coffee plantation.

A land where ideas and knowledge were exchanged in the ancient past, healing tools, protective talismans, jewelry, beautiful expressions of art, dance and culture as well as story telling.

Modern day Costa Rica is a story of hope. Everything in this country is an expression of life. A young nation which knocks on the doors of the future. In 1948 they completely abolished their army and today the monies that would have supported an army now go towards health care and providing educational opportunities for the people.

My personal journey leads me to answer the Call of the Black Madonna who carries the message of peace and having discovered that very close to Pura Vida is one of the mysterious icons that calls to the heart of the Spiritual Pilgrim.   As part of our journey,  I have made arrangements for a very special visit to the mysterious Black Madonna of Costa Rica.  Thousands come to visit the dark lady known as the La Negrita each year for healing and to pray for miracles.  We will make a special pilgrimmage to pray for peace and healing of our world.  According to legend a mestizo (mixed European and Indian heritage) woman was looking for firewood  when she came across a small stone image standing on a large stone.  Upon closer look she saw the image of the Black Madonna.   The  next day when she went out to collect firewood again, she found a carved image of a  snake.  As she opened the basket she found that the image of the Dark lady was missing.  She decided to lock the image of the snake up so that no one could take it.

The next day she went again to the forest and found the image of the Dark Lady on the same stone again.  She took it home and now found  the other image missing.  She took the image to the priest and shared the story with him.  The priest took the image and when he went to examine it the next day found  it had disappeared.  He went to the forest and found the same stone the woman had described.  He took the stone back to the church and put it with the image of Christ.  The following day when he went to say mass the image had disappeared.  He returned to the forest and found the image of the dark lady on the stone.  Legend says she wanted a  church built in that spot  around her  throne, in order to unite the Costa Rican population. It is here we will experience a special meditation before the Black Madonna to unite our entire global community together and receive her guidance for our personal journey.

Once again I have made special arrangements for an all inclusive experience into one of the earths remaining nature sanctuaries. The food here is vibrant with life and nurtures every cell in the body with every bite.

Total costs include:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • Roundtrip airport transfers
  • Special Cloud Forest Healing treatment
  • Excursion to the waterfall gardens and hummingbird sanctuary.
  • An excursion to Le Negrita.
  • All meditations and ceremonies throughout our five day experience of mind, body , spirit rejuvenation and empowerment.
  • Magical evening under the stars

(5) nights accommodations – your choice of the following: This is priced as double occupancy – single occupancy there is an additional charge. (Costs to follow)
Deluxe–$1410.00 double occupancy/single supplement –$290.00– each room has a private balcony with stunning views

Super Deluxe Rooms–$1510.00 double occupancy/single supplement–$360.00 – have breathtaking views of the Central Valley of Costa Rica. These accommodations have plenty of space and comfort along with a private sitting area and balcony.

At Pura Vida there is an array of facilities to make your stay even more special.

  • a wonderful pool for swimming, reading, and relaxing
  • hot tub for evenings under the stars.
  • a cappuccino bar for espressos and fruit smoothies
  • a boutique with an exquisite selection of Costa Rica artifacts

In this setting we will communicate with the spirits of the ancient rain forests as you will be initiated into the Path of the Shaman.

You are responsible for your own airfare to the San Jose International Airport.

For more information regarding availability and a registration form please click on contact us.

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