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Project Rebirth – January 31st New Moon

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I always look for signs and confirmation when guidance comes from Divine Spirit and a recent journey to New York City provided that for me. On Friday, January 31st we will celebrate the Chinese New Year and the new moon. The new Moon is about moving inward and learning to trust the unknown, the dark void where all is possible in this place of creative potential. It’s the moment when the old passes away and the new is not yet here. For this reason a new moon is the most powerful time for sending out your prayer, wishes, and desires to the Universe. The dark moon takes us into hidden realms of the soul, the place we hold our memories and experiences, and the place we can draw wisdom from.

We begin the Year of the Green Wooden Horse and a year of promise and hope with this New Moon. It will be our responsibility to keep the flame of hope burning no matter what we may experience individually. This is a year of WE not ME. We must act with a sense of global responsibility and not hidden personal agendas. Instead of what is in it for me, we must all live from our heart and support the collective vision of oneness. If we do this, we have unlimited possibility ahead of us. For more insight as to the energy of 2014 please click here.


For the first time since 2001, when I was first guided to carry the obsidian stone being to Ground Zero, just after the events of 9/11, I was now physically standing where the World Trade Center had originally stood. The building of the new Freedom Tower and 9/11 memorial is known as Project Rebirth. These words were quite powerful for me as this is exactly what each of us is being asked to do. 2014 begins a global project of rebirth for a new vision of global citizens coming together in oneness. A time to end separation and competition for a more harmonious sense of support and united strength. After the intense clearing energies of 2013 that we all moved through, it certainly does feel as though we are rebirthing a new way of being. A new way of expressing ourselves, living in harmony and heart centeredness.


I reflected on how “Project Rebirth” is everything my life has been about. I stood in this moment reflecting that this same place 13 years ago was where a personal journey began that would change my life with the visit of a white owl two weeks before 911. If you would like to know more about the White Owl please click here.


As we enter the year of the Green Wooden Horse there is a significant symbolism to the element of wood represented with the symbol of the Tree. At the 9/11 memorial site, there stands what has become known as the Survivor Tree. A single tree which bears witness to the possibility of renewal. Amidst the fiery wreckage of the World’s Trade Center days after the event that impacted the world, recovery workers were surprised to discover the remnants of a few trees. One little tree had been severely burnt, a number of its limbs were reduced to stumps and its bark was charred from the intense fires at the site. Somehow despite everything the tree continued to sprout leaves from beneath the rubble. Sensing the tree’s struggle for survival and how the discovery of this tree still alive, bolstered the spirits of her fellow workers one of the employees, helped coordinate its removal from the site to the Arthur Ross Nuresry in the Bronx.

Attacks Memorial

It was replanted on Veterans Day that same year, 2001 and Parks Departement employees dedicated themeselves to keeping the tree alive. The Survivor Tree became a living reminder of our shared strength when we join together, we can move through anything. The transplanted tree slowly took root in its new home. As it healed, few visitors to the nursery knew of the tree’s traumatic history. Years passed and the story of this damaged tree remained relatively unkown. The Survivor Tree had grown significantly since its rescue from Ground Zero but still bore scars of the attacks. When first pulled from the site in 2001 the tree had stood only eight feet tall and after seven years of loving care it had grown to nearly thirty feet in height. Dramatic new growth could be seen and the tree’s formerly burned and gnarled stumps now extended into long branches, each sprouting white blossoms in the spring.

The message this great standing tall one had, the Survivor Tree, was the wisdom of bridging our past with the present. In December 2010 the Survivor Tree again moved and secured in its new home back at the 9/11 Memorial. Once the tree had been planted the Mayor of New York suggested collecting the seeds and growing saplings from them to allow the growth of a new generation of trees.


We have within us the same seeds of new beginnings. It is found in our heart. As the Chinese New Year is celebrated on Friday, January 31st around the world, we have an opportunity to activate once again the precious seeds that we carry. This is where our inspired thought, our wisdom and knoweldge of the past lives. This is where we can find our guidance and the will to move forward no matter what we have endured or experienced. This is where the truth is emblazoned that we need each other to manifest the dream of oneness and unity. We all have etched in our hearts the memory of our own personal tragedies and disappointments, but more importantly we carry the same resilience as the Survivor Tree and this is a time of Project Rebirth.


Since the New Moon is a time of new beginnings I wanted to share a meditation that each of you can do to celebrate life. To set intention on what we can all create and to ignite that flame of hope in our hearts. We are the light, we are the ones who are birthing this new vision and it WILL require all of us. Some days we will be stronger than others, someday we will be that voice of hope and encouragement and some days we will fall down and need the support of others. Everywhere you look there is a glimmer of light and that light is growing brighter. Don’t let someone else fear dim your light, Don’t let your own regrets, guilt’s and burdens hold you back. This is a time of limitless possibilities so grab them, run with them and experience how delicious life can be.

I DO NOT choose to hear the gloom and doom. I choose to do everything I can with every breath I take to make a difference, and that difference is just believing and holding the faith. I AM a faith keeper. If you are reading these words, you too are a faith keeper. So on this next New Moon. Ask your heart how it can be a greater source of light and how you can live the purpose your soul was brought here to do. Be LOVE and BE THE LIGHT that we need through your own creative expression.


To celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Green Wood Horse prepare an altar with red and gold flowers, a red candle, a bowl of water, a beautiful green plant or small tree, a symbolic artifact of a horse and a red envelope. Red envelopes, known as hong bao in Mandarin are given as gifts. These red envelopes represent good luck, happiness and abundance. In some cases, it can be given to unmarried and unemployed adults to give them hope and encouragement. I place objects or prayers in these envelopes and gift them in celebration of this particular New Moon. I also prepare one for myself as I again renew my intentions and dreams with this powerful New Moon by preparing a sacred altar. On a piece of paper write the following:

I AM GRATEFUL to align myself with the right people and the right resources in the immediate now to support me in manifesting my dream and vision. Place the paper in the red envelope and seal it. Place it under a small red candle and light the candle. Visualize yourself already living the experience you are intending. Let the candle completing burn and in the morning remove it from your altar.

Ritual and ceremony will continue to be of significance as we return to the old ways. For those who are interested in rituals and ceremonies for 2014 please click here.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy New Beginnings!

Love and Rainbows,


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