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Prayers of Healing For the WESAK Full Moon

I received hundreds of prayer requests from our spiritual community from all over the world and wanted to share with each of you that each name was written on the prayer flag and placed on the generator crystal.  A wonderful group of wisdom keepers gathered together to hold the sacred space in ceremony to honor each name, both two legged as well as four legged were added to the list.


I could feel the spirit of those who had passed joining with us.


The WESAK Full moon is the one time of year when all faiths are joined together and a beautiful water blessing is gifted to our planet as the Masters gather together in the Himalayan Valley, symbolic that we are woven together with a golden thread that creates the cosmic spider web.


Divine destiny would bring this group together of thirteen.   A magickal number representing the 13 Grandmothers.    Although often considered an unlucky number it is quite the opposite.  Thirteen is a powerful number.  For those who follow the Christian faith there were 12 disciples and the Master teacher known as Jesus made 13.   For those who follow the earth religion there were 12 Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur made 13.   For those who know of the legend of the 13 skulls, it is said when humankind learns to come together as one, the knowledge of the universe will be given as the skulls are found and joined together.

To celebrate this sacred time, when a portal opens just once a year that allows special blessings to come through, we would gather together  on the Bridge of New Beginnings.  Here we were  positioned over the sacred waters at the base of the mountain at the exact moment that the celestial water blessing was gifted.   Mount Shasta sits on the dragon line that connects this sacred mountain to the WESAK Valley.


Three beautiful women would join our journey who carried with them the sacred drum.  A drum that had four quadrants representing the four directions.   A drum that needed four to be complete as it called in the winds, the fire, the waters and the earth beings.  This drum was not just a drum,   it carried a powerful story that represented the journey for many.

The hide was that of an elk who had been attacked by a bear.   The elk had survived the attack and the skin on the drum held the scars of the attack.  This was a survivor drum.  The sounds created from the drum were that of courage, strength, hope, faith and prayer.  The sounds were the heart beat of the Earth Mother and carried our prayers to Great Spirit, the  ancestors and to Grandmother moon.


The women drummed during the eight minutes that the blessings were being gifted from the WESAK Valley.  They continued to drum without missing a beat, drumming to Grandmother Moon, calling her to rise high in the sky.  As she rose she began to illuminate our path as we honored the old ways.  We held hands surrounding the sacred drum and called in the ancestors.   We prayed for the survivors in Nepal.  We prayed for our leaders to make right choice for our global community.  We prayed for those in need who were lost, depressed, suffering.  We prayed for each person on the prayer flags.  We prayed that the human world would awaken and realize more than ever we needed to take one another’s hand to move forward.

We prayed to put aside our judgments of one another and instead embrace each other.  We prayed to be strong and to walk a path of beauty.  When we were complete grandmother moon was above us shining her healing light upon each of us.


I could see the web that weaves us each together growing with light.  Each vibration of the drum moved through my body and I was grateful to be alive at this time.  Challenging yes,  with opportunities to grow each and everyday.  Standing beneath grandmother moon reminded me of my journey.  I had received so many beautiful messages from so many of you that my heart was bursting with love.   I so appreciate each and every message.

WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT THIS TIME.  There was no doubt in my mind.  We have a long journey ahead but there was no accident the Survivor drum had found its way to the center of our circle that night.  When we were complete we released rose petals to the sacred waters in gratitude for what we had received.


The next morning I hung the prayer flags blessed from the night before at the Peace Garden.  I did my own silent prayer to the Lady of the mountain and could feel her love flowing throughout the sacred garden.  It was a gorgeous day on the mountain.

Wishing you light to illuminate your path.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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