It was difficult to leave the beauty of Costa Rica and the wonderful people of Pura Vida who had done so much to make our journey so special, but the lands of the Maya were calling and I knew this was going to be even more powerful.  For a week I had watched everyone on our journey go through many shifts and changes.  I watched as their awareness grew stronger and I knew we were all being prepared for the journey to the sacred lands of the Mayan.

I had met the most beautiful soul the year before when I had traveled to Maya Tulum and experienced the Temescal ceremony on the Full Moon in April.    I knew he was a part of this family and a significant part of this journey.  Our group was traveling from Costa Rica to Tulum and four other were to  join us there.  They had arrived a day before and would perform a sacred ceremony to prepare the land for our arrival.  Each one representing a different direction and each one calling the ancestors forward to accept our humble group.  For me tradition and ceremony are so very important.  Respect and honor of the land and the people.

A Native American tradition is to do a special ceremony to honor the four directions and ask permission to step into the sacred land.  It is for this reason that White Wolf Journeys are not just a visit to a tourist site, they are spiritual pilgrimages to honor those who have walked before us and to transform our lives so that we may walk from these sacred places with the wisdom of the ancestors to share with others.


The first night our beautiful Shaman, his wife Gaby and their good friend Mikaya would welcome us to their lands with a special ceremony led by Fabian.   It was a beautiful ceremony where the four directions were called into the sacred circle.  As our group came together we walked the sacred labyrinth and set our intentions for what we hoped to bring to this land and what we were asking the land to gift to each of us.  We awoke to a spectacular day in Tulum.   My guidance had been to travel to Akumal, a seaside village known to be a place where the sea turtles came to lay their eggs.  I would learn from Gaby that after the hurricane several years ago the coastline had been destroyed near Akumal.   Man in their attempt to restore tourism and the almighty dollar had taken dirt from deep within the jungle to rebuild the coast.  In doing so hundreds of sea turtles had been killed and had stopped coming to these lands.


My heart ached as once again man’s greed and lack of respect for the world of nature had destroyed something so beautiful and special.  The land needed our prayers, the sea needed our love.  Gaby and Mikaya joined us this beautiful morning in paradise.  The sun was brilliantly shining on the water causing the reflection of diamonds against the turquoise blue sea.  The white sandy beach invited us in to the waters to perform ceremony.  We carried EB into the center and I placed him on the ocean floor.  Our group joined hands and we made our prayer.  A prayer asking to heal what had taken place here.  A prayer to awaken in others the remembrance of our connection to the earth and all her creatures.  We passed the andara crystal one to the other each of us making a prayer and commitment  to be guardians of our beloved earth.  We called to the sea turtles to return.  When we first entered the water many people had tears in their eyes as one could feel the sadness.


When we finished,  there was joy and I knew our prayers had been heard.  The sea turtles was sacred to the Mayan,  as it is to many indigenous tribes.  All of the Americas are known as Turtle Island and the sea turtle is a powerful messenger with a strong connection to the moon and the earth mother.  The sea turtle can help one complete their life path and brings bravery and a sense of direction when one feels lost.  The Sea turtle can be called upon to help one navigate through times of uncertainty.

A few hours later, on the drive back to Maya Tulum, Gaby received a phone call from a local hotel that four baby turtles had swam into the lagoon.    Confirmation that focused intention and prayer can create miracles.  We learned two days later that two turtles had swam onto shore and laid over a hundred eggs.  The sea turtles were returning.  Working with the unseen world through prayer and intention had made a change in the world of man.  A small change in the bigger picture but it was a beginning.


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