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Prayer for Peace

Having celebrated the summer solstice simultaneously with the graduation of my daughter, I did survive the emergence of 40+ teenagers in our yard to celebrate.   Once they had departed, which turned out to be the morning of the Summer Solstice as they decided to pitch tents and spend the night in the garden, I actually felt the energy expand to hold the sense of excitement as a new journey began for these young people.  The generation following ours was carrying the energy of the Summer Solstice and the seeds of new beginnings out to the world.


I was called once again to return to Sedona the very next day for the New Moon.    This time I was to meet with a dear friend of mine who I had met a couple years earlier in Angel Valley.  A beautiful soul, Gary, who I lovingly refer to as Cuddle Bear.  All who know him, feel as I do, that this soul is a walking Andara crystal of light.  He had found his lady love and moved back to the East Coast nearly six months ago.    With two very powerful eclipses approaching, The Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon, July 7th and the Total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon, July 21st, The Divine Mother Goddess has begun to weave her web and unite people together once again who share the same vision of oneness.

Gary shared with me the story of a powerful spiritual leader who walked upon the earth at this time and  this very special man’s vision.  I could not help but reflect on my recent experience to Washington DC when the Black Madonna had clearly spoken that these times we are all facing are filled with hope and guidance.  Her message that powerful leaders, healers and teachers had returned to walk upon the earth to unite all of mankind together and to assist each of us through these challenging times of transition and change.    I have discovered that as I continue to travel the cosmic web that covers our beloved earth, I have found many of these men and women holding that vision of unity and peace for our planet and creating the illumination of light to awaken the masses to this realization.


I found myself on a place where the earth was absolutely alive with creative potential and healing energies.  This magickal place known as the Mago Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona sits outside of the city of Sedona.  In fact it is a good 30 minute ride off the main highway onto a dirt road with many bumps and ditches along the way.  I thought how symbolic to travel this road as it reflects the  journey of life itself.   In our youth, we set out on an unpaved road and in search of our truth, in search of enlightenment often  find this path to be somewhat bumpy.  I thought how one needs a good solid vehicle to make this journey.   This is also reflected in our need for a strong, healthy and deeply grounded body temple if we are to find the enlightenment we all seek.


The story of Ilchi Lee touched me deeply.  The story of a young Korean man growing up with a burning desire to know the purpose of his soul in being here.  Often he would ask Why Am I Here? What is My Purpose? Often he would feel he had no purpose and this caused him great pain.  I thought how often each of us yearns to find the answer to these exact questions.  It is in fact the driving force we as human beings experience, to find our purpose which is to be a living expression of happiness, joy, light and most importantly love.   How do we find this, becomes the question.  This young boy through a remarkable life would become a powerful and influential presence assisting thousands in their search for truth.


I thought of how the ancestors had called me to Bell Rock to share with me years ago that part of my journey was to travel the world following the rainbow path to bring all nations together and weave the web of oneness.  I was to discover that also on Bell Rock after being guided, Ilchi Lee had his vision to create Mago Retreat Center.   While staying at the Mago Retreat Center,  I was moved to tears when I read the opening  prayer that Ilchi Lee presented to the United Nations.


To share a part of Ilchi Lee’s powerful speech, I ask that you take a  quiet moment before you read these words taking in  a deep breath, opening your heart. These words transcend every language, culture and religion  opening  us to the universal language of love.

Prayer of Peace

I offer this prayer of peace

Not to any one God nor to many gods

Not to a Christian god

Not to a Jewish god

Not to a Buddhist god

Nor the Islamic god and

Not even to the indigenous god of many nations.

But to the divinity within that we all hold inside

That makes us all brothers and sisters

To make us truly a One Family

In the name of humanity.

I offer this prayer of peace

To the cosmic oneness that is our birthright

And our privilege

And our strength

That should we let it shine and show us the way

Will guide us to the road of peace

Not the Christian Peace

Not the Jewish peace

Not the Islamic peace

Nor the Buddhist peace

And not even the indigenous peace of many nations

But the human peace that has a place in the hearts of all people.

To allow us to truly fulfill our divine potential

To become the children of one humanity.

As I met  Cuddle Bear and was joined by my other dear friends Deb, Ted and Anita, we began to experience the magick of Mago which means earth  goddess in Korean.  This property when Ilchi Lee first came upon it, was in disrepair and would require great resources to not only restore it to the original vision but the create what divine source had shown him was held within the land.  The land, sacred to the indigenous people  the Black Madonna showed me,  was a place that held the blueprint of an ancient spiritual community.  Her message was again clear for the times we are in.  As  citizens of the earth we are all experiencing, economic, ecological, religious and political upheaval.  Time and again we have been  shown the power of collective prayer.    If we continue to pray and join together in circles of light, if we use our focused thought and set intention for oneness and a grand spiritual awakening, we can illuminate our world and become one global nation supporting all species on our planet and living the dream of harmony, balance, peace, enlightenment and love with everyone’s soul experiencing their full potential.

As I walked the property I felt the Divine Mother’s presence walking with me.   She spoke again that we have entered a time when we must come to the realization that not one religious figure will save us, instead we must awaken that divine spiritual leader that lives within each of us.  We must find our connection to the web that weaves us all together and connects us to the universal source of light.  As I held this thought a beautiful double rainbow appeared in the sky in front of me giving me confirmation of these words.  As  I turned around, the most incredible magenta and golden sky appeared in the West as the sun began to set and we entered that magickal time of day known as the “tween” time when there is an opening to the unseen world.


This has been my purpose since I was visited at the age of ten and each of you reading these words that have found yourself as part of this spiritual community are a part of that vision.  If you have received this message from a family member, friend or have been guided through the web that now weaves through cyberspace and would like to be part of this spiritual community, I invite you to join by clicking here.

For those of you who are unable to attend the journey in Mount Shasta,  I invite you to join with me at the time of the Dream Intention Full Moon to collectively create the dream and vision of the Black Madonna’s message, global unity and oneness.

Wishing you strength and joy on your journey.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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