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When you pray for rain you must deal with the mud

muddy waters

As we move closer to our divine potential in this year of new beginnings we are moving through a gestation period preparing to give birth to our dreams and desires as well as a new you. We are all experiencing labor pains, confusion, indecision, frustration and discomfort is part of the experience. We asked for the purification and transformation to take place. When you pray for rain you must be prepared to deal with the mud that occurs when the transformation begins to take place.

More than 2000 years ago an event occurred in the heavens. Venus and Jupiter two super celestial bodies aligned in the sky and created what appears to be a super star. The story of this alignment became the story of the three magi following the bright star announcing the birth of Jesus, the man prophecised to be a saviour. The movement of the stars and celestial bodies serve as a navigational tool for our individual journeys when we understand the hidden messages they offer.

This same alignment occurred in the celestial skies this morning and now prophecizes the birthing of our own celestial light. The Magi described as the three wisemen, were from a tribe of prophetic priests who were masters at Astrology.  Ancestors from a long line of alchemists, prophets, healers and seers. They had the ability to to perform the ancient art of scrying, staring into water reflected with starlight for visions of the future.

This ability lies within each of us as water is a conduit. Over the next few days as this alignment between Venus and Jupiter continues we have an opportunity to gain insight that can assist us in moving through the murky waters of emotion and uncertainty we are each experiencing. Take the time to sit in stillness and visualize the murky waters of purification clearing to give you insight. Take a silver or dark bowl of water and light a candle before it. Sit in darkness with only the candle light and gaze into the bowl of water.  It is the inspired thought or feeling you have that is the dream stirring inside. Find you faith once again. Find the support of others who share your belief and only share your visions and dreams with those who offer support. Be aware of who you allow into your sacred space. You are pregnant with possibilities and must protect your dream.Whenever Venus and Jupiter have a close encounter something grand and wonderful is about to be birthed. Now more than ever you must nurture that beautiful celestial light that you carry until it is ready to be birthed into full expression.

I can’t reiterate this enough. We are about to enter on December 21st the second year of a nine-year cycle. There can be no denial that the Goddess has awakened as we watch on a daily basis the muddy waters cleaning the untruths, deceptions, betrayals and suppression of the past. This is a glorious time to be present but we must do everything we can to find our way through the muddy waters of uncertainty.   Exciting times lie ahead but it will take strength, courage, strong faith and focus to move through the muddy waters.

Wishing you a magickal and enchanting day.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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