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Planetary Influences for October

I apologize for the late posting of the October Influences. We have been guiding a beautiful journey through the lands of the Dark Madonna and have had little access to wifi. I will be sharing the magick of this enchanted journey in a future posting but wanted to let the members of our online subscription series know all rituals for the Full Moon, New Moon, SamHein and Beltane celebrations have been posted.

Goddess Pele

Full Moon Dedicated to Pele – October 5/6th

The Aires moon ruled by the Goddess Pele gives us the courage to step forward. Aries is a fire element and carries an energy sending us forward with the courage to face any adversity and obstacle. Pele is a Hawaiian goddess of fire who can assist one in finding their passion and awakening the wild spirit within. The key potential of the Aries Full Moon is renewed confidence, direct, honest, graceful action when addressing issues or relating to self and others. The goddess Pele activates creativity and passion reminding us also to keep the ancient traditions alive. Her fire is the spark of life and can help us find are sacred fire.   Her flame may be extinguished from time to time, but it can never die… not as long as the Goddess is honored in our hearts.   She can never be truly defeated. For those who are members of our online subscription series a ritual has been posted to work with the energy of the Aires Full Moon. Please click here

New Moon in Libra – October 19th

A combination of logic and intuition is available with a Libra New Moon helping us find balance in our rapidly changing world. The dark side of the moon with its mysterious unseen forces offers a nurturing environment where our intentions and desires can take solid root before their physical manifestations give us the courage to reach for the stars. Libra is symbolic of balance and often depicted as a beautiful Goddess holding a set of scales. We are still feeling the intense energies moving through us from the Total Solar Eclipse, which is intended to bring into our consciousness old beliefs, illusions and untruths. The new moon in Libra provides an extraordinary opportunity to revisit our dreams and desires as clarity comes. As we move through a constant cycle of birth…death and rebirth, Mercury is now direct, as well as Saturn the planet of Karma. We can take the wisdom that we have been gifted from these retrograding planets to set intentions with a pure heart for our journey that comes from the chaos. Hurricanes and earthquakes have shaken our beloved earth and we feel the same affect within our own body temples which can amplify, worry, stress and uncertainty.

Goddess Isis samhein

October 31st – SamHein in the Northern Hemisphere

October 31st is the night when those who follow the earth religion feel the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. The ancient Egyptians also found this time of year the time to celebrate the permeability between death and life. Isis, daughter of the sky goddess and the earth god, embodied that power of transformation and resurrection. Isis was a powerful goddess and magickal healer who was said to have taught Egyptian women how to grind corn, spin flax, and weave cloth. Isis’s real power was her understanding of life and death. After the death of her beloved who was murdered by his brother, his body was cut into pieces and scattered over Egypt. Isis travelled throughout Egypt to collect the pieces. She found everything except Osiris’s penis, which had fallen into the Nile and was eaten by fish. Isis recreated the penis out of gold and invented the Egyptian rites of embalming to resurrect him. She changed herself into a hawk, made love with the golden phallus, and gave birth to their son Horus. This extraordinary story is the basis of the four-day festival of Isis which began on October 31st and reaches its climax on November 3. This was a grand celebration of rebirth and life that came after entering the shadow beginning the descent into darkness only to give birth once again.   For those who would like to develop a deeper relationship with Isis I have posted a ritual to work with these powerful energies and awaken the knowledge of the Earth Religion. Please click here.

Celebrating Beltane

October 31st/November 1st – Southern Hemisphere – Celebration of Beltane

Magick is developing a stronger relationship with the Goddess. Performing ritual is communicating with the unseen world to work with the powerful energies of light that exist within the unseen world to manifest our desires. Two times a year the veil between the worlds is the thinnest, a time when the faery realm and human world merge together. This is All Hollow’s Eve or SamHein and also Beltane. For those who follow the old traditions and honor the unseen world it is a powerful time to work with the faery folk. Beltane is celebrated on November 1st in the Southern Hemisphere, a time to celebrate life and honor the faery kingdom. I wanted to share a special ritual with you for attracting in abundance. Please click here

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