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Planetary Influences for March 2017

Goddess Venus shell

March 4th – Venus goes retrograde

During the six-week period when Venus is in retrograde, exciting opportunities with love and money are possible, but it is better not to make any long term commitments until Venus goes direct on April 15th. Romances that begin during a Venus Retrograde tend to be whirlwind experiences where we get caught up in the intensity of the moment and when Venus goes direct find our expectations are unrealistic and we become disappointed. Enjoy the moment taking it one day at a time without projecting into the future.

Venus retrograde is a good time to reassess and rediscover our personal value. An excellent time to examine our relationships with the world around us. Who and what do we want in our sacred space? What are the feelings we want to experience? This provides an excellent time for self examination on how the relationship with ourselves is reflected with those we allow into our space.

To understand a retrograde period, imagine the activity in the celestial realms becoming quite busy. There is an overload of energy that will affect our emotions and mental outlook on how we deal with life. Having the awareness of how this overload of energy can affect us personally provides us with the tools we need to work with these energies in a positive manner. I choose to not see a retrograde as a negative but simply an opportunity to focus more clearly on what that planet is highlighting in my life where things could be out of balance.

March 12 /13th The Virgo Full Moon Dedicated to the Goddess Demeter

The Full Moon signals a time each month when we are able to take a clear look at what is happening in our lives so we can decide if we need to make changes. The Full Moon stirs our emotions, providing each month an opportunity to end a chapter and begin a new story. In the Year of the Goddess Awakening I look at which Goddess is associated with the placement of the Full Moon in association with the astrological sign the moon is in and through sacred ritual and ceremony honor the Goddess when she is in her full power.

A Full Moon is always related to the previous New Moon. For those who worked with the energy of the New Moon Solar eclipse on February 26th will find you are able to nurture the seeds of the next nine year cycle that you have fertilized with the eclipse energy as greater awareness comes into your consciousness. Be aware that the effect of an eclipse continues for six months so not all goals will be fully completed immediately. We must stay focused and not lose faith. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.” The Virgo Full Moon is an excellent moon to see clearly where that staircase is leading after the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

With a Virgo Full Moon there is a particular focus on the mind-body connection. We need to examine how our thoughts affect our health and well being. A Virgo full moon will illuminate any imbalances. Another focus is on what sustains our body temples and we are encouraged to stay steer clear of people who are toxic as well as toxic foods. In challenging times we need to make affective change by implementing practices that balance and center us. It’s not about being perfect, it is about being consistent. As we choose the foods we eat, be aware of how our food is labeled and coded. Check the PLU code on fruits and vegetables to see whether the item is organic, conventionally grown or genetically modified. Food is labeled with a five-digit code. If it begins with a 9 on your banana, apple, plum or celery it means it was grown organically. If it starts with a 4, it was conventionally grown, and an 8 means GMO or genetically modified.

The ancient ones saw a Virgo Full Moon as significant. Virgo is a sign of being present and allowing the ordinary to become the extraordinary in the moment. A great renewal comes from letting go of what keeps you from settling in, and knowing the power of presence. This can be a time of clearing, simplifying and purifying as you become the virgin, able to take in new experiences, and be changed by them. Virgo star lore is about both the harvest and the virgin land, where the seed is germinating making this a powerful full moon to fertilize our dreams and wishes. Take the time to sit in stillness to gain insight as to what action you need to take as this full moon will also be intensified with Venus in retrograde. Sometimes what’s needed is to Do Nothing but to simply let the emotional waters wash over and trust the process.

For those who are members of our online subscription Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat series I have posted a Full Moon ritual for March dedicated to the Earth Goddess Demeter who possesses the energy of the Virgo Full Moon. Click Here.   I will also be posting a guided audio meditation a few days prior to the full moon with further insight on working with that particular full moon as we continue to journey together in the Year of the Goddess Awakening.

autumn equinox celebration

Equinox – March 21/22

March brings one of two times a year when there is an equal balance of light and shadow on the earth. Exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness providing a unique opportunity to bring into balance inspiration with action, the merging of the heart and the mind and the balance of our male and female essence. The Equinox provides us with a time “Between the worlds” a window through which we can perform special magick as we honor the turning of the wheel and the unseen world.

In the Northern Hemisphere there is a stirring of new life as the Spring Equinox is celebrated. In the Celtic lands the equinox known as Ostara, was celebrated as the return of the Goddess after her winter hibernation. This is the time when the crone or wise woman is transformed once again into the maiden. She is giving birth to all of nature as the flowers begin to rise from beneath the earth’s surface. An excellent time to honor the old ways and nurture the dream that has been in gestation since the Solstice and beginning of the Year of the Goddess Awakening.

If you are living in the Southern Hemisphere you are preparing for the Autumn Equinox, also known, as Mabon, the balance between light and dark. As we give thanks for the abundance that the long days and strong power of summer have given, we also take this moment to balance, to rest, to simply be, preparing ourselves for the approaching winter season. It is a time of giving thanks and reflection on what has passed as we look ahead to the brightness of the future. This is an excellent night to meditate on the shadow and the light within you, asking each aspect what message it has for you as you bring the two together in wholeness and union. Powerful rituals for working with the equinox energies have been posted for those who are members of our online subscription series. Click Here. If you would like to join our online subscription series to receive monthly Full Moon, New Moon and Sacred Sabbat Celebrations, click here.

June's new moon

March 28th – New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries is all about taking a risk. Envision the life you were destined to live when you look deep within your heart. Reflect on when you moved away from the dream and convinced yourself to except less than what you deserve. If you have not done so begin to keep a journal and write down your dreams, hopes and intentions for every month. This is the first new moon after the solar eclipse where our belief system of lack was revealed to each of us. The New Moon every month gives you the opportunity and energy to transform. Take a moment to listen to your heart, to your inner child, and your spirit guides. I have posted a ritual for the March New moon to align one with abundance consciousness.  Click Here

March 30 – Jupiter/Pluto Transit

This is the Second phase of the Jupiter/Pluto transit that began in November 2016 and will be amplified with the Venus retrograde asking us to review our relationship with the Goddess and how we relate to the world we have created. We may find things surfacing that will push us into the next stage of our personal growth and empowerment. The March 30th Jupiter/Pluto transit brings a choice for each of us to make. Do we continue on our current path or do we find a way to choose something that empowers us and moves us into the dream that is dreaming through us. The transit provides a beautiful opportunity for powerful growth, deepening intimacy and a strong connection within our self. We create clearer boundaries and begin new relationships. What you focus on will either help you rise above and move you forward in transforming old patterns and limitations or will keep you stuck. Jupiter will square Pluto three times in total. The first was November 24th 2016, the second is March 30th 2017, and the last time will be on August 4th 2017 just prior to the Lunar Eclipse.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, magnification, and growth. It governs our beliefs, our laws, our justice system as it creates vulnerability and opportunity to grow spiritually. Squares cause friction. They are dynamic and often times are stressful. Generally speaking, a square between Jupiter and Pluto is one that stirs the desire and the need to succeed.  With this transit we each must sit in stillness to determine what exactly we are trying to create and what are we willing to risk in order to make it a reality. We need to truly listen to our heart. Acknowledge and give gratitude for the ups and downs that have brought awareness as to what must change and the courage to take the action. Remember this is a work in progress. For me personally, change is the guidance I now have to make a move to the southern hemisphere where I will be spending more of my time in New Zealand as my main residence.  We will be leaving Mount Shasta in August to follow the guidance to return to my heart home which is Waiheke Island in New Zealand.

I am still offering personal retreats in Mount Shasta through August but am filling up very quickly and will begin to offer personal retreats on the crystal island of Waiheke Island, New Zealand in October, November and December. Waiheke is an enchanting and magickal island where one is able to make an Imramma known as a spiritual journey across sacred waters to discover truth and gain insight into their soul purpose. For those who may have an interest in a personal Imramma please contact me directly at [email protected]

March is full of promise but will require commitment and stillness, patience and laughter.

Wishing you an enchanting month.

Love, rainbows, and cuddles, Robbyne

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