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Planetary Influences for July

This is a powerful month for change

Two powerful days this month to regroup, realign and listen to our heart for guidance.  Two planets going Retrograde that will bring greater awareness to our journey.

We begin with the

Mayan Day Out of Time – July 25th 2015


The current calendar the world now operates under known as the Gregorian calendar was imposed as an instrument of power over the Maya, Inca and Aztec civilizations,  all of whom used, among other calendars, the 13 Moon/28 Day count.  This 13 moon calendar was used by other ancient civilizations such as the Druids, the Essenes and the ancient Egyptians.   It has been identified as  the Calendar of Thoth.  If you have felt more stress  in your life and a feeling you have less time it is because your vibrational field is continuing to realign itself to the natural order that our earth vibrates to.


On this very special day take the time to sit in stillness.  If you can be near earth, or on the beach take a handful of dirt and slowly let the grains of sand or particles of dirt slip through your lightly held hands.  If you live in the city you can use corn meal or planting soil for this ritual.  This is very symbolic of so many things occurring in our lives right now.  Each particle of earth and sand represents something you are letting go of.  An old story, a disappointment, an injustice, a grievance or judgment.  It can be an entire way of life as many of us are feeling our world is completely changing in some way.  Focus on your breath and as you release the particles back to the earth feel your vibration being elevated.


On a piece of paper write down the debts you are forgiving (old loves, old relationships, expectations not fulfilled).  Forgive yourself of any guilts you continue to hold on to.  Let go of feeling unworthy.  This serves absolutely no purpose for you to be less than who you were intended to be.  It is time to claim who you are and step forward.  Fold the paper in half away from you and burn the paper symbolizing transformation.   Release the ashes to the four winds giving thanks and gratitude.


Many of you have felt confused, frustrated, lost or  restless.  Some have felt physically fatigued and emotionally drained. There is a continuous movement of energy now to raise your vibration.   Opportunities such as these special celebrations of life can assist. There are waves of energy coming rapidly, one after the other and we need more determination, focus  and hope.  We need to take better care of our body temples, with rest, exercise, a diet of higher vibrational foods with less sugar and preservatives to support these shifts.  We need to clear our minds of negative chatter.   We will all have moments of doubt. Our old fears will return only to be embraced and transformed if we allow the process to occur.


Take a few moments on the Day Out of Time to see your light moving through a web connecting with millions of souls around our planet.  Feel yourself being part of a great awakening and feel how your light is so very important to the whole. When you are complete with your personal ritual do something to experience beauty.  Go see a movie that inspires you, listen to beautiful music that soothes you, paint or create something beautiful, buy yourself some beautiful flowers or go into a garden and observe the amazing beauty that surrounds you.  Most importantly smile, feel alive and share your light with others.

Retrograde Alert

On this same day Venus goes Retrograde until September 8th  and will be bringing up relationship issues that we have ignored, providing an opportunity to look at things with different eyes.  For those who are single this a grand opportunity to love yourself unconditionally, heal old relationship hurts from the past and open up for love.  How perfect to go Retrograde in the energy of forgiveness that the Day  Out of Time offers.

Uranus Goes retrograde the next day on the 26th of July. As we continue to make change in our life the influence of Uranus in retrograde helps us get in touch with what is holding us back.

I will send more details regarding the two Retrograding planets and the positive influence they will have on each of us in another email next week.


Blue Moon July 31st

At the end of the month we have a second Full Moon.  This is a Blue Moon.  The modern day definition of a Blue Moon is when there are 2 full moons in one Month.  Remember the impact of a Full Moon is felt three days prior and the particular influence three days after.   In some parts of the world depending on the time of the Full moon it may not technically be the 31st of July.  The power of this moon is about stepping out of your comfort zone.


My husband shutters when he hears those words.  A few years ago when  I said that to him …. We were off on a grand adventure to walk around the outside of the Sky Tower in Auckland, the largest building in the Southern Hemisphere.   To harness the power of this moon which is all about change, do something you promised yourself you’d do long ago and never did. Have an adventure. Don’t let “I can’t” even enter into your thoughts.  Of course you can!!!!

Make a conscious effort on this day to accept everything and everyone.  Don’t complain about anything. Spend the day reflecting on everything you are grateful for.   Find at least one positive thing about that person who annoys you the most.

Don’t let the opinion of others stop you. You don’t have to defend yourself.  If every cell of your body believed it, you wouldn’t feel the need to defend yourself.  I love a Blue Moon, as this is the one that always reminds me we live in a world of illusion.  The manipulation of the  calendar of Thoth, is the source of  the greatest opportunity for each of us to break through illusions and the stories we tell ourselveI will be posting a very empowering  ritual for the Blue Moon to the website for those who are part of our online subscription and will add a meditation in time for the full moon.  The energy is picking up and we just don’t have time anymore for regret, guilt, resentment, fear,  or doubt. The past is the past.  Lets just get on with it!

This is a time of flux. We are all in it.   Many of us don’t know where we are going or what we are supposed to do next because the ego mind is being silenced and we are listening to our heart.   All we  know is we are going somewhere.  The head is loosing control and that is creating the confusion.  We feel unsettled.  Thank the Goddess, because  it means we have broken free and just need to jump, without analyzing everything, (which puts us back in the head and the ego)  trusting we will be supported.   All we really need to do is just LET GO.

It has been so long since anyone gave us permission to really listen to our heart with all the rules and regulations that have been imposed by our religions, our teachers, and our societies, that most of us just don’t know how.  We are learning.  We are being stretched everyday and some days it is far easier than others.  Your heart is giving you permission.

Sending you courage to stretch and continue the journey with a reminder to celebrate along the way.

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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