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Peace Begins Within

Christmas Star

Since the events that occurred at the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6th many have reached out asking for my interpretation.  I was equally as disturbed, saddened and angered as everyone who witnessed the unthinkable occur on global television.    I watched in disbelief and felt a range of emotions move through me.   A part of me knew it was coming, I just didn’t know how it would manifest.   At the same time, I was still integrating the expansive stream of light that had come through at the time of the Grand Conjunction when Jupiter and Saturn aligned in 0 degrees Aquarius at the time of the solstice when we entered 2021.

This alignment of two grand celestial planets gave us a “do over”, when the Christmas star formed in the sky.   When that much celestial light is brought into the earth consciousness, it serves a great purpose.  It opens the hearts of those who are focused on love, kindness, compassion and gentleness.   Millions were joined in a collective prayer all over the globe ensuring that stream of light could be anchored into the earth grid. At the same time, it also illuminates the lower vibrational energies of fear, insecurity, anger, greed, self-interest, manipulation, hidden agendas creating a mob mentality.  Like a giant spotlight it brings to the surface everything hidden in the shadows.   The planet is experiencing a galactic detox similar to when the human body detoxes heavy metals, poisons and debris.  A healing crisis takes place and then we are able to rebuild.

Andara Crystal

In that moment I remembered with crystal clarity an event that had happened in 2007 when I was guided to Washington DC.  I had taken an andara crystal to pray in certain places in Washington.  We had been in the Capitol building and I remembered standing exactly where I was witnessing the attack on the Capitol building taking place.  I could feel the heartbeat of so many souls who had stood and worked within those chambers’ decades before.   For some strange reason something had happened when we there and we had been taken into the underground tunnel which was not part of the tour.  I had no idea why, but I knew there had been a reason.

Vietnam Monument

I remember praying at the Vietnam Wall Memorial which had brought me to tears and the Korean War Memorial, feeling incredible sadness.  I was inspired in so many places, one being the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Park.   Two quotes from this man ring true in my heart, as it is wisdom, we all need at this time.

“In these days of difficulty, we Americans everywhere must and shall choose the path of social justice…the path of faith, the path of hope, and the path of love towards our fellow man.”
October 2, 1932

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
March 4, 1933

Lincoln Memorial

I vividly remember on my last day standing on the steps of the Lincoln memorial and placing the andara crystal on the Eighteenth step at the top landing. There is an inscription marking the spot where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood to give his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963 on this step.   The marker was placed in 2003 to mark the 40th anniversary of that speech.  I remember when I placed the andara crystal on the step it began to vibrate.  I too had a dream for a kinder, gentler world.  It was the last time I saw that andara. It simply disappeared.  The reason I share this is because the andara crystal vibrates in a fifth dimensional energy.  After the recent events in America, that knowledge gave me a sense of hope, as I know the energy of the andara is in the etheric realm above Washington DC.

DC Capital

I also understood why the Goddess had positioned me in Sedona, Arizona as it sits on the dragon lines that flows directly to Washington DC.  I spent the day doing what I could do, detaching from the chaos, holding the energy of love and envisioning the reality that I want to experience.  Call me a dreamer and I will gladly accept that compliment as that is the only reality I am choosing to accept.

We will create whatever we focus on so instead of focusing on the division that exists in this country ….”Them Against Us” attitude, we need to start focusing on WE.  Enough is enough!  This is our do over.  Let’s make a practice of focusing on love, not getting caught up in the chaos, conflict and fear.  This country is broken, completely shattered from greed, manipulation, self-interest, racism, judgment, and hatred. And yet I feel a new wave of hope, the potential to rebuild is unlimited.   2021 is the Year of Emergence.  Let’s focus on emerging and rebuilding.  Actually listening to one another.  If you want someone to hear you, you need to listen.  Our greatest responsibility at this moment is creating a sense of peace within so that when you exhale you are breathing that vibration of peace into your reality.

We all need to do some soul searching because even as we condemn what we see,  those humans who chose that path of violence, they  are simply playing out a shadow aspect of us. We need to be a living expression of love where we don’t allow fear, control, hopelessness, or judgment to enter into our consciousness.  It will only keep us trapped in a reality we don’t want.  If you focus only on conspiracy theories you will be consumed into the abyss and you will miss out on creating the beauty that exists around us.

Do I condone that behavior, absolutely not.  Do I want to see consequences for those actions, indeed I do.  However, I want to move beyond this and start to create a brighter future as I invoke the Goddess of Sacred Unity.  We have a lot of work to do collectively and we can’t waste our energy or time on lower vibrational thought forms.  It’s time to move forward.

Roses beauty

For those that have the andara crystal we can create the greatest wave of light not only for America but for our global community.  The first new moon of 2021 is on the 12/13th next week.  A new moon offers a time of new beginnings, new visions, new expressions.  Remember this is our “do over”.   You don’t need the andara to be part of this.  Holding a rose over your heart and sending a prayer will work as well.  It is the intention that is needed.  Miracles do happen when we have focused intention and a prayer.  I have posted a New Moon ritual for this night.  CLICK HERE

Wishing you inner peace as we begin to navigate a new year with clear focus and an open heart.  Kia Kaha, Be Strong

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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