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forest sun

Those words were my final message from the magickal Faery trees.  I felt such a sense of accomplishment and my body temple had definitely transformed.  My 28-day reset was complete, I had nurtured my body like I had never done before.  My dragon journal filled with information and guidance the forest had gifted me.  My water coloring skills greatly improved and the discovery of how much joy it brings me will continue.  My spiritual practice has become even more important to me and a priority in my daily life.   I think back on the quote… “If you don’t have twenty minutes for quiet reflection and contemplation in your life, then you need at least an hour”.    Love yourself enough to make yourself the most important person.  Replenish and reset.  You will have more energy and light to shine out to the world.

weave the web

The message was clear, we humans need to focus on the space between the dark and the light to find our center.  We truly need to come back to the teachings of nature if we are to rise above the current chaos of our world.   It is not going to miraculously disappear, but we can weave a new reality for ourselves if we choose.

sunset seattle

I am so grateful to Seattle for the container of support it provided for my reset and for my dear friend, Jeffrey who made this journey of self-discovery and healing with me.  I am grateful to the forest for sharing and nurturing my soul all the way to the core of my being.  I realize there is no battle I need to fight, accept the one inside of me.  I cannot make the world stop spinning or stop the destructive and fear-based narratives that we are bombarded with. I relish in the power of turning off the news or deleting messages of hate and judgment from my emails.  I push the button and say outloud..  “Not Today”.   Am I living in denial that this exists, no… I just choose to not be caught up in the vortex.  I still have moments when I look upward as I observe some human beings and their actions or comments they make to further facilitate fear and judgment.  I have a conversation with the divine and ask…”What were you thinking”? The reply is always the same. “Everything is as it should be, we are all the same.  Some on different levels of awareness but we are still all on this journey together”.  We can decide however, who and what we personally allow into our sacred space.

shedding the old

I can stay centered and joyful.   Hopeful instead of fearful.  It is the turning of the season and in the northern hemisphere, the leaves are shedding.  A message from the natural world to shed what is no longer needed. The forest has taught me to shed the thoughts that were creating disharmony.    I feel prepared to face whatever the future holds.  I am an ongoing work in progress, and I acknowledge I do not have this earth walk sorted out.  I thank the divine that I have allies in the animal beings, the trees, the plants, the stone beings, the flowing rivers and powerful waterfalls.  The sacred blue, the star nations. The sun, the moon and the planets that continue to dance in the celestial realms guiding my journey and beautiful humans who are part of my tribe.  I love you all.

I can only find my truth and that is found in nature where there is no hidden agenda, political opportunity, greed, or jealousy.  Nature just is.  I pay attention to the signs and everyday receive confirmation I am on the right path.  I am grateful and feeling blessed.  I encourage you to celebrate this next turning of the wheel at the time of the equinox.  Find that sweet place between the light and the shadow.  The Great Mystery is waiting.

Remember Mercury the planet of communication is going retrograde on the 28th of this month. Use discernment and push the off button.  Find your truth by looking within.  We all have narratives and dialogues we carry from the past.  Use the final Mercury Retrograde to change those narratives.  Together let’s make this a kinder and gentler world.

Wishing you a powerful equinox of balance.  I have posted rituals for those who are members of our online subscription series.  Click Here

Be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.   For those who may want to explore the narrative that creates destructive patterns that are repeated or feel they are standing at a cross roads searching for guidance from the confusion, I offer Soul Life Readings and Karmic life readings to help you navigate through change.  For more information, please click here.

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Kia Kaha…Be Strong and true to yourself.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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