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Our Decisions and Actions in the immediate now will shape everything in our future.

We have the capacity to change everything and change we must.  My amazing encounters over the last month with the sperm whale and the mega pod of dolphin in Kaikoura, New Zealand followed by an enchanting day interacting with the humpback whales on the Gold Coast of Australia was a powerful sign for me that these celestial beings were wanting to communicate.

Migaloo White Whale

The recent sighting of a white whale off the coast of New Zealand in July and the return of Migaloo to the waters of Australia; the haunting sound of the whale’s song calling to me just as I am drifting to sleep night after night, continues to awaken me to their call for help.

whale tail

After the Mount Tamborine workshop at the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse, I was gifted with a beautiful whale tail that was yet another message for me. Thank you so much Susan.   These universal cues were now becoming louder and louder.  The ocean was calling to me and I needed to hear her message.  I was put on notice by the elders to pay even more attention to these universal cues.

sylvia earle

While scrolling through the television channels two nights ago, my husband chose a documentary about Dr. Sylvia Earle. This amazing woman is 82 years young.  She is an American marine biologist, explorer, author, and lecturer. Earle was the first female chief scientist of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and was named by Time Magazine as its first Hero for the Planet in 1998.  For over an hour I watched through her eyes, the ocean she remembered from her youth.  Tears ran down my face as she shared that in the sacred blue, our life giving waters, half of the coral reefs, kelp forests, and sea-grass meadows have disappeared along with 90 percent of many kinds of fish, squid, and other ocean wildlife.  Trouble for the ocean means trouble for all of life on Earth.  At 82 she continues to bring awareness about the condition of our oceans through her project Mission Blue.  She supports the idea that anyone can nominate a site special to him or her—a site that gives HOPE. Collectively all of these Hope Spots will create a global wave of community support for ocean conservation that leaders and policy makers can’t ignore.

Ocean rose

We can take this one step further and gather together to create a Hope Spot wherever we can, to sing to the ocean, to communicate with the dolphin, whales, sea turtles, and the multitude of sea life that share our water planet.  To celebrate through sacred ritual.  We can continue to be a living expression of hope as we follow the Path of the Rose.  Science has shown that water has an intelligence and can heal itself, but we humans need to do more to support awakening others to stop the patterns that are having a negative impact on our planet.  The power of sacred gatherings and prayer can have a huge impact.


When the elements of the natural world are in balance, air brings gentle winds that cool our journey, fire illuminates our path bringing warmth and igniting our personal passion.  Water purifies and nurtures.    Earth gifts us with the plant beings that provide healing support for the human, shelter for the animals, the great standing tall ones that provide oxygen and food.  The fifth element has always been love.  It is what balances our planet.  When there is not enough love fire goes in search of water and explodes into an inferno.  The earth shakes seeking change.  The winds blow as hurricanes rage and the waters flood the land.  Working and honoring these expressions of the Goddess are part of the teachings of the Path of the Rose.

From a scientific perspective, humans have created an abundance of carbon waste that the ocean can no longer support.  The whales and dolphin need our help.

This full moon on Sunday, August 26th belongs to all of us.  It is a Piscean moon and holds the element of water.  I have now posted a ritual and guided meditation to embrace the healing energies this full moon has, to bring us back into balance after the eclipse energies.  Click Here.  On this night take the time to send love to the ocean.  Call the whale and dolphin spirit to you, let them know we as a human species are choosing to accept a greater role in protecting our oceans.  If you are able to, be by the ocean and make an offering to the sacred blue.  She is calling.  She needs each of us.  As we join together all around the world and send love we can begin to restore the balance of our water planet.  Our decisions and our actions that we make in the next five years will have an impact on our global future.

I awoke yesterday morning and heard the dolphin from Bimini calling to me.  They called me to return for the full moon of September, 2019.  This morning our wonderful retreat sanctuary in Bimini confirmed the space for this time, the Full Moon of September was available.  I felt an excitement move through my entire being as I was asking for confirmation on the timing.   When we are open, seeking guidance, spirit always answers our call.

Our friends had invited us to lunch to my favorite spot on Waiheke Island. It was a stunning day and as we stepped out of the car….. they came.

Onetangi Dolphins

Dolphins in Onetangi

Six magnificent sea angels showing themselves, calling to me confirming this journey.

Swim with Dolphins

This will be a time of sharing on a deeper level between interspecies, human and dolphin.  2019 is a year of rebirthing into a greater expansion of you. The sacred waters of Bimini serve as a birthing pool.  There are no words that can describe the sensation you experience with such a personal and close encounter than when a human being is accepted into a pod of dolphin known as the sea angels.  The human is forever changed when the dolphin choose to communicate within their natural environment.   Bimini, a small island in the Atlantic Ocean is like another planet.  Located on an inter dimensional plane existing between worlds, somewhere between the ancient past and what has yet to be born on this water star.   A place to open your heart for love.  These angels of the sea are waiting for us to join them in the watery world of beauty and divine love.  As they support us, we can protect our sacred blue, the heart of this water planet.  The waters and the coral reef found here are protected.   They remain as magnificent as when Sylvia Earle began to explore the sacred blue more than 60 years ago.  It is here, the spiritual center of Atlantis that we can create the change in the waters and send the new blueprint around our water planet.

For more information regarding this sacred retreat into the Blue please contact Guy at [email protected].  There is limited space for this journey.

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Please join with me on this special full moon to send love to the sacred blue.

Love, whale cuddles and dolphin kisses, Robbyne

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