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Opening the gates of the Forbidden City

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Mount Shasta is known as the root chakra of the earth, providing a source of great inspiration and healing to the one called to the mountain. One of the places where the dragon energy is strongly felt. For one woman it also became the light that would energize the seed of a dream to bring spirituality to China.

Jiro and Ming Ming

As the grand daughter of a man who would change the history of China and leave behind a legacy for her to carry forward, Ye Mingzi, known to many as Ming Ming would become China’s shining light. A successful fashion designer known for her couture bridal creations would expand on her many gifts to follow her hearts desire. Such is the impact this powerful mountain has on the spiritual pilgrim. The seed we each carry is activated when one sits in stillness and commits to be all that one was born to be.


After the sudden loss of her mother in 2012 she was drawn to the amethyst mountain for the first time, seeking guidance and healing to her heart which was shattered with the loss. Ye Mingzi had come seeking answers.


Through what is known as Contagious Magick when an object or element is charged with energy, Ye Mingzi saw the vessel I use with the sacred geometric pattern known as the Flower of Life. It seemed to resonate with her and she shared with me that since childhood she had drawn this sacred symbol not really understanding the meaning of the design. I shared with her the meaning of the symbol. Over the next year she would begin her own spiritual journey learning all she could about the symbol as the seed she carried inside her heart became activated with a sense of purpose and desire to carry the torch handed to her by her Grandfather. The mountain would call Ye Mingzi several times, each encounter taking her deeper into her knowing. I watched in wonder as one encounter led to another. Such is the impact this powerful mountain has on the spiritual pilgrim.

Guests arriving

Our paths were woven together and a force far greater than either of us understood at the time guided the journey that would culminate with her vision. The vision of creating a Flower of Life celebration to showcase designers, artists, and musicians would be the vehicle to realize the dream.


Ye Mingzi with the support and help of many, would provide a platform to activate those who would be in attendance at the fashion show for the first time in the history of China in the Forbidden City.


The Forbidden City is one of the many places around the planet where the symbol of the Flower of Life is prominently displayed. At the gates of the City the three dimensional sphere with the sacred symbol of the Flower of Life rests beneath the paw of the guardian lion.

Swarvoski Collection

Ye Mingzi’s dream to co create with others would lead to her inspiration of fashion to create clothing with the Flower of Life. She would be asked to cocreate a line of jewelry for Swarovski that also displayed the flower of life.

Alchemy with the Singing Bowls

At the time of the Summer Solstice the most wondrous celebration would occur within the walls of the Forbidden City. The Summer Solstice is a celebration of light. This is a solar festival which has the longest daylight hours and the shortest nighttime hours. A time of potent power important to many cultures around the world. It was a great honor to be asked to participate in this event and to play the crystal singing bowls with a beautiful soul named Yantara Jiro from Singapore. Together we would play the bowls to activate the hearts of those in attendance of this grand event.

Performing at the Event

The bowls would emanate an energy that would open everyones heart center activating the seed being planted that night in the Forbidden City. This was so much more than the launching of a jewelry line, the launching of a fashion line; this was the beginning of weaving the wisdom of the East and the West together. The dream of bringing many beliefs into unity and harmony. An ancient wisdom was stored here in these ancient walls. Knowledge forbidden to those who approached with hidden agendas and ego, but there to be transferred to those with an open heart. The ancient sound of the crystal singing bowls combined with the minerals and crystal beings could create a vibrational frequency to raise the light energy of all in attendance. As we sang to the dragon line with the crystal bowls, I could feel an ancient promise and committed had been fulfilled.

Mingzi and her mom

There was a sense that night that one could aspire to be all that they were born to be. A series of seven activations took place aligning and balancing the seven chakras with the culmination ending in a tribute to Ye Mingzi’s mother. Ye Mingzi sang with a voice of the angels celebrating her mother who had been the source of inspiration for her work. The words touched deeply into the heart of all in attendance that night. Many were emotionally moved to tears. I had specifically asked for waterproof mascara and as the tears ran down my own cheeks, I was grateful having done so.

I share this story with our spiritual family as confirmation that the dream we carry inside can manifest in the most wonrdrous of ways. The journey unfolds with every twist and turn as we step with confidence on a journey of discovery. Each of us finding our way to fulfill the destiny our soul is called to be. We must step beyond any fears or doubts we have to embrace our divinity.

Believe in yourself, be true to the dream you carry. From the most devastating of events the most miraculous experience can come and your light can shine in a grander way than you ever thought possible. We are all woven together so we share the story. Believe, dream and step forward.

Mercury is now direct. I am sure a huge relief to everyone as it was indeed quite intense. This coupled with solar flares and the opposing forces of Mars in opposition to Venus has indeed created quite the volatile energy demanding change.

Dream the impossible and let spirit guide you. Every dream is possible.

The next activation of the dragon line will occur in August on Stradbroke Island in Australia as those who are called gather together to work with the whale and dolphin guardians of the celestial seas. There has been a tremendous interest in the Retreat at Mount Shasta in September and I have been guided to add a second weekend retreat at the time of the Autumn Equinox for those who might be interested. Please contact Guy at [email protected] if you would like more information.

If you would like to join our spiritual family and receive information regarding upcoming events, updates on planetary cycles, or information on spiritual journeys and retreats to sacred sites around the world please click here

Love and Rainbows,


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