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One journey ends as another begins

Catalan Flag Independence

When the journey of the Dark Madonna was designed under the guidance of the Goddess one year ago, it was clear to me we needed to end in Barcelona, as there were two very special places I was guided to visit. I wasn’t at all surprised that we would now find ourselves in Barcelona during a time of great unrest. The Catalan’s were in the midst of voting in a referendum on independence. Not new for this region but certainly not planned for our group to be in the middle of a heated division.

Not unusual for White Wolf Journeys to have plans changed.   A great test of ones ability to hold their balance. Catalan autonomy has been a reoccurring theme in Spain throughout history. Rather than be unsettled by the news I could feel the passion, raw and wild energy that was stirring. A desire for freedom and a demand for change. I knew if we could rise above fear and distraction we could harness this power for positive change within ourselves.

I had already been informed there was a massive strike within the city and unfortunately everything was now shut down. We would not be able to visit the Sagrada de Familia and instead faced a massive delay due to a roadblock.

Having 25 plus years experience of regrouping on the spot, with guidance from our beautiful guide Arnaud and our coach driver Benoit, we quickly came up with a wonderful option. Rather than sit in traffic for hours due to the roadblock we were being gifted with an opportunity to visit a well preserved Cathar castle.

One that belonged to a family from the Catalan region.   Outstanding and expansive views greeted us as we climbed to the castle. As the winds of change swirled around us I felt unlimited potential for change.

Some preferred a day of rest in the beautiful village and we were all rewarded with a fabulous lunch from the region.

Late afternoon we headed for Barcelona missing the roadblock. As others had sat for hours on the highway, we had enjoyed a beautiful day, a gift from the Goddess. The city was pulsating with excitement. There was no violence on the streets; there was no fear just a sense of support for a new vision.

The next morning was at leisure and everyone was on their own.

Guy and I chose to see if we could get tickets for the Sagrada. Along the way we met with a few others from our group. As expected we were turned away as all tickets had been sold. Just as we were walking away, a beautiful young man approached us and offered us an alternative path into the Sagrada. The cost would be triple but we would be able to bypass the crowds and enter this magnificent display of creative expression.

Nothing can prepare you for the experience you are about to walk into when you step into the basilica known as the Sagrada Familia. It will truly take your breath away.

The shear size is unbelievable and the pillars look like beautiful tree trunks that branch out to hold up the ceiling. Gaudi started this project in 1880 and worked on it until his death in 1926. For me the church is a canvas honoring the natural world with an incredible play of light and color, to many an architectural wonder. Gaudi knew that color had a vibrational note and as it bounces off the walls one can hear a symphony in their heart. This transcends religion and beliefs as it simply inspires the artists within each of us. I was disappointed I was not able to share this experience with the group but each were having their own experience this morning to prepare for our final excursion together.

Not to diminish the exterior which is a work of art itself but it is the interior that transcends divisions of faith. Secret messages lie within the interior.

One side emanates colors of fire, very male,

and the other side emanates feminine colors of water and earth.

In the center is pure white, a reminder of balancing the male and female within to become greater vessels of light for the divine.

We returned to gather our beautiful group with an early afternoon departure for Montserrat and our final excursion together. I have journeyed here twice before as one of the most magnificent Black Madonna’s is found here in the cathedral. The Madonna is symbolic of Isis holding the child Horus.  She is the patron saint of the Catalans and provides a hidden message within the Church of Rome keeping the faith of the Church of the Rose alive.

She holds the holy child in one arm (Horus) and in the other a golden sphere which is meant to represent our beloved water planet. When you stand before her you feel an explosion of light in the heart as you place your hand on the golden orb.  It is when you walk into the chamber behind her that the power begins to overtake you. Every cell of your body begins to vibrate and here you make a commitment to allow the Goddess to guide your journey as you follow the path of the Church of the Rose.

The true secret of Montserrat however, is the magnificent stone beings that surround this sanctuary. These beacons of light stand as sentinels that receive the neutrino energy of the stars. This is a place to find guidance and strength for your journey. While many chose to spend more time with the Dark Madonna, many of our group chose to journey to the stones.

One takes a funicular to the top and here you will find many marvelous trails that lead to several hermitages. One dedicated to the Magdalene. We would not have time for the hike but we had come instead to honor the stones.

Our beautiful flute players again played to the stones and Lorrie played the singing bowl. We stood in silence and reverence at the magnificence of this natural world. These beautiful stone beings teach us vigilance to remain true to our faith. It had been a powerful journey back to our divine self where each of us were tested, and this was a perfect completion. A mist began to surround us and I could feel the magick.

Our journey ended with a beautiful farewell dinner to celebrate one another and to celebrate the end of this journey.

A special thank you and gratitude to Oasis Tours for the gift of this special dinner, to Arnaud our beautiful guide and to Benoit, our fabulous coach driver.   They were now woven into our family.

Each of us would now be traveling on to different corners of the world but forever joined together at the heart. Although it had been an amazing journey together, there would be one more part for me.

I knew I needed to weave the energy of our group to the village of Assisi.   I would have a propound experience in this small village when I journeyed to the place where Saint Francis had received his guidance and vision from the divine.

We began our journey here with a visit to the crypt where the body of Saint Francis was laid to rest. There would be a mass taking place so I sat in the back of the crypt, closed my eyes and heard nothing but the voice of Saint Francis speak to me.

“I did the best I could to keep the teachings of the Church of the Rose alive within the Church of Rome, now it is up to you to awaken the Church of the Rose in the hearts of the faithful”.

I now understood why I had spent most of childhood attending Saint Mark’s. The only saint that ever resonated with my soul was Saint Francis. I also knew he had been an incarnation of Saint Germain and that was why I had spent so much time on Mount Shasta, the sacred mountain of Saint Germain.

As we continued to the cathedral dedicated to Mary, I saw nothing but the roses. The natural world was giving me confirmation that Saint Francis was from the Church of the Rose. On the grounds of what is known today as the Porziuncola Saint Francis lived and began the Franciscan order. It was here he had a vision in 1216 and began to understand the purpose of his life. Outside the basilica is the Rose Garden, you will find a very special type of rose, one without thorns.   Legend has it that in this location, Saint Francis himself rolled naked amongst the thorn bushes, in order to combat doubt and temptation. Upon contact with the Saint’s body, thorn-less roses began to bloom, and still do to this day! These special flowers can only be found in this particular rose garden.

I could hear the roses sing the most beautiful sound of love. When I sat in the area where Saint Francis had slept and received his vision I was not prepared for what would occur. It was not the Magdalene that came it was Sophia herself. She was holding the earth in her hand.

“I will give you a sign that I am with you for I exist within you. Find me and remember. The Church of the Rose lives. You will find solace within and you will share my teachings”.

I sat in stillness for several minutes. I had to return to the roses. I needed to take a picture. As I turned the corner, there was my sign Sophia had spoken of.

Two white doves were perched in the corridor.

We all now stand at a significant cross roads and must choose which path we will walk for the next nine-year cycle. Although there were those that physically traveled together each of you shared this journey with your beautiful light and I acknowledge everyone for sharing their light.

For those who are members of our online subscription Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat Celebration Series I have posted a New Moon audio meditation to celebrate this night and just a reminder the turning of the wheel will take place at the end of the month with Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere and SamHein in the Northern Hemisphere. Rituals to celebrate both of these have also been posted.

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Wishing you a happy New Moon.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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