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When One Feels Lost Trust there is a way to find the path

Wolf Connection

The human world has been gifted with incredible teachers from the animal kingdom. The alliance between the human and wolf dates back thousands of years. There is so much they can teach the human who opens their heart and listens to the wisdom these sentient beings have to offer. When one feels lost or without direction it is the wolf that can guide one through unknown territory. The wolf spirit teaches us to never give up. The wolf opens ones intuition and reminds us to listen to our heart for guidance.

They are the pathfinders and the terrestrial cousins to the dolphins. Many believe they are spirit beings that come from the Sirian star, similar to the whales and dolphins to support the human.

A heartfelt thank you to those who gave of their time and donated this weekend to support Wolf Connection, a beautiful organization that offers shelter and care for these beautiful wolf dogs as well as provides a second chance for At Risk Youth.

Together with both the human pack and the wolf pack, White Wolf Journeys collaborated with Wolf Connection for a beautiful day of ceremony and shared teachings.

We entered over the threshold into the sanctuary and began with a spirit walk to connect with not only the spirit of the wolf but also the spirit of the land where the vision of Teo, the founder of Wolf Connection has manifested. A lesson in never giving up on your dream no matter how many obstacles and disappointments you may face. If you have dreamed it or been inspired, it is because a dream is dreaming through you. Patience, determination, trust and belief lead to magick and manifestation.

We shared in a beautiful medicine wheel ceremony that would weave each of our individual stories into one collective vision to support this organization. We first released our fears and doubts, as they have no place in the dream circle. You could feel the energy grow in support of one another as we continued our day.

There is something so magickal to walk with a wolf and form our own pack. We would each have personal encounters with the wolves in their environment, an experience that touches deep into your soul.  The wolf teaches us that we are all ok just how we are. Each wolf, like each human has a story unique to themselves. The stories would move each participant and one would find a deep connection to these amazing four legged teachers. It is said that America would be tested with our treatment of the wolves. Even though we have not done well with this test in how we have treated wolves in the past, Wolf Connection brings such a sense of hope creating s a beautiful light in the world where there is still a shadow of fear and doubt. The wolves are silent teachers that speak to the heart of the human.

As the day progressed we joined together to prepare gratitude bundles and hold the space for each other’s dreams. It is more important to focus on what we have and give gratitude than to focus on what we feel is missing in our lives. Gratitude creates the frequency of manifestation. A gorgeous recipe when mixed with, faith, trust, desire, and most importantly love. It happens when the voice of our heart is speaking louder than our chattering mind and we enter the Still Point of existence. Being in nature and sharing with our animal allies opens our intuitive mind to hear that voice so the dream can be birthed through us.

In the evening we would join together in sacred ceremony in the teepee as we each released our gratitude bundles in the fire.

The wolf is symbolic of the enchantress that lives within each of us. Male or female, it doesn’t matter as she is there within each of us. It is the raw and wild part of us that knows freedom and strives to experience love and truth. The spirit of the wolf awakens the enchantress and it is she that creates magick in our world.  She can not be deceived by illusions and untruth and yet she has been silenced in many. In this Year of the Goddess Awakening she is stirring. That restless feeling you have inside, that since of uncertainty is the Enchantress coming to life.

We learned that Maya, the beautiful Alpha white wolf of the pack had passed away a few weeks before, but she had left her pack whole with wisdom and a sense of community.

Moments after we shared the fire ceremony the pack began to howl in unison, they joined our prayers as we all felt the presence of the Alpha female, Maya, the enchantress acknowledging all who had joined together in a sacred circle.

We sat together equal, one heart, one vision, one pack. There was no judgment within this sacred circle only a recognition that we each carried gifts. If one person was missing from the circle it would make a difference. As I looked around the circle through my eyes filled with tears I could see tears in most of those who had joined us.

My prayer that night, was that this first gathering was a seed circle and that we would return many times bringing awareness of the beautiful work this organization is doing.

Being kissed by a wolf and having them impart their wisdom through a close encounter of the heart will change your life forever.

Some of our pack returned the second day and had another very personal encounter with the wolf pack. Only days before a beautiful group of high school girls had completed creating a very feminine labyrinth and we were the lucky ones, the first adults to walk the labyrinth. It was quite profound.  The flow of energy and as we walked together supporting each other in love.

There is a story that is near and dear to my heart that I want to share. I have used this teaching many times but it is more appropriate than ever during these times of sudden change and chaotic energy that surrounds our beautiful planet. It is the story of a conversation between a young Indian boy and his grandfather.

The grandfather shared the story of the two wolves that live within the heart of all humans and the battle we face each day. One wolf is full of fear and anger. The other holds compassion, forgiveness kindness and love. When the young one asked the elder, which wolf wins the wise one replied. “The one we feed”.

We choose each day which wolf we will feed. Fighting against what we don’t like or believe in creates only more tension and aggression.   It creates anger and fear.   Joining together in love to support forward movement and giving kids lost in the system as well as wolf dogs a second change, is making a difference. Bringing love, awareness and light into the world.

If you would like to contribute to Wolf Connection as part of the White Wolf Journeys Pack please click here.

A very special thank you to all the guardians, and vision keepers of Wolf Connection, Guilian, Kate, Cortney, Kyle, Steve, Renee, Teo and so many others who volunteer their time and love. Thank you for being the light and the change we all wish to see. And a very special thank you for those of our community who joined with us to celebrate Wolf Connection.

We are looking at creating another beautiful event with Wolf Connection in October. Once we confirm the date I will share with our community for those who were not able to attend this event.

Wishing you a magickal week.

Love and wolf cuddles, Robbyne

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