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October Planetary Updates

Two Powerful eclipses 

and Mercury Retrograde 

Get Ready to Soar

October will be an intense month as the planets are on the move. Knowing what is ahead can certainly provide clarity that you are not losing you mind. Deep breaths and a sense of what truly matters will be key. Let the insignificant things go so they do not throw you off balance.

Whenever we have intense energies, it also provides tremendous opportunities for growth. We will each be growing this month. Everyday, every hour and every minute can be special if you choose it to be. Mercury goes retrograde for the final time this year on October 4th. We are already feeling the influence of this. If possible avoid signing important paper work, making major purchases or attempting major new beginnings until Mercury goes direct after the 25th. Think before you speak to avoid unnecessary conflict with others.

This is an opportune time however to review, revisit and complete projects that you already started but never seemed to finish. A little spiritual housecleaning is called for.


If there is any area in your life that is not working, this Mercury Retrograde can give you clarity to make necessary adjustments. Four days after Mercury begins its retrograde cycle, we will experience the second Total Lunar Eclipse of 2014 on October 7th – 8th depending on the area where you live. It will be visible in its totality on Mount Shasta so I will be up and on top of the mountain at 3:00am to receive the full benefit of this powerful night.

The first total lunar eclipse this year occurred on April 15th. This is an excellent time to review what came up for you over the last six months. Have you made the necessary changes? Have you gained clarity on the challenges you have created? Have you forgiven those who need to be forgiven? If you are hanging on to anything it will come up for review again.

Eclipse lunar total

A total lunar eclipse is a time of beginnings, endings, and major changes. It always affects our relationships. The changes are tied to how we relate to the world around us and this eclipse will have a lasting impression. Emotions run high, causing upsets and feelings of disorientation. Actions taken may not have the expected results we think, but they do bring awareness and enlightenment. The energy of an eclipse is at its strongest during the two days before and three days after its occurrence. Eclipses help us see what we have not been able to see in the past. This eclipse has great potential to activate the Seed we carry in our hearts to bring about greater clarity for our earth walk, motivating us to create the change that prevents us from stepping forward. Especially potent as this is the Year known as the Seed of Life. Creativity will be amplified and emotions will be supercharged with the added influence of the Mercury Retrograde.


We each have a grand opportunity to grow spiritually so my advice is don’t waste the generous energy the universe will provide this month. Take the time to meditate on the sacred symbol of the Seed of Life, especially on the night of the Total Lunar Eclipse.


With Mercury Retrograde, guard you words carefully for they too will be supercharged. Remember our words can either empower someone or can disempower them. The full moon is a powerful night to end your old story and begin the chapter of your new story. This will require not dragging your past into the present. There is too much joy to be shared, too much love to be expressed, too many gifts to bring forth to worry about the insignificant things of the past. Who cares who said what, or who did what. What matters is the choice you make now. Will you be defined by your past or will you define your future with the creative potential available to you?


Get over your losses and instead count your blessings, move beyond your betrayals and ask yourself how will the choices I make today affect future generations. Most importantly don’t delay the experiences that bring you joy and happiness. Those moments that put a smile on your face. Life truly is a precious gift. If you spend this night reflecting on your blessings you will find the universe delivers many more.


Just before Mercury goes direct on the 25th we will have a New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 23rd. This is the exact day the journey to New Zealand will begin with a wonderful group from all over the world. We begin on Waiheke Island, which sits on a crystal bed and amplifies everything much like a huge generator crystal. For me this is where my heart lives. I believe New Zealand is the heart center of Lemuria. We will be setting intentions for a wondrous new belief system to be infused into the cosmic grid connecting to all in our spiritual family. I will send more information closer to the date of the Solar Eclipse so we can all join together with focused intentions.

For those who have my 2014 Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat Ritual Book you will find special rituals to do for each of these powerful nights.

Much love, rainbows and blessings of clarity for your journey from Mount Shasta, Robbyne

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