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October Planetary Influences

Autumn leafs

As we navigate into October, I just want to remind you we are under the influence of several retrograding planets.  We will each experience them differently, but knowledge is a tool for balance in these uncertain times.  I wanted to share a quick review of the dance the planets are making and some tools to support these strong influences.

planets universe

Uranus went retrograde on August 15th and will remain in a retrograde cycle until January 1st of 2021.  Uranus creates tension with a push pull affect asking us to find balance between embracing the new and letting go of the old.  I can’t emphasize this enough, JUST LET GO!   Whatever it is you are trying to hold on to is going anyway.  If you work with the energy of Uranus, you will see what is crumbling in your life as you gain a new perspective so you can strengthen the platform for what you are creating.  2020 has taught us to let go of any plans we thought we had.  Known as the planet of awakening, change and liberation, Uranus will continue to show us where there are cracks in our belief system.  If it isn’t real, it is not going to remain.  No more excuses, there is a tidal wave coming to wash what is no longer working away.  The energy will be strongly felt the second half of October.  Right in the middle of two full moons,  is indeed time for change.

Chiron, the wounded healer went retrograde on July 11th in Aries.  It will be retrograding until December 15th.  In Ancient Egypt, Chiron is known as Anubis, the God of the After Life.  Chiron and Anubis hold an energy of abandonment so unresolved issues of loss and disappointment will be brought into your awareness to gain a different perspective.  We are feeling the loss of our connection to ourselves and seek on a deeper level to find where we belong in this changing reality.  A tool to release the old energies if you are truly going to move forward is to embrace the consciousness of pain by changing the narrative of your story.  Ask PAIN what it wishes to share with you. How have you grown?  When you feel complete, acknowledge PAIN with gratitude and speak clearly with conviction that you are releasing PAIN from your story.   Work with this in the first full moon of October.   The best of you is needed now as we all move forward.

Mars went retrograde on September 9th in Aries and we almost instantly felt everything step up.  Many are feeling a sense of overwhelm at this time.  Mars will be traveling on its retrograde course until November 13th.  The warrior planet will create conflict within us until we learn to quiet the mind and find inner peace. A reminder to commit to a deeper spiritual practice and use this time to transform your personal conflicts. Find ways to be more in your heart space.   I am going to again offer a guided meditation to support everyone in finding balance as we navigate through these times. You will find the meditation audio under full moon of October.

Pluto has been retrograding since April, exposing hidden agendas, secrecy, lies, deception, greed, manipulation and control.  On October 4th it goes direct.  We are each asked to find our moral compass and allow our heart to navigate us into unknown territory.  We will each be faced with choices in the coming weeks and must find our own truth. Generosity, kindness, spiritual upgrading and compassion will support you in remaining centered as the world continues its spin cycle.

full Moon Aries

October 1st Aries Full Moon

This is the first of two full moons we will experience this month.  Aries rules over the head and under this fiery Aries Full Moon, temperatures can flare, anger can surface.  We feel we are on shaky ground and many are feeling anxiety.  The full moon is always a time to release the things that no longer serve us.   If we offer Mama Moon all the things, we would like her to take with her as she starts to wane over the next 14 days, we will feel a sense of relief.  I have added a Full Moon ritual specifically for the Aries Full moon for those who are members of our online subscription series. CLICK HERE. As I continue to receive emails from clients and students requesting support, I again wanted to share with our global family a meditation for this full moon.  It is a meditation invoking the spirit of the whale.  This animal ally can support us in navigating into unknown territory.  Because there is so much fire and mental energy involved with this full moon it will also assist you in being more heart centered.  For those who have the Maat oil or Grandmother’s Vision, these are two oils created from the plant kingdom and faery realm that quiet the over thinking mind and assist in bringing our awareness back into the heart.  This is going to be a challenging month.  For those who fly,  when the pilot announces fasten your seat belt as there will be turbulence, heed those words…” Fasten your seat belt and know we will arrive safely”.   I can’t emphasize this enough.  We need to stay heart centered and ever aware of our thoughts and words.  I am sharing a mantra to speak to shift your awareness if you are swirling in confusion and chaos.

My reality will become exactly what I wish it to be when I am vibrating at the same frequency.  Whatever you focus on, you will create.  Keep your thoughts clear and positive on what you are creating and stay away from chaos and toxicity.

For those who are interested in the oils mentioned above here is a description: 

Grandmothers Vision

Grandmother’s Vision – $50.00

This powerful oil will instantly clear the mind of doubt and worry. A beautiful blend of Eucalyptus and peppermint known for its ability to bring great clarity and a remembrance of the old ways.   The spirit beings in this oil come from Australia, a land that holds the blueprint of moving through sudden and dramatic change.   It was created in sacred ceremony in Mount Shasta, the root chakra of the planet.   It helps us find balance when we become focused on our worries and feel indecisive.  We have become disconnected from the world of oneness and this vibrational frequency connected to the Grandmother Wisdom Keepers can help us remember that sense of oneness with everything from the seen and unseen world that is vibrating within our experience.  Excellent to clear headaches when placed on the temples and entry point between the thumb and forefinger.  Can be diffused into a room when one has lost focus.  Do not put on the third eye as this oil contains strong oils which can irritate the sensitive skin on the forehead.  Rub on the wrists and breathe deeply.  Place on the medulla oblangata and temples.

Maat oil

MAAT – $60.00

Known as the Goddess of truth, justice and order.  The Egyptian Goddess who created order from chaos.  In the role of the Crone her wisdom acquired from life experiences can assist you in seeing things with different eyes.  She is the wise one to call upon to assure victory and justice in all aspects of your life.  A powerful force when you find yourself more in your head filled with worry and negative thoughts.  From the chaos of fear, illusion, judgment and anger. Maat reminds us of balance, honoring both the male and female nature within.  How you are able to influence the lives of others depends upon this balance.  We each create our own circle and are responsible for what we allow into our sacred space.  We must remember that our circle will touch many other circles, not just with our words and deeds but also with our thoughts and emotions.  Place on your wrists and rub together breathing in the beautiful combination of pure essential oils from Egypt, known to restore balance and quiet the mind of worry and doubt.  Place on the crown chakra and heart.

planet pluto

Pluto stations direct on October 4. 

Generosity, kindness, and a spiritual commitment will help you come through this anxious period.    Pluto’s retrograde journey has stirred up shadow energy, so take this night to ask yourself what do you fear?   Abandonment, lack, loss, death?  If you can embrace it and surround it with love, you can transform it into power.  State it out loud, write your response and then write the following to transform the energy of fear into the energy of transformation.

I experience my reality through the lens of my heart. I am an expression of love. I choose my reality and today I choose love.

If you are more comfortable living your old story then you need to ask yourself, “How does living in the past serve me”? 

Mercury Retrograde – October 14 to November 3

The Mercury Retrograde cycle is a good time for introspection and to become more aware of your own patterns. If you wish to take advantage of this time of introspection and seek further guidance on your own soul story, I am available for a Soul Life Reading. This is the final Mercury Retrograde of 2020 and will present strong lessons in balancing logic and emotion.  Yes, it goes direct on the day of the American presidential election. On a global scale this retrograde cycle will be incredibly illuminating, exposing untruths, deceptions and hidden agendas.  Mercury will turn retrograde in Scorpio and there will be a tendency to do a lot of negative narratives as we read more into situations.  For example: If someone doesn’t respond immediately, it does not mean they are angry or disinterested, it means they are probably overwhelmed.  Don’t write a story in your head that comes from the victim.  With the upcoming election in the United States, under this intense energy, it is best to avoid any discussion in this arena.  Have your opinion, be true to you, VOTE, but avoid a dialogue in the fiery energy of Mars in Aries and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Let your voice be heard with your right to vote.  We need to dissolve the anger that is brewing, not add fuel to a fire already raging.  Now is the time we need to step forward with compassion and kindness, integrity and truth.  We need to hold a brilliant light that can be seen in the shadow energy we are moving through.  There is hope and promise on the other side.  I don’t care what your political belief is, but I do care that we are kind to one another.

Libra Moon

October 16th New Moon in Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus so make this a night of self-love.  I will be posting a ritual for celebrating this night.  Take this time and devote it to you.  It’s a midway point in a turbulent climate of change so make it a night of self-care.  Take time to review intentions blessed on the last new moon.  You will have more clarity and may find there has been a course direction.

Carving the Pumpkins

October  31st Samhain in the Blue Moon

The second full moon which is an ultra-rare blue moon, peaks on Samhain, also known as Halloween.  For the ancient Celtic it symbolizes the end of their year and the beginning of the new year.  In the northern hemisphere, the seasons have changed, the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the skies are going gray and cold. It is the time of year when the earth has died and gone dormant. Every year on October 31st we celebrate, the Sabbat time known as Samhain honoring the cycle of death and rebirth.   This is one of two nights in the year when the veil between worlds is thinnest allowing for visits from the spirits of our departed ones. It also represented the final harvest, when the crops were safely stored for the coming Winter making it a time to complete any unfinished business of the summer.  I will be posting several rituals to be performed on this magickal night.

November 1st. Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere

This is the third of three ceremonies performed to invite the Sun’s return. The first began with Imbolc followed by the Spring Equinox also known as Ostara and now Beltane to ensure the power of the sun would be at its fullest at the time of the Summer Solstice when there was the greatest amount of light on the earth. In the ancient times the Druids would walk their animals and families between two bonfires symbolizing purification and cleansing.  They would call in the guardian spirits for protection for the rest of the year believing the sacred smoke created a magick layer of protection. Beltane is when the cares and fears of winter are purified giving way to youth, exuberance, innocence, playfulness and sexuality.   Inevitably life is about change.  By celebrating the seasons as they change on the cosmic wheel, we celebrate the next chapter of our personal journey.  The path of the Goddess is a path for the soul that can help you find your heart song and the joy we all seek.  The ancient ones did not just celebrate a holiday at the time of Beltane; it was a cosmic opening for a specific energy.  It is a time known as the “no time” when the veil between worlds is lifted and one of the spirit nights when fairies can be seen.  The first flowers of summer are gathered, and love is in the air.   I will be posting a ritual of power and fertility to be performed on this night in the next few days.

Wishing you inner peace, clear focus and an open heart

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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