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October Planetary Influences

Planetary Influences

The recent new moon of September will influence the energy for the whole lunar month of October reflecting on relationships.  Healing of the past, being present in a nurturing relationship with ourselves in the present, and preparing for new partnerships, alliances and unions as we continue to move forward on our own personal journeys.  Special attention is required for each of us in accepting and loving all parts of ourselves and all aspects of our perceived imperfections.  Old patterns of how we see ourselves in relationships will come up as uncomfortable moments providing an opportunity to reestablish those relationships. Transform, transmute, let go of these behaviors and welcome the new.

sheding a layer

October 3rd   Pluto stations direct

Pluto moving forward now asks us to shed old layers and attachments so we can renew and be reborn in a new form.  Integrating means new realizations coming into the conscious mind and into our physical body and physical existence.  Practice makes perfect as we build towards the  Saturn/Pluto Conjunction in January 2020.  We are emerging from the journey of transitioning through a mental labyrinth, determining what is our truth and what is the truth of someone else that we have accepted.   The belief that no longer is alignment with the magickal child we are becoming. On a global level, our collective consciousness is letting go of our attachment to old patriarchal oppression and structure.  We are not confined by societal ‘rules’ of success or failure and are now choosing to live in accord with divine law and justice, accessing our authority through higher principles of truth, love, harmony, freedom, justice, peace, forgiveness, wisdom, joy, acceptance and prosperity.  There is still a tremendous amount of resistance. and work to do.   There is no time for regrets as it is far better to use your energy to move forward.   Spring energy in the Southern Hemisphere merges with the forward movement of Pluto going direct, bringing a burst of energy from the darkness of the Winter months.  This is a powerful place of planting seeds in our own personal landscape with a vision for a new world which can only occur once we are open and ready. This is a time in the Northern Hemisphere, to embrace the changing of the tides; the death and rebirth in the seasons, and of the self in a colorful and vibrant way.


October, 13/14th Full Moon in Aries

The Full Moon is always a powerful time for seeing things clearly, a perfect time for wish-making and connecting with our desires. Focused energy can help us manifest things quickly as we become clear on what it is we are wanting and not wanting. Aires energy is all about moving through obstacles, pushing forward, listening to your own heart to determine what your needs are. Aires energy is passionate, determined and focused with desire and confidence.  After the Pluto retrograde, this is potent re-birthing energy, bringing us to a culmination of our soul lessons and the clarity which is now fueling us in the direction of our purpose and our passion. This is a time of seeing things with new eyes, finding solutions that seemingly didn’t exist until now as we move in the direction of infinite possibility.  The Aires Full Moon will provide a boost of energy, momentum to move forward, focused, empowered and enthusiastic.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I will be posting a Full Moon ritual and audio meditation in the next few days inspired by our incredible journey to Damanhur.  One that will ignite the creative spark within.


October 28th  New Moon in Scorpio

When tapping into the full potential of Scorpio, the energy allows you to tap into your whole truth, your highest integrity and your full emotional strength. This is a moon that allows us to connect with our inner goddess and access the full power of being.  A New Moon where you let the universe know you’re open to receiving its guidance and magick. It’s time to fully acknowledge the strength of your intuition.  When the sky is dark and the moon is invisible, her presence is felt deep inside.   This is where the real magick happens. This is when we can turn inward and focus on our unique beauty within. We choose to confront every bit of ourselves and see what needs to be shifted and what needs to be opened wide for the world to see. This is not a New Moon of release, but a New Moon of transformation. Scorpio is the light and shadow combined. It’s a unique mix of the highs and lows of our being which creates a powerful night to transform into a new expression of ourselves.  I will be posting a new moon ritual to work with power of transformation this new moon provides.

pumpkin altar

October 31st Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere

The seasons have changed, the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the skies are going gray and cold. It is the time of year when the earth has died and gone dormant. Every year on October 31st we celebrate, the Sabbat time known as Samhain honoring the cycle of death and rebirth.   This is one of two nights in the year when the veil between worlds is thinnest allowing for visits from the spirits of our departed ones. It also represented the final harvest, when the crops were safely stored for the coming Winter making it a time to complete any unfinished business of the summer.  I will be posting several rituals to be performed on this magickal night.


October 31st Mercury begins a final Retrograde cycle of 2019 in Scorpio

Whenever we have a retrograding Mercury it is not a good time to sign contracts or make life changing decisions.  This is a time to go within and find stillness.  A time to complete projects you have not completed before launching into new ones.  There is a tendency to want things to happen immediately but I advise you to just pull over and pause before beginning another journey.  Allow the influence of the Scorpio new moon to guide you inward.  The right moment will come.  This is an excellent time to plan, research and prepare for something that will happen later.  The theme of Mercury moving through Scorpio will put an influence on making peace with people and situations from our past so that the energy around these individuals or situations does not affect our forward movement when Mercury goes direct.  We need to choose where is our energy better served and honor those who have joined us on our journey of discovery.  The theme of this retrograde… “I AM who I AM from a culmination of all my experiences”.  Choose to see the lessons learned from your collective experiences and acknowledge the magnificent being you are.

fire blessing ritual

November 1st. Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere

This is the third of three ceremonies performed to invite the Sun’s return. The first began with Imbolc followed by the Spring Equinox also known as Ostara and now Beltane to ensure the power of the sun would be at its fullest at the time of the Summer Solstice when there was the greatest amount of light on the earth. In the ancient times the Druids would walk their animals and families between two bon fires symbolizing purification and cleansing.  They would call in the guardian spirits for protection for the rest of the year believing the sacred smoke created a magick layer of protection. Beltane is when the cares and fears of winter are purified giving way to youth, exuberance, innocence, playfulness and sexuality.   Inevitably life is about change.  By celebrating the seasons as they change on the cosmic wheel, we celebrate the next chapter of our personal journey.  The path of the Goddess is a path for the soul that can help you find your heart song and the joy we all seek.  The ancient ones did not just celebrate a holiday at the time of Beltane; it was a cosmic opening for a specific energy.  It is a time known as the “no time” when the veil between worlds is lifted and one of the spirit nights when fairies can be seen.  The first flowers of summer are gathered, and love is in the air.   I will be posting a ritual of power and fertility to be performed on this night in the next few days.

I am in the process of traveling as I guide journeys throughout Avalon, Damanhur and Assisi so have had limited access to the WIFI.  I wanted to get the Planetary Influences out and will post the rituals in the next week when I take a moment to pause.    Thank you for your patience.

Wishing you a magickal month of enchantment.

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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