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October Brings the Final Eclipse Season for 2023 and profound wisdom for our journey as earth walkers.

Solar Eclipse

The final eclipse season of 2023 occurs this month. Eclipse seasons are portals of rapid and significant change, which means October holds the possibility of making quantum leaps. With any eclipse season, it’s important to rest when your body needs it, create space and flexibility in your schedule in order to process what may arise at this time, and expect the unexpected. Additionally, this month highlights the return and the rebirth of the Dark Feminine.   I love how spirit provides guidance and then clarity comes.  A reminder to follow the stirring in your heart, that small voice that inspires you take action even if your head tells you timing doesn’t make sense.  Such is the guidance I received to gather the tribe to travel the white dragon lines and path of Maria Magdalena and the Black Madonna.

For eons, the dark has been linked to evil, however, the dark is just the balance to the light. You can’t have one without the other. Where the light feminine is the healer who is nurturing, supportive, gentle, and peaceful, the dark feminine is the warrior who is fierce, assertive, wild, and unapologetically powerful. The very fact that the Dark Feminine is untamable is one of the reasons why she has been made out to be evil in mythology and religion and was cut off from her light aspect and ignored, repressed, and shunned to the shadows. But the astrology of October signifies that the time has come that the dark feminine be reconnected to her light so that the Divine Feminine can be whole once again.

As I share the planetary influences of October I find myself traveling to the Isle of Skye as the warrior Goddess Skathach has summoned me to her sacred sanctuary prior to guiding our journey through southern France.  The astrology for this journey is amazing as it appears the celestial bodies in the heavens will be guiding our sacred pilgrimage from above.


 Pluto stations direct on October 10, 2023

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld and the planet of death and rebirth. Pluto is also deeply connected to the phoenix and reminds us to trust that whatever is crumbling to ash in our lives right now is meant to be cleared so that we can rise reborn and transformed from the ashes. With that, Pluto went retrograde on May 1st and over these last 5 months has encouraged us to look within to face our fears and our comfort zones that have become so restrictive that they hold us back. With Pluto coming out of his underworld journey, he asks us what our next big, bold steps will be now that we no longer choose familiarity over growth and evolution. When Pluto moves forward in his orbit, he encourages us to stop fearing the unknown and start seeing all the limitless potential it holds for each of us.   When any of the celestial bodies begin their forward journey, I take the time to be still, listen to my heart and reflect on the guidance that has come.  It has been a roller coaster ride of emotion to say the least with the fires of Maui and the impact it has had on me.  Of equal relevance is the wisdom that has come and the healing I have felt at my core with my connection to the land and sacred blue.  My dreams and visions of the future have been intense confirming dramatic change is coming and we each must step forward as powerful warriors and faith keepers.  This is not the time to doubt or be weak.  We are each needed and ask to be fully present.  We are asked to let go of the need to control the future.  It is coming so embrace it and step into your destiny.

October 14, 2023. New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra

We begin the last eclipse season of the year with an annular solar eclipse in Libra. This is the first of 3 Libra eclipses aligned with the south node that we will have until the end of 2024. Libra is the sign of harmony, relationships, balance, and artistry. The south node represents the karmic past and shines a light on what we are being invited to release and let go of. On one level this eclipse is highlighting and amplifying our relationship spaces. This powerful astrology can help us to see any relationships we’re in that are out of balance, where we may be over-giving and not receiving or vice versa or where we are prioritizing the needs of others over our own. Additionally, it could also be showing us where we have a tendency to people please, second guess ourselves, or betray our own boundaries so that we can make a choice to do something different. In essence, this Libra eclipse and each one that occurs after, are reminding us that every relationship we have reflects the relationship we have with ourselves. So, the more we go within and become right with ourselves, the easier it will be to recognize which relationships are mutually supportive and generative and which need to be adjusted or released altogether.   Be aware of who and what you allow in your sacred circle.  Choose people who are positive and bring you joy as joy elevates our vibration to carry more light.  As we move forward be responsible for yourself so you can be of greater service.  I will be posting a New Moon ritual to support this powerful time for those who are members of our online subscription series.

Goddess Eris

October 21, 2023 & November 27, 2023 – Eris conjunct the North Node

An asteroid was discovered in 2005 beyond the orbit of Pluto and was named Eris after the Greek Goddess of Discord and Chaos. Eris is the twin to Aries, the God of War. So, when Eris was discovered and named in 2005, many astrologers believed it signaled the return of the Divine Feminine Warrior. Eris is a Truth Warrior and asks that we tap into our courage and face the deeper Truths about ourselves and our world. Now, although Eris is linked to chaos, she doesn’t create it, she unveils the chaos that is already present. Eris is not subtle, so when she is pronounced in the astrology, it shows that there is a need to see beyond the discord and distraction of a situation to get to the Truth at the heart of the matter.  Thus, my call to the Isle of Skye to commune with Skathach.  Her power is felt at the time of Samhain and her constant companion is the dragon.  The north node is our path of destiny. It is where we are being asked to expand beyond the past and into something new. Eris aligns with the north node every 19 years, and when she does it shows that we have reached another turning point that asks will we choose to speak the Truth of our hearts or will we continue to silence our voices. Reflect on where you were on your journey 19 years ago and acknowledge how much you have grown.  Lastly, Eris is an example of the Goddess in her Dark Feminine aspect and her alignment with the north node highlights that the time of trying to blend in, play small, hide, and people please is over. Speak from your heart and be seen.

October 28, 2023 – Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

This is a significant and powerful eclipse for three major reasons. First, this will be the last Taurus eclipse in this particular astrological configuration for 19 years. Second, the series of Taurus eclipses we’ve been having since 2021 have reminded us of the importance of self-care, slowing down, trusting ourselves, listening to our intuition, and following our own internal rhythm. These are all highly important things to remember as we navigate times of great change.  And third, this eclipse will be conjunct the asteroid Goddess, Nephthys. Nephthys is the Egyptian Goddess of Death, and is the sister to Isis, the Goddess of Birth. Nephthys is another example of the Dark Feminine while Isis is a representation of the Light. Similar to what occurred with many Goddesses that governed the night, death, or represented the warrior/guardian aspect of the feminine, Nephthys got relegated to shadow and in some stories was made out to be evil. However, Nephthys and Isis together represent the full sacred cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. We cannot have one without the other.

With that, Taurus is the Earth sign of the Embodied Goddess and with Nephthys aligned with this lunar eclipse in Taurus, the message of this eclipse is clear: we are being invited to embody the Dark Feminine within. In other words, we are being asked to embody our fierce, assertive, untamed, and unapologetically powerful side. When we do this, we are not only bringing balance to our light, we are, in fact, becoming united within. We are becoming whole.  For those joining me in France we will be experiencing huge shifts for ourselves individually as well as holding the dream for our global community.  I will be posting a guided meditation and sacred ritual to support your journey at this powerful time.

October 31st SAMHAIN – celebration in the Northern Hemisphere

One of two nights of the year when the veil between worlds is thinnest allowing for visits from the spirits of our departed ones. It also represented the final harvest, when the crops were safely stored for the coming Winter making it a time to complete any unfinished business of the summer.  It is one of the 8 days of power within the year and the most magickal of times revered by the ancient ones.  This is a time of beginnings and endings. One will find their own intuition greatly heightened.  A night to do away with old negative patterns and situations and to make room for new life.   It is a night to pray for a time of new beginnings and healing. We can envision the path we have recently traveled and become clear on the direction we are going. On this night one can gain strength during times of conflict.  A time that marks the decent into the black chaos from which new ideas and new life will ultimately spring.

The Ruins of Dun Sgathaich the oldest castle on the Isle of Skye stands on the headland overlooking a mysterious bay.  One must pass the Hill of the Eagle to enter the Warrior Goddess’s sanctuary.  This is the place of her “School for Hero’s.”  Skathach is known as the Goddess of Magick and Prophecy.  Her constant companion was the dragon, and her symbol is the sword.  It is said that her power is the strongest on the night of Samhain when the veil is thinnest, and she comes to the aid of the warrior This oil has been charged on the alchemical full moon and again in the energy of Samhain.  I will be sharing a ritual for this powerful night of Magick and Prophecy to connect with the Goddess.

Beltane fire dance

November 1, 2023 BELTANE – Southern Hemisphere – Fire Ceremony of Purification

This is the third of three ceremonies performed to invite the Sun’s return. The first began with Imbolc followed by the Spring Equinox also known as Ostara and now Beltane to ensure the power of the sun would be at its fullest at the time of the Summer Solstice when there was the greatest amount of light on the earth. In the ancient times the druids would walk their animals and families between two bon fires symbolizing purification and cleansing.  They would call in the guardian spirits for protection for the rest of the year believing the sacred smoke created a magick layer of protection. Beltane is when the cares and fears of winter are purified giving way to youth, exuberance, innocence, playfulness, and sexuality. As we move through this power “7” year with the focus on reconciling the past to move forward, let this be a night to ignite our sprit fire.

As you navigate through October, be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.

I continue to offer the creation of a Magickal Sigil with a personal message to assist one in working with alchemy and magick to restore balance as it serves as powerful tool to support one in manifesting their dream.  The perfect opportunity to set intentions with the turning of the wheel at the time of the solstice when we begin 2024.  For more information, please click here. I will also be available for Soul Life Readings in December to gain insight into the lessons and growth of 2023 as well as how to prepare for 2024.

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A big thank you to Natasha our star child for her celestial wisdom.  If you would like to schedule an astrological reading with Natasha she can be reached at [email protected].

Kia Kaha.. Be Strong

Love and Rainbows, Robbyne

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