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November Planetary Infuences

It’s always darkest before the dawn

dark and light

The last two months of 2020 provide the opportunity to find our balance and prepare for what 2021 will bring.  Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold, built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger more beautiful piece of art. The scars become a part of the design and unique beauty.  The message in repairing what is broken is that we can create something unique, more resilient and even more beautiful.  On a grand scale, we as a collective consciousness can open to receive the golden light coming in on 11:11:2020 to create a kinder and gentler world.  In America, we can begin the process of healing a shattered nation.  The golden age is upon us as the Jupiter/Saturn alignment, the closest since 1623 will occur at 0 degrees in Aquarius.

The Hopi say When the Earth is Ravaged and the Animals are Dying, A New Tribe of People from all Creeds and Races shall come unto the Earth. Their Actions and Deeds shall make the Earth Green again.  They Will be Known as The WARRIORS of the RAINBOW”.  The Tuatha de Dannan believe “those who follow the Code of the Dragon will remember, and a stirring in their heart will call them to service”.  That time is now.

It takes a strong and healthy light being to be able to integrate these higher levels of photonic light coming in with the 11:11 and the Jupiter/Saturn alignment.  Now is the time to focus on your physical body temple, your mind, your emotions and your spirit in these final two months of 2020 so we can be the best version of what we came here to be. A recommendation to support the leveling up of the physical body is to eat natural, organic, plant-based energy food and to drink more water.  You may find you need more rest, even naps to integrate these higher levels of light.  Remove yourself from all negative people and make time to be alone.  We are changing and healing.  You need that quiet space to be alone.  Spend time opening the Stellar star gate by being in nature, allowing the sun to shine on the top of your head.

November 3rd Mercury turned direct in Libra.

With the last Mercury retrograde of 2020, there will either be closure to relationships or relationships from the past may be resurrected as Mercury begins a forward movement. As this planet rules communication, be aware your voice carries in the etheric winds and comments made have a way of manifesting.  What you speak will become your reality. With Mars still retrograding it is best to clear up unresolved issues.  Balance is key and we will now have awareness as to the changes we need to make to restore balance in our lives.  Inspired thought can now move forward with action to manifest.

11:11 review


At specific points on the astrological calendar such as the 11:11:2020, the heavenly bodies of this solar system align in a special way, creating huge stargates that allow much more of the fifth dimensional central sunlight to reach the earth.  Energy has been building since the Grand Transformation that occurred in January and the full energetic impact of this alignment will hit the earth at 11:11am UTC on 11/11/2020.  The central sun located in the galactic core, at the center of the milky way galaxy, in the constellation of Sagittarius has recently shown heightened activity due to cyclical mass ejections in the black hole at the galactic core. These central sun ejections are blasting our solar system with exotic particles of high frequency, gamma photon plasma light that has been measured by the earth’s schumann resonance in the 40-100 hertz range.  The gamma state of consciousness (bliss and higher consciousness to manifest a new reality) resonates between 40-100 hertz.  The lower boundary of the 5th dimension (heaven) begins at exactly 40 hertz and the upper boundary ends at exactly 100 hertz.  To be clear, a dimension is not a place, it is a state of being or consciousness that can and will manifest itself as a perceived reality.  The great central sun is an intelligent source energy that emanates itself outwardly in an infinite manner, manifesting itself as all that exists.   It is believed to be an intergalactic repository that holds the light codes of information contained in this universe.  I will be sharing a meditation to support your personal journey as we each prepare for the 11:11 alignment in the next few days.

Planet Mars

November 13th Mars goes Direct

Mars is the planet of action, motivation, physical energy, drive and passion. It is also the God of War, symbolic of aggression and anger.  When channeled through the heart and directed positively, it can bring a strong and powerful energy for change.  Since September 9th, Mars has been in retrograde.  Mars retrograde stirs up unresolved anger that has been internalized.  It also stimulates passion, motivation, and drive.  It is our choice how we channel the energy.   We have been feeling that Mars energy on a deeper level in a largely unconscious way being emotionally triggered to make changes. As Mars moves direct on November 13th, the energy shifts and we are going to feel it in powerful ways. It’s been a long and uncertain year, filled with change, chaos, deception and confusion. Many of us may have felt held back for months, unable to move forward and make progress.  Prepare to move forward as Mars begins its forward movement with clarity and renewed passion.   This is particularly powerful coming just two days after the magickal date of 11/11 with its energy of acceleration and manifestation.

Take the time to honor yourself and sit in stillness.  Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What changes can I make that will support my vision?
  • How can I change my reality to match my vision?
  • How can I ignite that spark of creativity so that I can thrive as the best version of me?

phoenix rebirth

November 15th New Moon in Scorpio

In the eleventh month of 2020 we will experience the third and final Super New Moon of the year. Falling in the sign of Scorpio on November 14th/15th, this New Moon is going to be deeply emotional but also deeply healing. Under the dark night of the Scorpio New Moon, we are being guided to sit with ourselves and all of our emotions. This dark moon holds the energy of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. One of the gifts of experiencing this human journey is the opportunity to experience the array of emotions.   Only through these emotions can awakenings happen and hearts open. Beautiful works of art are created, truths are revealed, and love blossoms. We are being guided to allow the deepest of fears, hopes and dreams, to rise up from the pit of our core, up and out into a new space of awareness.  As we enter the darker depths of the Scorpio waters, it may not feel comfortable, but it is necessary.  Sometimes we have to do what is uncomfortable, we have to face whatever lies within the shadows of our own fears and doubts without blaming others for our unhappiness.   When we do, we gain so much. The strength and wisdom we receive is something that only comes when we have found the courage and determination to face our greatest wounds and struggles.  I remind you Chiron, the wounded healer is still retrograde.  We are all facing our struggles, fear, uncertainty, and insecurities. 2020 has changed so many things. We are reminded that even when things burn to ashes and crumble around us, even when things in our lives are shedding, we need to remember, that this is all part of the great cycle of death and rebirth. We die and are reborn many times on this life journey, so allow this dark moon to show you the way through your own metamorphosis.  There is energy under the Scorpio New Moon that beckons us to remember that things are always changing and transforming. While we may not have control over it, we do have control over how we choose to show up.  I will be posting a New Moon ritual to work with the Phoenix energy in the next few days.

Planet Neptune

November 28th – Neptune goes Direct

Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions, and spirituality. When this planet is retrograde, there is a tendency to create fantasies.  The mysterious, feminine energies of Neptune bring a soft, subtle energy over sensitivity and psychic powers. As Neptune begins its forward motion take the time to tap into your connection with the universe.  Use this night to become clear on your dreams for 2021.  Yes 2020 is almost over so dream big.

October full moon

November 30th.  Full Moon in Gemini – Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon.  Enhanced with a lunar eclipse making it a more potent, powerful lunation, this full moon creates major turning points and epiphanies.  The areas of life activated by the eclipse may see dramatic turns, after which the path is clear to move forward. The issues have been brewing inside of us, and emotions have been building. Decisions made now are emotionally driven. Some of us will be irritable and won’t understand why. Some may see only what they want to see while their objectivity is temporarily “eclipsed.” Awareness always  comes to light at the time of the Lunar Eclipse, and if we get in touch with our emotions, we can get a better idea of what needs to change, or what needs to go.  The Planets moving through Capricorn have dominated the celestial realms in 2020, with a trio of slow-moving planets in this sector of the skies throughout this remarkable year: Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn have gathered together making for a powerful signature which will also have an influence on this full moon lunation.  Exciting times building to the 12:21:2020.   I will be posting a ritual and guided audio full moon meditation for those who are members of our online subscription series.

Wishing you inner peace, clear focus and an open heart.  Kia Kaha, Be Strong

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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