earth heart

In the heart of our world there is a place that holds the secret names of stones and trees, flowers and plant beings, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and sacred doorways to other worlds.

Immortal Tree

There are those who hold this place within their heart and stand together to keep it safe.   They are known as the Rainbow Nation.

Immortal tree

During the sacred holy day of Samhain,  our tribe joined together to forest bathe in the ancient forests of the redwood trees at a significant time to celebrate the turning of the wheel.  We came to pray for a kinder, gentler world and to build a symbiotic relationship with nature.

doe on trail

A magnificent greeting  as our trail would be opened by the gentlest of creatures who walked towards us with no fear.  A reminder as we complete this year to approach everything with gentleness and compassion.  Where there is love, there is no fear.

buck on trail

At the end of the day and trail, a young buck would also join us to complete the journey amongst the Tall Ones.  The balance of female and male, opening and closing, beginning and ending. I love the messages of the animal allies.

Long before Halloween became a holiday widely recognized, the ancient ones celebrated the Holy Day known as Samhain.  The “witches” New Year and my most favorite of the holy days as it is a time of death and rebirth.

walking on

The places of magick occur when water and earth come together.  We would each experience the sacred ceremony of Walking On at sunset (the tween time) where enchantment happens.  In the portal of Samhain we each had an opportunity to say goodbye to the part of us that was dying, the one that held limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and ancient wounds.  We would allow that part of us to walk on into the sunset and embrace our divine self.

rose beach

It was quite a moving and powerful experience as we released our offering of the sacred rose to the water.  Rain had been predicted but we would be blessed with our entire retreat in a window of perfect weather.

light shinning

With the veil the thinnest between worlds, we would spend time experiencing Forest Bathing, also known as “Shinrin-yoku. ” The practice of spending time in forested areas for the purpose of enhancing health, wellness, and happiness.  In this place amongst the wisest elders one can reconnect to their natural rhythm, find inner peace, and activate physical and emotional healing. Learning to breathe and share the green and red breath, we can forge stronger relationships by encouraging symbiotic links with all beings, giving and taking only what we need as trees and plants do.

violet light

Asking permission of the elders to enter the university of the emerald green temple.  The violet light would once again appear.

fae playing

On Samhain the veil is thinnest, and the faery folk come to play.  They would  choose to appear in the photos to show themselves to those who may have doubted.

dragon tree

Even the earth dragons began to reveal themselves as we journeyed deeper into the ancient forest.

The last two months of 2021 provide the opportunity to find our balance and begin to prepare for a new cycle after the upheaval the breaking down of outdated beliefs.  I remind you we continue to move through a cycle of creative destruction.  There has been loss and we need time to grieve and accept the losses. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold, built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger more beautiful piece of art. The scars become a part of the design and unique beauty.  Each of us is an art expression of the Goddess.

gold fix

The message in repairing what is broken is that we can create something unique, more resilient and even more beautiful.  The moon cycles will be especially powerful this month for those who follow the ancient traditions.  I have created two new oils from sacred places using alchemy and transference magick that are meant to support the transition from the year of Emergence, change, transformation and growth into 2022, a much more heart centered year.  These were recently charged in the energy of the Redwood Forest.  If you would like to purchase one or both please contact Guy at [email protected].

Volcano – Raw Power – Creative Destruction – $60.00 plus shipping

This powerful oil was created from the spirit of the standing tall ones whose roots are firmly planted in the volcanic soil of Sunset Crater.  A spiritual place of power for the Hopi and ancestors of the past.  The lava flow from the volcano created a new landscape and the remains of the eruption of fire from within Lady Gaia’s womb provided fertile soil that enhanced farming.  This has become a place of ceremony, an honoring of the elements.  The oil was blessed in a sacred ceremony on a new moon and holds the potential of regaining one’s personal power after sudden change or upheaval, emotional, mental or physical.   If one works with the magick of this oil for 100 days consistently one will feel their own spirit fire being ignited.  It brings a sense of courage and calm after turmoil.  Helps one to navigate the new landscapes being created as our old world continues to break down.  Place on the solar plexus and heart chakra to balance power with the heart-based intentions.  Place on the wrists and rub together breathe in the essence as you fill your spirit fire activated.  It allows us to take raw potential that is gifted when an old way of being is broken, sometimes through intense force.  Unexpected events that can leave us traumatized and out of balance.  Volcanos teach us that we can use their destructive power to lay the foundation to build a new reality.

Grand Canyon – Limitless Expansion – $60.00 plus shipping

Nature stirs something in the human soul that helps to reveal the Creator to us and allows us to see into the unseen. The Grand Canyon in the sacred lands of the Southwest in America was Created from volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and a timeless river which carved incredible beauty into the landscape.  The Grand Canyon is known as a portal to the underworld.  From the creative destruction of Lady Gaia, the canyon offers the expansive vision, a deep knowing that this is a place of emergence.   The deep gorges, towering spires, and massive scale of the Grand Canyon have always remained wonders for humankind. There is a saying that the canyon contains the origin of life and this is where the spirits will finally return. There is a stirring inside when one stands at the border between two worlds, you feel a deep spiritual connection to everything around you. The Hopi say we emerged from the Grand Canyon at a place called Sipapuni, which is the path to the underworld.  The vastness of the canyon absorbs our self-doubts, fears, troubles and sadness, leaving us cleansed and open.  The expanse of the canyon affects you.  You are humbled and in that sacred space of expansion you are liberated from the ego mind.   The oil was created from the soil, rock and bark of the tree beings, charged in the canyon at the time lightning was striking the earth mother and the thunder beings were speaking for the human who would listen.  (I was listening) and the message was profound.  WE ARE BECOMING.   This oil can support us as we move through these changes and trust in the wild unknown, the void that holds our destiny and soul blueprint.  We are emerging into the expansive being of light we were always intended to be.

Scorpio new moon

November 4th – Lunar Samhain and the new moon in Scorpio

The New Moon of the Final Harvest.  A time to reflect, to renew, to fill the shadow places with the breath of the Goddess.  To fill the spaces between the knowing and the unknown.  A night to just be still and listen.  Scorpio is deeply connected to the craft and the essence of the witch. This archetype, which exists in all of us, isn’t afraid of the darker realms and exploring deep feelings. She isn’t afraid to travel to the underworld of her own shadow and explore it. Once she gains knowledge of what’s happening inside of her, she brings it to the light to be transformed. Samhain has just passed but the magick is still with us peaking on November 4th at the time of the “Lunar Samhain.”  In the Northern hemisphere, we are experiencing the process of death and dying.  In the Southern hemisphere, this is the new moon just after the celebration of Beltane.  For all of humanity this is the alchemy season and the influence of a Scorpio new moon will pull us into stillness.  Practice your knowing, your being and work with your intuitive body’s wisdom.  We need silence to be able to touch souls.  As always, the New Moon is the ideal time to gain clarity on what you truly desire, what needs to shift in your life. The Scorpio new moon creates a moment for looking inward and honoring your own dark side. Instead of resisting the unknown and fearing the inevitable cycle of passing and rebirth, now’s a time to fully embrace the more shadowy parts of your psyche and try transforming your pain into power.  For those who are members of our online subscription series a New Moon ritual has been posted to assist in you tapping into the magick available this night.   Click Here

11:11 review


At specific points on the astrological calendar such as the 11:11, the heavenly bodies of this solar system align in a special way, creating huge stargates that allow much more of the fifth dimensional, central sunlight to reach the earth.  Energy has been building since the Grand Transformation that occurred in January of 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn aligned in 0 degrees of Aquarius, and the do over began. A planetary alignment that we have not experienced in 26,000 years.   It has set in motion a rapid destruction of the old paradigms of accepted reality.  There was an increase of a higher energy band wave released at the time of the Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8th of this year.  To be clear, a dimension is not a place, it is a state of being or consciousness that can and will manifest itself as a perceived reality.  The great central sun is an intelligent source energy that emanates itself outwardly in an infinite manner, manifesting itself as all that exists.   It is an intergalactic repository that holds all the light-information contained in this universe. The central sun located in the galactic core of our universe, at the center of the milky way galaxy continues to show heightened activity due to cyclical mass ejections in the black hole at the galactic core. These central sun ejections are blasting our solar system with exotic particles of high frequency, gamma photon plasma light that has been measured by earth’s schumann resonance in the 40-100 hertz range.  The gamma state of consciousness (bliss and superhuman ability) resonates between 40-100 hertz.  The lower boundary of the 5th dimension (heaven) begins at exactly 40 hertz and the upper boundary ends at exactly 100 hertz.  We as humans feel this as anxiety, stress, confusion, anger, emotional waves of energy.  The more intuitive you are, the more you feel the impact.  Take the time on the 11:11 to experience a period of mindfulness as you open to receive the wave of energy meant to support our journey, bringing at times crystal clarity.  Find stillness in this day and practice the art of Beingness.  It is a time to channel guidance from your heart.

mt shasta moon

November 19th – Full Moon – lunar eclipse in Taurus, known as the Mourning Full Moon.  Eclipses have a tendency to evoke unexpected change and bring clarity to the chaos set in motion from the previous eclipse cycle.  The full moon in Taurus has the power and influence to accelerate one towards their ultimate destiny, which will lead to a sudden and permanent change of plans. Embrace what this eclipse has in store, because destiny is intervening.  Destiny is a consciousness that if we are willing to listen and be guided by her will reveal the pathway supporting our journey.   The partial lunar eclipse will see 98% of the Moon covered by Earth’s shadow at the height. I will be posting in the next week a Full Moon ritual to work with the alchemy of the full moon/lunar eclipse and a guided meditation.  The lunar eclipse will be followed by a Total Solar Eclipse of global change in December as we prepare for 2022. I will be sharing the energy of 2022 and more about the total solar eclipse in another newsletter.

Wishing you inner peace, clear focus and an open heart as we near completion of 2021, the year of change, expansion and emergence.

Kia Kaha, Be Strong

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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