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November Planetary Influences

Kuan Yin Moon

Super Full Moon in Taurus on 4th/5th November

Taurus is ruled by Venus. As an earth sign, it illuminates areas in our lives associated with our earth walk, such as earning money through work that we love.  ‘Do what you love and the money will follow’ is an old quote that is aligned with the Taurus energy. Taurus rules values and asks us to evaluate from the heart what we love. This Full Moon will be showing us what’s important to us and has the greatest value in our lives, what brings a smile to our heart and makes us feel alive. Another message of a Taurus full moon “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”

During the Taurus Full Moon, the moon is reflecting the light of the Sun in Scorpio and emotions will be amplified. Be alert not to fall into someone else’s drama. This Full Moon will have a super-charged effect, as it is the first of a trilogy of Super moons coming over the next 3 months taking us into 2018 with the third full moon being the Wolf Full Moon in January.  This is an excellent time to really reflect on how you feel about your life.

The super full moon energy asks us to nurture the parts of us that are causing pain by transforming them into something that is more in alignment with your heart and soul. You may feel more emotional, experience sleep disturbances or lucid dreams. You may also find your intuition is heightened, synchronicity more pronounced as you become more aware or sensitive to the energy of the environment, people, plants, animals, and the earth mother herself. The super moon trilogy is pushing us on a wave of illuminated light and energy towards 2018. The super full moon presents an opportunity to Reflect and Acknowledge how far you have come on your journey and the lessons learned over the past year. A moon dedicated to Kuan Yin, the Goddess of compassion and mercy. Known as the mourning full moon it represents the emptying out of grief and disappointment, loss and confusion that many are holding on to. As we continue to feel the affect of the Solar Eclipse you may have discovered stuff from the past has been coming to the surface. It is now time to let it go in the light of the Taurus Super Moon. For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a full moon ritual to assist you in developing a deeper relationship with Kuan Yin. Please click here

November 22nd Neptune goes Direct

After several months the planet Neptune is going direct. Neptune is the planet of dreams, universal knowledge, great mysteries and divine grace, pushing us to open ourselves to the unknown, living with faith, believing in the future as we commit to the Goddess. Neptune helps us address our fear of the unknown as it helps us tap into our psychic abilities. Feelings become very strong and we just KNOW. With the additional influence of the Solar Eclipse we have become aware of both illusions and dreams and now it is time to process and make sense of all that has been revealed. Our belief in life and the world around us is shaped through personal experience. There is magick all around, yet some of us can’t see it. It is no wonder, as the world around us continues to display anything but a magickal reality in the fast world of illusion and fear. As the end of the retrograde approaches we are each now asked to integrate the past few months of awareness. We can certainly see the impact as we observe the strength of women finding their voice and speaking up against sexual abuse and harassment. Change is happening.

With the transition of the Total Solar Eclipse, The Black Jaguar is present and now roaming our beloved earth in search of untruth and those who walk without integrity. Nothing is hidden any longer especially with our psychic abilities becoming stronger. Black jaguars have great mysticism associated with them as they represent the life and power of the night. They can show us how to welcome the darkness and rouse the light within it. Jaguars possess acute sensitivity. The hairs that cover their lithe bodies, especially on the face, pick up subtle vibrations. They feel when someone is vibrating in truth or with deception in their heart. The black jaguars sleek, smooth and sensual coat has been linked to sexuality. Jaguar helps one, resolve old sexual issues, exposes areas of sexual abuse and is walking amongst us now illuminating all issues around the feminine being suppressed and abused. The Goddess is truly awakened and the Black Jaguar accompanies her. You can continue to work with the Black Jaguar to support the inner journey and integration the New Moon in Scorpio later this month will bring. I do have a few remaining bottles of the Black Jaguar Oil which can support the inner journey of discovery and healing.  Click Here

New Moon in Scorpio on 19th

A new moon in Scorpio creates a time of looking within to gain an understanding of yourself more fully. A time to look at areas in your life that need healing and set intentions for that to occur.   Scorpio is a sign of extremes. The New Moon is the beginning of the next cycle, known as the seed moment when our focused intention can be energized for the manifestation of your dreams. Once again we are given a blank canvas to create new dreams and desires or see what has changed since the last month, especially with the clarity of the Neptune retrograde regarding the dream we carry inside. New moons give you clarity in terms of what your dreams are, what you’re searching for, and how you can experience fulfillment. They open a new door and we can choose if we are willing to step through it. For those whom are members of our online subscription series I will be posting a new moon ritual to assist with the power of this New Moon occurring after the Super Full Moon. Click Here

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