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Ninth Wave of Unity Consciousness from Mount Shasta

As our journey continues we have moved to beautiful Mount Shasta and I have begun to do a series of personal Shamanic Journeys for those individuals who are called to the mountain.   Last October, after returning from New Zealand during the 10:10:10 celebration, I heard the voice of Saint Germaine and the Masters speak to me of these times we would be moving through.  I was given direct guidance that I needed to be in Mount Shasta for a most significant alignment of energy which would occur in March, 2011 and I personally needed to align, rejuvenate and prepare for all that our world would be experiencing throughout this year of the Rainbow Serpent.   On March 9, 2011, the ninth and highest wave of the Bolon Yokte Ku was activated providing energies that assist mankind in truly co-creating unity consciousness. This wave includes thirteen uaxaclahunkin (18 day) periods that propel a process designed to lead the universe and mankind to their highest state of consciousness.  The intentions and prayers that were set in motion last year at the time of the Conscious Convergence on July 17th and 18th prepared mankind for this monumental event spoken of by the Mayan.  We must now take further action to follow up on the intentions we placed at the time of the Conscious Convergence.  Many of you from all over the world participated in joining as one heart and aligning in silent prayer and focused intention as I carried the andara crystal, the stone of love, into the marae of the star walkers and the place of the Mother Stone in Castle Hill, New Zealand.  This sacred sanctuary identified by the Dalai Lama as the center of the universe is one of many portals on the cosmic web receiving waves of love from Andromeda.  Mount Shasta is another one and holds the source of the andara crystal in the great healing temple within Telos.

Even though the weather prediction was rain and snow we awoke to a spectacular day and decided to rent snow shoes to hike deeper into the mountain.  Just before 1:00pm we found the location that placed us in alignment with the energies of the mountain.  The Masters had shared the importance of the element of water.  Having been taught by a water shaman, I knew the snow carried the violet ray and after making my connection to the guardians of the mountain and the elements I created a sphere of snow containing the violet ray and held it over my heart.  I created the vision of unity and asked that I be an expression of the light being sent from Andromeda on this day.  A vehicle of love.  I felt the sphere of snow vibrate in my hand as  I began to eat it.  We as human beings are water beings living on a water planet.  I could feel the same vibration I held in my hand now vibrating within every cell of my body, within the water of my cells, anchoring the ninth wave of unity consciousness within me.  I had placed the andara crystal, which has been carried to every continent and shared in hundreds of circles of light on the snow altar, to receive the celestial wave of light being sent on this auspicious day.   Knowing that I would be carrying this back to Castle Hill next month to share with those who were guided to join me on the next part of my Shamanic Journey (more information on the shamanic journey to Castle Hill in April) click here and then to Uluru the source of the Rainbow Serpent in June. (I will be sending out information later)

I lay back in the snow and looked up at the sun, which was now surrounded with a halo of rainbow light, and I witnessed a rare phenomenon I had seen once before in Sedona, the occurrence of sun dogs.  For me this was confirmation that I had fulfilled my humble role on this significant day of carrying the andara crystal to the mountain and had honored the standing tall ones and elemental beings that were guiding my journey.  Beginning when I walked out of the house in the morning, through every part of my day, two crows appeared flying together in perfect synchronicity.  When we stepped out of the car to rent the snow shoes there they were again, when we stopped to take a picture half way up the mountain, they were calling to me and soaring above my head and now as I finished my meditation on the mountain, the two flew directly above me.  For me this is always a significant sign of another path I follow, that of the Black Madonna.   Two crows were guardians and messengers for those who followed the teachings of the Church of the Rose and Maria Magdalena.  It is said the spirit of the two crows are the spirits of the Templar Knights of the past.

Each day I find many more beautiful souls have joined our spiritual community as Weave the Web is shared around the globe.  Together, we continue to grow daily as we create a single heartbeat of love that is sounding now across the planet awakening the rainbow tribe.  March 9, 2011 is the dawn of the wave of unity and as the ancestors have shared, this year is not going to be like any other year we have experienced.  What we as a collective soul of one light choose to do this year, will determine the events that will occur in 2012.  It is time for us to move from an ego mind and a world controlled by materialism, fear and greed to a heart centered reality where we extend a hand to assist one another.  Everything is speeding up and we are each spinning through our own cycles of illusion.  Old patterns and memories continue to surface and many question what is real and what is illusion.  Each of us are expressions of light and come from the same source of divine love, this is real.  Everything else is an illusion we have collectively dreamed into existence for our growth.  This being the year we have a chance to dream a new dream, I continue to be amazed at the power of the dream.

It is a new dream that served as a powerful weapon to bring down and old regime and start the revolution now moving across the Middle East.   With Saturn still in retrograde many are feeling the effect of these continuous energy shifts.  There is an increase of stress and anxiety that we are moving through.   Where we were once able to mask emotions and feelings, they seem to now pour from our very cells.  I personally have found the need to be in retreat and stillness within the sanctuary that nature provides.  First in a majestic sanctuary in Oregon and now in the sacred mountain of the Masters, each day it has become even more important to add stillness to my daily routine.

Many of you have chosen to join me in this sanctuary  on the mountain, through a personal Shamanic journey and others will be joining me at the time of the Spring Equinox and the Winds of Change Full Moon.  The Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere will awaken many of the rainbow nation and the seeds planted at the time of the Winter Solstice will now begin to manifest.  Those in the Southern hemisphere will be experiencing the autumn equinox and are guardians and celestial gardeners anchoring the light of the new seed dream to be expressed at the time of the 11:11:11.  Guardians and caretakers of the rainbow nation have been positioned around the world to assist in the great awakening.  Each person holds a significant part of the divine plan within his or her DNA.  11:11 continues to draw the attention more and more as the cellular memory designed to be released into our consciousness of who we are and why we are here accelerates.  Many of you receiving guidance that you must take action in your life.  Just as we are observing resistance to these changes in the Middle East, we are internally experiencing the same sense of vibration internally.  As we fluctuate from thoughts of confidence and the new dream the old illusions, fears and doubts will surface for us to embrace and move through.  Opportunities to forgive the past and focus on the new creation.   Be clear on what you are asking, as your focused intention will be manifesting now very quickly.  If you have become confused or scattered you must now take the time to really focus on your dream and state it clearly to the universe. Examine what energy you are putting out to attract in your current situation or experience.  If you are projecting fear you will manifest what you fear.  If you are projecting power you will manifest your dream.  If you lack direction or purpose, take the time to sit in stillness and ask for guidance from the Masters.

DO NOT allow yourself to become fearful, DO NOT allow yourself to doubt your ability to create change.  Instead of expressing what is not in harmony with you, speak with clarity what is in harmony with you.  If you wish to make a change be an expression of love.  If someone has disappointed you, be an expression of love.  If you have lost a job, a lover, or anything of material value then it was no longer in alignment with the truth of who you are.  If you are angry and resentful utilize the energy of this ninth wave of unity consciousness and create union not separation.  If you continue to hold on to resentment, jealousy and judgment you will continue to feel your world move more out of alignment with the truth of who you are.  Focus on your journey as the expression of light you agreed to be at the time of your first incarnation in this amazing human form.

For those who would like to anchor the new dream at the time of the Spring Equinox in the sanctuary of the Masters I invite you to join me in Mount Shasta either physically  to participate in powerful ceremony or join with collective intention to receive the celestial wave of light from the Masters.  I will be sending out a specific meditation and the time for those who would like to participate in this collective vision of a new dream.

As we continue to integrate these constant surges of light, be gentle with yourself.  We are having a human experience so if you fall out of alignment with yourself on a Monday, remember there is always a Tuesday to begin again.

Love, light and rainbows, Robbyne

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