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New Zealand

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When I was young I dreamed consistently of a place that was so magickal so full of life where everyone and everything existed in absolute harmony.  There were vibrant pools of colored water and the plant and mineral life were bursting with an abundant life force that reflected emerald green.  The human world and the animal world communicated and supported one another.  The animals brought messages and guidance to the human world and the veil that exists now that divides the two worlds was not there.  While growing up it was the dreaming and the remembrance that made my childhood in this difficult world so much easier. Those memories never faded.   To this day I still communicate with the animal allies who serve as my messengers. As I grew older the knowledge that had been passed down to me by elders and wisdom keepers from many tribes and many lifetimes grew stronger and the longing to find this home, to find this place once more became my destiny.  On the night of the recent Winter Solstice. I was guided to see the movie Avatar.   Through most of the movie tears ran down my face for this was my childhood dream, this had been the world I had come from; this was what I had been looking for all of my life.  Spirit always guides my journey and the guidance to return to New Zealand was crystal clear as to the longing to return that I had felt for months

In 1996, I made my first journey to New Zealand and the spirit of the land captured my heart forever.  As a young girl I would also dream of the Southern Cross, the star constellation that is seen only in the Southern Hemisphere.  I would not stand beneath these stars in this lifetime until my first journey to Peru in 1996.  I was mesmerized by the power that came from the stars as it activated a memory deep inside.  I would then travel to New Zealand for the first time later that year and have the most amazing encounter with the dolphins that would change my life forever.   After that encounter with these magnificent messengers of the sea it was clear I must return a second time to this mystical land a few months later. It was during this second journey I would meet a very special man.   For over 60 generations the indigenous people of New Zealand, known as the Maori had held the secrets of this land passing the knowledge from one wisdom keeper to the next.  Never revealing the lore or the teachings to white man.   In the 80″s the elders began to feel this wisdom must be given to white man once again, as the world was in danger.  During this second journey to New Zealand, I would meet this amazing man who has dedicated his life to preserving the old lore he was entrusted to carry.   He had just moved to the South Island a few months before and would share with me that he was waiting for a special bird known as the Riroriro to appear.   For the Maori it meant the trail was truly open.  He had waited for months for the sacred bird to open the pathway but yet it had not appeared.   On this particular morning as Pauline and I arrived with our group to walk the sacred Marae that joins heaven and earth we met Barry at the opening of the path. Within just minutes the bird he had been waiting for finally returned.   The trail was now truly opened and my destiny would begin to unfold.  The elders speak of the blue and hazel eyes, blond and red haired, white skinned navigators of old that came to these lands with the message of peace.  The old traditions call them the Star Walkers or Water Seekers.  These are the souls who have incarnated again and again to carry the message of peace and oneness throughout the world.  They are the messengers from the stars. There is a tribe in New Zealand known as the Stone people who understood the spirit of stone and how to create it.  When the Dalai Lama came to New Zealand he spent a day with this tribe and spoke of them as his own people.

As many of you know it has been my journey to travel to every continent, to all four corners of the world to carry EB and the andara crystal to pray for oneness and peace.  To heal the earth through ceremony honoring the old traditions.    Now as we move into the Year of 2010 the Year the Phoenix Rises from the ashes, it is time to return to Aoeteroa, the Land of the Long White Cloud, to New Zealand to once again activate the Temple of the Four Winds.   The Obsidian skull has now been carried to every continent and at this time will be carried back home to this sacred land.  Aoeteroa, was home to the ancient Lemurians, this was Pandora. For many of you reading these words an awakening is now stirring, a remembrance of home as your heart hears the call of the Black Mother Goddess and that of the Celestial Star beings to return.  For you are of that tribe from long ago, those who   traveled in service to the Goddess to this sacred land.

The elders have spoken that at this time that our group travels to the Temple of the Four Winds, built in perfect alignment with the Southern Cross a, great celestial beam of light will be sent to the earth to awaken many still sleeping and to bring forth the memory of this place in those who are awake.  I can not begin to express in words the sheer joy I feel as to the returning home and I invite those of you who are called to join with Pauline and I to fulfill the destiny that was set in motion so many lifetimes ago.

The temple of the Four Winds is a mysterious place, a storehouse of ancient knowledge, which truly honors all cultures.  People have visited it from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.  The ancient lore shared by the elders speaks of many people of many colors settling in this land long ago.  The Maori language and that of Finland are very similar.  The Maori relate strongly to the native languages of both Peru and Chile.  The Hindu people of the five great rivers of Northern India followed the ways of peace and sent thousands of their people to many parts of the world in one generation to pass on these teachings, they came to this land. This Star Temple called by the old name Te Mriniga Te Kakara means “The Fragrance of Heaven” also called the Temple of the Four Winds for it is the place of the Great House.  It was deliberately burnt down in 1983 so only the posts remain.  All we need to know to unlock the secrets of the Star Temple is already within us.  This is the spiritual home of the Four Winds where all comes together in oneness.  It is our tu ranga wae wae which means,   “the place where we stand tall” and remember who we are.  We remember our connection to the stars through the stones.  This ancient site, so sacred to the Maori holds the magick of the land.

Our Journey Home begins on Sunday, April 18 and ends on Thursday, April 29th.

Sunday, April 18th

We begin by meeting in Auckland, a beautiful city on the waters edge. We will experience an evening Dinner Cruise where we will work with the wind and air as we sail through the harbor.    Here we embrace the spirit of wind to sweep our mind and cleanse our soul. Burdens set heavily upon your shoulders can now be cast aside for wind sets you free.  The Wisdom of the ancestors from all nations is held within the winds.  When the wind blows, it cleanses, washes away the debris of yesterday and reveals the core of our being; it shapes and reshapes to expose our inner truth.  Only that which is truly solid will remain as the sacred winds pass through our journey.  Like the navigators of old who came to these sacred lands we will work with wind, air and the stars this night to set intention and create a circle of oneness amongst all who are called.  This will stir the memories of long ago, the remembrance of your homeland.  (Dinner included)

Monday, April 19th

We travel to the ancient Kauri forest, home to Tane Muhata, the grandfather of all trees that holds the most ancient wisdom for the spiritual seeker. The oldest guardian that lives upon the earth.   Here through the luminous fibers of the cosmic spider web you will feel that connection grow stronger, your connection to the land and to the great standing tall ones in the forest.  The standing tall ones from the great Kauri Forest were known as the vessel of dreamers, for the Kauri carried the hopes of the ancestors to the world.  Kauri’s life spans thousands of years.  From the great Kauri our dream takes us to the wonder of change.  It offers us the power of balance and asks us to stand tall and be of our truth, to walk with compassion and joy and to set old hurts and disappointments aside.  As our world changes Kauri gifts hope and healing. The Spirit of Kauri speaks of strength that forges ever onward for we to are a vessel that carries a dream; Kauri can help us remain strong.  Kauri speaks of the seed we hold within, it reminds us to always reach for the light.  We are seed carriers of this light.  We will spend an afternoon here in the great forest seeking the guidance of the ancestors and have a picnic lunch in one of nature’s greatest sanctuary.  (Breakfast and lunch included)

Tuesday, April 20th

Our journey takes us now to the far north region of the North Island where we will stay for two nights.  We will travel to the farthest tip of the North to a very sacred place of the Maori.  The place where it is said the ancestors leave this world to return to the stars through the Pohutakwa tree.   The sacred Pohutakawa Tree joins man with other realms for it sits in the center of the circle of life.  It calls together the power of the four winds.  If you sit beneath the Pohutakwa Tree it is said you have come to a pivotal change, a rite of passage.   For the ancient ones, when their last journey was made, when spirit left the body, it traveled north to Cape Reinga.  Here it traveled down thru the trunk of this great standing tall one into the underworld where the guardian sent it back to the stars.  Out of death we are reborn.  This will be most powerful in this year of rebirth.  (Breakfast and a BBQ lunch provided)

Wednesday, April 21st

We then travel to the bay where I had my life-changing encounter with the dolphins 14 years ago as the star beings will join with us offering us guidance and enlightenment.  These waters are very mystical, when I returned the following year, I would have another powerful encounter with a being who offered me great wisdom about the journey my life would now take in 1997 and share with me the connection of the Maori and the Hopi of the Americas.   (Breakfast)

Thursday, April 22nd

The next part of our journey will take us deep within the womb of the earth mother.  Floating through the sacred caves of the Maori on the black waters of the healing river is the most magickal way to experience an entire universe that exists within the unseen world. Here we will experience a very special rebirthing ceremony. Over eons of time the moon has touched into the core of our being to influence our lives.  As the moon gathers its strength so do we and in that knowledge great work is accomplished.  It is the power of the moonlight that touches these waters and reveals to us our true destiny as the messenger of the Goddess. This will be our purification before we enter the sacred Temple of the Four Winds at the time the celestial light is sent to the earth and EB is returned to this great Temple of Learning built in alignment with the Southern Cross.  This great compass of the Southern hemisphere assists the navigator on their journey of truth.  To see the Southern Cross shine upon your journey is a gift.  It is the place of the deepest wisdom.  It is the star system that guides our journey when we step into the unknown.  No matter how dark the night, how fierce the storm winds, how rough the waters, the Southern Cross will guide your way.  We are born of the stars but sometimes forget the wisdom and power they gift.  (Breakfast and dinner included)

Friday, April 23rd

We are ready to journey to the Temple of the Four Winds; we can regain the light held within the stars to guide our way into the unknown territory of the new trails that areopening.  Wherever this path leads you, you will find great joy and learning in the journey.  This pilgrimage to the Temple of the Four Winds comes at a time of great support for the whole humanity as the Southern Cross serves as abridge of love.  The Southern Cross is the beginning and the end of the galaxy.  Creation and destruction – the place where the center of the cosmic energy emanates.  All wisdom keepers knew the energies of the constellations.  This temple is connected to Spider Rock, the source of Grandmother Spider and the illuminous strands of light that join all of mankind and all creature beings together.  Spider is found in all the lands of the world.  Spider sheds its skin to grow, stepping out of the old to take on the new seven times during its life.  If spider loses its leg it grows another.  Silk is their fabric, the thread that gives them life.  At the rear of the abdomen are several rounded projections, tiny fingers that weave silken threads to meet their needs. Coded within spider is the knowledge of how to make a web.  It is not learned it is simply known, a cellular memory.  This same memory is within each of us.  The knowledge of how to weave our web.  The knowledge we are all connected to Grandmother Spider and the great cosmic spider web.  The Native Americans identify this web as the sacred hoop.  Ours is a world where silken threads join to map the way ahead.  Here you can sit in silence, find the core of your being, hear your song once more and reclaim your life.  Shed the old, enter the world of the new, leaving behind all that is not truly you and grow.  Remember it is the weaver who brings all things together.  Late afternoon we will continue our journey to a very special Lagoon near the Temple of the Four Winds.  97% of all our water is in the oceans, the remainder locked in glacial ice and underground caverns.  What is held within the rivers and lakes is very precious.  The oceans join everything together – they touch all continents, embrace each and every island and remind us nothing is separated from source.  Water is a rite of passage.  It offers connection, release and rebirth.  When we go to water, sit beside it and feel the wonder of its song we can find our heart song once again. Tonight you will experience a traditional Maori Hangi and Bush Walk.  This is a truly extraordinary experience.   (Breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner)

Saturday, April 24th

As we balance water with fire we travel on to a place of volcanic activity.  Obsidian is born of magma – the molten core of the mother. It is nature’s glass.  Its structure is created from hundreds of crystals not viable by the naked eye.  The tiny crystals capture light.   In the same way obsidian gathers to it negative influences and holds them within its core where it holds the light.  Thus is the shadow embraced and transformed.  Obsidian offers reflection, clarity and healing for our journey.  It takes us to a place to look deep within the darkness, the place of uncertainty and fear and to know that the light still holds the space there.   The ancestors gave their pain to the Spirit of Obsidian for the stone with its sharp edge can set one free of heavy burdens carried far too long.  Obsidian takes away your anger, guilt and shadow fears.  Obsidian holds the fire from which the Phoenix rises.  Fire from volcanic activity creates and recreates landscapes.  The lands of the Pacific are born of this fire, the energy of Pele, the Goddess of fire gifts the molten lava from the depths of the Mother. From fire is opportunity yet to be born.  Here we experience the full activation of the Phoenix.  This is the element of excitement, passion, creative expressions, desire and learning.  Fire will help you find your dance once again. Our journey continues as we travel to the South Island.  For those who will only do the North Island we will say goodbye as you carry this energy back to your homelands.   For the rest of the group we fly to the South Island to the place of the Goddess.  (Breakfast)

Sunday, April 25th

The energy of the feminine flows in a counter clockwise direction, thus the north hemisphere is male and the southern hemisphere is female.   The teaching of the wisdom keepers say there is a global rainbow that spans the Earth from pole to pole.  While it is only seen with the inner eye, its colors are honored in the stone.  The color that runs through New Zealand is emerald green.  New Zealand offers the planet the spark of renewal, the light birthed in the healing stone and in the waters that surround this land of the Long White Cloud.  Here on the south island we will return to the sacred stone marae, which began my journey 14 years ago for a ceremony of reuniting with the star nations.  Later this day we will travel to a magickal faery world that exists in the land of man but is a doorway into the unseen world.  Tonight you will have a very special experience of being taken into the homes of the local people as we do a farm stay.  (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Monday, April 26th

This morning, I have chartered ski planes to take us to the top of Mount Cook, a very Special and unique experience connected to the Masters and star beings.  We will have an opportunity to land on the very top of this mountain and will perform ceremony and prayer for world unity and oneness.  This mountain is very connected to Mount Shasta in California, Machu Picchu in Peru and the Tor in Glastonbury, England, which leads to the mystical lands of Avalon.  (Breakfast)

Tuesday, April 27th

The final destination of our incredible journey is to Queenstown where we will spend the next three nights integrating the experiences. There will be an optional excursion to the beautiful Milford Sound and the glaciers for those who would like to travel to the Southern Tip of New Zealand. Others may choose to have a day at leisure to explore the beautiful quaint lakeside City of Queenstown.  I will be available for private sessions to assist in the full integration of this transformational experience and I have a few very special surprises to share while we are in Queenstown.  The lake here is quite magickal and sacred to the Maori.  (Breakfast)

Wednesday, April 28th

Today we will experience the mystery of the Lake.  The afternoon will be free to rest, for private sessions, to explore the town and to integrate all the shifts and changes.  This would be an excellent day for those who would like to schedule healing sessions and balancing sessions to help with the integration back into the world of man.  Tonight we have arranged a very special farewell dinner and gondola ride.  (Breakfast and dinner)

Thursday, April 29th

This morning we return to the airport for our flight home to carry this beautiful source of light to awaken the planet once again to the remembrance of who we are.  As the ancestors of the ancient times did, they came to New Zealand to pray, to gather the light and then to carry it out to the four corners of the world, strengthening the great cosmic spider web that joins us all together.  (Breakfast)

Additional Notes:

I have divided the cost of the tour into two separate experiences for those who are called to be with us at the time of the Southern Cross Alignment but have limited time.

The cost of the entire journey is $4000.00 – single supplement is $650.00 (This does not include airfare but we are negotiating for a group rate – contact the office if you are interested in help booking your tickets)

Price includes:

Accommodations for 11 nights

Breakfast every morning

Meals where specified (lunches and dinners)

Entrance fees and all ground transportation

Special experience in the Kauri forest

Dinner Cruise on the Pride of Auckland Sailing ship

Special excursion to Cape Reinga

Dolphin swim and boat excursion in the Bay of Islands

Black Water Rafting

Traditional Maori Hangi and Bush Walk experience in Rotorua

Private ceremony and access to the Temple of the Four Winds

Farmstay with a New Zealand family

Special mediation at the sacred marae

Ski plane landing on Mount Cook

Special dinner and Gondola ride in Queenstown

All meditations and ceremonies

Magick, laughter, healing and joy

For those who only wish to participate in the

North Island only

$2800.00 – single supplement is $450.00

South Island Only

2375.00 – single supplement is $270.00

For a registration form and more information please contact us at 949/361-7729 or by email at [email protected].

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