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New Year’s Eve Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse


On Thursday, December 31st we will experience the 13th Full Moon of 2009. Known as a Blue Moon, this phenomenon occurs the same night it turns a new decade according to our modern day calendar. The very idea of a “calendar month” is a relatively recent concept, as months were originally measured by the period between lunation’s, creating a Lunar Calendar of some 13 months per year (the word “month” comes from “moon”). The ancient traditions of honoring the lunar goddesses was replaced by the development of the solar year of 12 months, based on the seasons and connected with the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The next Blue Moon on New Years Eve will be in 29 years on December 31, 2028.  Thirteen is a very powerful number but this has been distorted with teachings from the church that associate thirteen with witchcraft and misfortune.

In ancient Greece, Zeus was counted as the thirteenth, and most powerful god. Zeus and the number thirteen have symbolic meanings such as:  Totality, Completion, Power, Realization and Attainment.  It is a number that purifies and cleanses.

The number 13 brings completion to a time of the testing, struggle and death. It symbolizes the death of oneself and the birth of spirit: the passage on a higher level.  Thirteen is considered to signify the end of a cycle, as evidenced by the fact that there are thirteen lunar months in the year and thirteen signs in the Celtic and Native American systems of astrology. While thirteen foretells new beginnings, it also signifies that outmoded systems must come to an end to make way for much needed transformations. But thirteen’s real significance has to do with sacred geometry, more particularly the Flower of Life, which is from the Temple of Osiris and shows the never ending cycle of destruction and creation of life.

The symbolism of thirteen comes into play when we learn of Osiris (the Egyptian god of life, death and a powerful solar symbol who was murdered by his brother. The wife of Osiris, Isis, known as the mother Goddess, and her sister collected his body with intent to restore Osiris back to life.  However, the brother stole Osiris’ body and cut it into fourteen pieces and scattered them about the earth. Isis continued her quest to revive her beloved, but could only reclaim thirteen of the fourteen body parts.  This tale symbolically implies that the meaning of number thirteen is the precursor to completion.

There will also be a lunar eclipse on this day which can bring forth insight and clarity after months and months of inner turmoil and dramatic change that we have all been experiencing.  This is a most powerful night to gain insight as to the new path that is being presented to each of us.    With the additional influence of Mars and Mercury retrograde this can be quite the emotional time as people are more sensitive than usual.

The best way to work with these energies is to prepare an altar with a white and black votive candle.  Create a circle with rose petals or stones and place the items for your altar in the circle.  If you cannot find black use a purple candle. Also place a bowl of water on the altar as the moon is closely associated with the element of water.   Close your eyes as you sit in silence and review all that has occurred in this last year.  All that you have said goodbye to and all that is dying.   On a piece of paper write down all that is dying, that part of you that holds your fears, guilts, hurts, insecurities and disappointments.   Fold the paper away from you symbolizing releasing the old and forgiving all that needs to be forgiven.  Hold the folded paper over your heart, take a deep breath in and release the breath into the paper.   Place the paper  in the sacred circle on your altar.   The two candles represent the shadow and the light.   As this year of duality comes to closure and we move into the energy of 2010 we can also feel the excitement of what this New Year will bring. Light the black or purple candle first and use the flame of this candle to then light the white candle, symbolizing death and rebirth.  As the candles burn down, light the paper and in the morning release the ashes to the four winds.   We will be moving through the final stages of this death experience for a few more months but you can use this night to complete old cycles and allow the burdens you have carried far too long to be lifted by calling upon the Dark Mother Goddess for her support and love.  While you are reflecting, focus on your breath and symbolically send all that you wish to release and transform this night down into your hands, wash your hands in the bowl of water you have placed on your altar symbolizing that you are purifying your energy and washing away the heaviness of 2009.  Open your front door and offer the water back to the earth mother who will use this to nurture the earth.  Give thanks and gratitude this night for all that you have including the lessons and challenges that have made you stronger.

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In the next posting I will be sharing with you more about the significance of 2010, the Year the Phoenix Rises from the Ashes.

Wishing you all a special night of clarity and focus.  Happy 2010.

Love, rainbows and illumination, Robbyne

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