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New Moon–The Old One Calls


My visit to this beautiful nature sanctuary continued to reveal more magic from the nature kingdom in so many ways on the day of the New Moon.  So powerful were these experiences that I wanted to share with you that when we truly open ourselves to receive guidance from the unseen world, the Intelligence of Nature will reveal all that we seek and enrich our journey.

Jeanne and Sky had shared with me that the largest and oldest Fir tree had been discovered in an old grove forest not far from their home and the spirit of the Tree was calling to me.  I knew there was some urgent message that needed to be shared and it needed to be on the New Moon so our dear friends agreed to take us to this place.  I began the morning the way I begin each day giving gratitude that I was allowed to be an earth guardian.  I gave thanks to the four directions and to each of the animal allies that came to me at first light.  I had an excited feeling as I knew I would be entering a very special nature sanctuary not well known to tourists.  The map we had was more like a treasure map and left a lot to be discovered as the forest itself was not well marked.  We turned up an old logging road trying to discern which direction we were to go.  As we discovered we had made a wrong turn we continued on to find a safe place to turn around.  At the guidance of my dear friend Sky, we continued a little further up the road.  All of sudden out of the forests jumped a magnificent animal ally.  An extremely rare sighting for the middle of the afternoon a lynx crossed right before our car.

This exquisitely beautiful and elusive messenger is believed by the ancient ones to have the ability to see through mountains and to have supernatural powers.  It is the keeper of all secrets, mysteries and magical systems and shows one how to enter the silence to find personal truth and inner answers.  I knew we had been gifted with this most magical encounter, a seemingly chance encounter by taking the wrong turn.  I thought about how many times in our life we feel we have made the wrong decision or taken the wrong path on our journey and yet if we just entered the silence to find the hidden mysteries within every turn and twist on our journey, the spirit of lynx would reveal to us the answers we seek.  I felt my entire body beginning to vibrate and the excitement I now felt knowing this ancient standing tall one was calling to me grew even stronger.  We found the right road and it took us directly to a magnificent waterfall.  There was not another human being around for miles and the experience of the waterfall would bring yet another special messenger.  I carried the Andara crystal to the waterfall and prepared myself with a purification ritual to enter the sacred old grove forest.  (See video here)

img_5521We decided to spend some time at the waterfall taking in the healing energies of being in this environment.  As we embraced the absolute stillness and silence, above us appeared a red tailed hawk, known as the messenger of Great Spirit.  The Red Tail circled above us for several minutes.  My ability to hear the messages of the animal kingdom was greatly heightened after the visit from lynx and I clearly heard the words …”Get ready to spread your wings and fly, trust and know that all will be ok no matter what.   Take your power and your strength and move forward even when the pathway is unclear.  Listen in the silence and we will guide your journey.  Mitakuye Oyasin (We Are ALL Related)”.

img_55282We decided it was now time to enter the forest where the wisdom tree was waiting.  To step into an old grove forest and hear absolutely nothing but the sounds of nature cleanses your mind of all doubt and worry.  As you breathe in the smells of the forest you feel completely alive.  Being very connected to the faery kingdom I left my offering of skittles all along the way stopping to observe nature’s grand design.  When I approached the wisdom tree I felt strong emotion well up inside as I heard the tree spirit speak… “Welcome child, I have waited for you to find me for a very long time.   If you sit next to me, I have much to share with about your world and your journey”.  As I sat between the two trees I quietly listened to this ancient one speak sharing all that the tree had observed in the several hundred years it had been here holding the energy for mankind.

img_5557The First Nation People believe fir trees offer protection from negative influences and that one is empowered with creativity and the remembrance of the ancient healing modalities.  For the Greek the fir tree is associated with Artemis the moon Goddess and patroness of childbirth, it is the tree of birth.  To the early pagans this was the tree inhabiting the Green Man and held the secrets of death and rebirth.  How perfect I thought to be here on the New Moon, a powerful time of new beginnings, rebirth, and new opportunities. The visit by the lynx had most certainly opened my ability to hear the message of this ancient guardian.   As I sat at the footsteps of this magnificent tree to my left was a cedar tree that seemed to be supporting the old wise one.  A completely different energy and so I sat between the two feeling the male and female aspect within me coming into perfect balance.  I also knew the great fir tree was grounding me to the earth and allowing me to receive strength and nurturing energy while the Cedar tree was connecting me to the divine.  The cedar tree is known as the world tree and considered an important oracle of heaven and earth.  Cedar is very sacred to the first nation people.  The ancient one shared with me how important it would be for the earth guardians to find time to be in absolute stillness to receive the guidance that the nature intelligence wanted to bring that would help us during these times of uncertainty.  The human body is under extreme levels of stress and we must learn to find stillness to nurture ourselves. We have completely removed ourselves from nature and many of us will begin to long for the connection.   As we become more aware we will also become more sensitive to the energies around us and this can lead to extreme discomfort if we do not create the connection with the natural world once more.  Every part of nature knows its purpose in being and doesn’t question their existence.  There is much for the human world to learn that nature is so willing to share if we only take the time to connect.

After this most powerful time I have spent in what I consider to be heaven on earth I have been guided to create a similar experience for those who have a desire to nurture their soul and find the answers they struggle to find.  It is difficult to hear the answers in the environment most of us live in.  The guardians of this special place have offered to share their land and allow me to create an experience of celebration, vision, and healing for those who seek to find that sense of sanctuary.  Similar to a vision quest when one seeks to make that personal journey into their soul.

I will be organizing a weekend retreat to experience the magic of being wrapped in the arms of the Earth Mother at the time of the Celebration of Lluganasdh in early August.  This will be combined with the experience of learning to connect to the nature kingdom by learning to work with the Dark Mother Goddess of creation.  You will experience how to communicate with nature itself through ceremony, ritual and stillness as you experience this sacred land of the First Nation people.  More will be posted on this once I have organized all the details.

Wishing you magic, rainbows and love, Robbyne

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  1. anonamous

    I was without access to the cyber world for 5 days, so I just read your latest post to Weave the Web. Thank you, Robbyne,for sharing this message as I am an the exact crossroad you described and was feeling overwhelmed by the thought that I had made the wrong decision AND taken a wrong turn. The words that followed gave me inspiration: “Take your power and your strength and move forward even when the pathway is unclear.” So forward I will go!

    You are blessed with many gifts which you share so generously with your community of like-minded people. For that and many other blessings I thank you, my dearest mentor. I am eternally grateful.