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“NEW” Elemental Oils


to help one connect to the Natural World


With the hectic lifestyles many people experience in the Fast World we are often far removed from nature.  The new elemental oils have been created to help those who have a desire for a closer connection with the natural world to receive the gifts that Mother Nature’s medicine chest can provide.  Gifts of   balance, peace, healing and clarity. Especially powerful when one is unable to be in nature one can still experience the gifts.

At the time of Beltane when the veil between the world of human and that of the unseen is thinnest, the oils  were blessed in the Mount Shasta Vortex.  They were charged again the night of the WESAK Full Moon at the base of the sacred amethyst mountain, receiving the healing light gifted at that very special time.  Sold individually or if one chooses to purchase the set of four there is a discounted price offered.

AIR -$50.00

This essence lifts ones spirits and quiets the mind of worry and doubt.  Helps to bring one back into their knowingness.  Allows us to stop creating stories of illusion in our head helping us to find truth as it centers us into the immediate now.  It is a combination of beautiful oils that are known to clear the mind when confused or fearful.  Opens us to embrace the winds of change and accept what we are experiencing without the need to control or hold on.  This oil was created in sacred ceremony calling in the winged ones  to set our spirit free to soar.  This is  an excellent oil to support and balance one who is sensitive to the influence of Mercury Retrograde, solar flare activity and the influence of the celestial bodies.   It brings forth insight and awareness to stabilize the shifts in consciousness when we regroup and move forward.  Helps one to stay focused by listening to the knowing heart instead of the constant chatter of the ego mind.  Place on the wrists and rub together.  Breathe in deeply the healing medicine of these oils as it clears the mind. Hold the breath and find your still point.  With the exhale release all worry, stress and doubt.  Place on the temples to release knowledge held deep within our consciousness.  Place on the heart taking in another deep breath and feel the heart and head aligning.

FIRE – $50.00

This powerful essence contains Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Allspice, Frankencense and Myrrh.  Plant beings known for their healing essence of transformation.  Helps one to purge and cleanse while tapping into their creative potential.  This is a beautiful essence when one is searching for passion creative inspiration and direction.  Place on the wrists and rub together, breathe in and feel alive with potential.    Place on the solar plexus when one feels disconnected from the passion of life.  Created within a circle of candles and the true essence of fire with obsidian in the base oil.  Nature’s gift of fire.  Obsidian is the stone of transformation.   The essence of the Phoenix was called in and the sacred fires of Beltane.

WATER –  $50.00

This beautiful essence was created with the base of several oils associated with water, Whale’s Song, Dolphin’s Breath, sea salt, several oils known for their  ability to stimulate our living waters and various shells from Waiheke Island, the crystal island in New Zealand that holds the memory of our water planet.   Shells are messengers as well with the imprint of the animal being that once lived within them.  The triton shell speaks of change and allows us to move with grace and ease.  The Paua shell helps to reveal our true colors and weather through storms.  The moon shell holds the essence of the full moon and the promise that light will return to our journey.   Water is receptive and allows us to open to the gifts that are offered when we let go of the past and the challenges.  This beautiful oil will support one in flowing with life by being in a p lace of acceptance.  Place on the wrists and rub together.  Place on the heart center and third eye.  Water is associated with the moon and the dreamtime.  Place on the dream chakra before meditation or sleep to help one remember their dreams and communication with the unseen world in those times of rest and stillness.  Helps one connect to the innocence and magick.

EARTH – $50.00

Opens one to work with Great Mystery and the teachings offered by the stone beings and Great Standing Tall Ones.  Stones and crystals hold our earth history, the tree beings each carry wisdom and provide the human with strength.  This oil is a combination of tree essences from the mountain, fir, cedar and pine, stone and crystal beings as well as plant medicine such as sage, neroli,  palo santo and orange to lift the spirit and restore balance for our earth walk.   Place on the wrists and rub together.  Place on the third eye as it will open one to greater communication with the natural world.  Place on the balls of the feet for grounding and when you feel a heaviness  and depletion of your energy.   Both quartz crystal and obsidian were placed in the base oil bringing the balance of duality and supporting our journey.

The four elemental oils sold together for a discounted price of $175.00. At different times on our earthwalk we are more in need of working with one element.  We continue to move through the circle of life moving from the place of new beginnings where Air is strongly present.  At times we are connecting to the child and the place of creative Fires.  There are times on our journey when we have come to a place of stillness and reflection at the Water’s edge where our heart needs to be filled and nurtured, our tears released.  There are times we sense we are moving through a completion and ending of our old story, a chapter of our soul story is finished  and a doorway closing behind us.   When we are stronger, walking with purpose,  we are ready to step forward and walk with the Master teachers seeking guidance for our Earth walk.  

If you would like to order any of the above or the series of four elemental oils, please contact Guy at [email protected]


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