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Neptune going into Retrograde


Mercury will be going direct on Saturday, May 30th but remember it takes several days before we feel the forward motion and communication returns.  Usually there is one final blast before this planet goes direct and tensions can run high.  Communication can have a complete meltdown and we can react with oversensitivity.  Pay attention to what gets triggered emotionally for you over the next few days and by all means think before you speak.

Tomorrow, May 28th, those of you in Europe it will be Friday, May 29th, Neptune will begin its Retrograde cycle which will last until early November.  Neptune retrogrades once a year and takes 14 years to transit through a sign, Neptune has been transiting through Aquarius since 1998.  This is a key time to revisit a dream, an ideal or a vision you’ve had. Think about how far you’ve come over the last 11 years, as you have been prompted to make positive, healthy changes in your life.  For me it was my first journey to Egypt and Machu Picchu, two areas on the planet that will continue to hold strong energies moving mankind towards 2012.  My life changed dramatically after significant experiences I had in the ancient temples of Egypt and even more profoundly after my encounter with an Inca Shaman and knowledge that would be shared with me at that time that has come to pass over these last 11years.

Neptune in Aquarius represents the quest for a better life, for freedom, equality, inner peace and contentment. We focus on our hopes, wishes and dreams. With this retrograde; see how you can realign yourself and your life to encompass these principles.   Dream big but remember in these chaotic and uncertain times we also need to take practical approaches to making these dreams come true so that we don’t become discouraged and lose our focus or give up on our dreams.  It is like planting a garden; the seed needs time to germinate and must be nurtured.  It will take consistent commitment and focus.  Acting upon inspired thought but not losing faith.  Another key is DO NOT discuss your dreams with others unless you are certain they carry an energy to support those dreams.  Every time you share something with someone they take a piece of that energy.  DO NOT listen to family and friends who give you all the reasons why that dream will not work.  My advice keep your own silent counsel, for in the stillness, the seeds you plant are being germinated and will most assuredly come to fruition.  Be also ever mindful of the words you speak.  Listen to yourself and if you hear negative words of doubt coming from your mouth, change them immediately with positive affirmations.  In this year of partnership and alliances we are seeing time and time again how spirituality is being married again with science. More and more documented evidence is coming to light about the power of the mind creating our reality.  Positive affirmations nurture our dreams. Negative comments and harboring negative thoughts simply drain the life force of those dreams.  It’s your choice, but look around you at those who are living their dreams and pay attention to how they live their life.   Pay close attention to the words they speak.  These are universal truths and when Neptune is retrograde we are able to see through the illusions we have created.  We are able to see that we cannot blame others for our unhappiness.

If you have not already done so this is an excellent time to create a Dream Board and place this somewhere that is visible daily so you can begin to give gratitude and thanks for the fulfillment of these dreams.  Many of you have already done these so it is a good time to review them and see what you would like to add to them or change.

Wishing you magic and the fulfillment of all your dreams and wishes.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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  1. anonymous

    Thank you for the sense of calm and encouragement Robbyne! Your message could not have come at a better time. (Well, maybe it could have come earlier in the day. It may have prevented my explosion with AT&T tech support and customer service.) The last 48 hours has had me seriously questioning moving forward with my dreams. I even looked at some intentions placed on my dream board with sadness and needed permission to update it. I am eternally grateful for your unwaivering love for all and illuminating my predestined life path.