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Navigating Our Soul’s Journey

sunset whale

As we focus on forward motion and continue to navigate the changes we are collectively creating, we need to look more to the natural world for guidance.  There is no misinformation in nature, no deception and no ego.  Nature is part of the divine plan and follows the heart song of the mother.  The more we humans discover the magick around us the more we will hear that heart song within us.

sacred spiral

Spiral – The oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices. It reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution and represents the goddess, the womb, fertility and life force energy. It is a sacred symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life.  When used as a personal talisman, the Spiral helps consciousness to accept the turnings and changes of life as it evolves. The sacred spiral is also an energetic symbol, it represents energy. It is found everywhere in nature serving as a constant reminder of the journey known as our earth walk.  The Whale’s Eye shell holds the mystery of the spiral.

spiral shells

The journey with these beautiful shells has been an amazing journey of my own soul’s discovery as I search for guidance to navigate the ever changing terrain of Lady Gaia during these times of uncertainty and dramatic change,  Oceans are a nexus serving as a bond between continents, their people, their culture and their life… Conchomancy is known as the Oracle of the sea and is the practice of using seashells as a form of divination.  This is part of my ancestral lineage.

spiral shell

Shells are teachers, the same as crystals and stone beings.  They share information and knowledge with the one who enters the unseen realm for guidance and can help the human navigate into the sacred mystery of this human beingness.  The ocean is a transformative vessel revealing much for the human seeking guidance.  There is an amazing shell known as the Whale’s Eye shell that supports one in communing with the spirit of the whale.  I have hand chosen many of these beautiful shells taking them into the sacred blue to carry the whale’s song for 2021 at sunrise on the Aquarian new moon.

Labyrinth Blessing

I then threaded the labyrinth in sacred ceremony invoking the spirit of the whale and using alchemy to enhance the spinning energy of the sea.

shell spiral

To balance the divine feminine of the sacred blue with the divine male held within the power of the sun, the shells were carried to Haleakala the world’s spinning fire vortex.

sunset hawaii

10,000 feet above sea level and above the clouds, the shells were blessed again in sacred ceremony as the sun was setting.  Sunset always brings the promise of hope and renewal.

I felt as though I had stepped into another world of magick as the energy began to flow from the spiral of the shells themselves.

hawaii full moon

The final journey was to again carry them into sacred ceremony beneath the Virgo Full Moon to bathe in the magickal light.   By connecting with your soul I bring forth a personal message to support your journey through 2021 – The Year of Emergence.  The shells will become your personal oracle for you to use in meditation carrying the spirit of the whale.  If you are interested in purchasing the Whale’s Eye shell to help you navigate the ever-changing tides of 2021, please contact Guy at [email protected].  The cost of the shell which comes in a beautiful blue velvet bag and your personal message is $55.00 plus shipping.  These will be shipped the first week of March upon my return to Sedona.

universe whale song

Also available is the Whale’s Song Oil is available – $50.00 plus shipping.  This high vibrational oil opens one to feel a greater connection with the star family that lovingly supports our journey. It helps us reconnect to our own soul wisdom and talents, accessing our memory of the timelines when we have walked as healers, teachers, artists and leaders.  As our awareness deepens, we are able to move into our greater and true potential.   We are intuitively able to open to the cosmic library that contains our personal records.   It can assist in taking someone deeper into their memory to release hidden emotions that create blocks to an abundant life.  The vibration of the oil creates a sense of being accompanied by a gentle spirit to access the core of one’s emotional trauma.  It opens one to listen to their own personal timing.  Created with the andara crystal that holds the vibration of the Whale’s song.  Place on your wrists and rub together breathing in the essence of the whale’s spirit.  Place on the heart chakra, crown chakra and medulla oblongata known as the Dream Chakra.

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