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Navigating through the Energy of this powerful Eclipse Cycle

Navigating the Stars

The Super Full Moon on January 31st occurring at the same time as the total lunar eclipse began a powerful six-month cycle of evaluating our relationships and our place in the universe.  We will complete that time of growth and the integration of the Black Jaguar energy which stepped through the veil into the world of human with the Total Solar Eclipse in August last year.   The second total lunar eclipse this year in 2018 the Year of Sacred Relationships will occur in July.

We all have moments in our life where we are shaken at our very foundation.  We have moments when our relationships turn upside down, moments where sudden and dramatic change occurs.  If we can learn to swallow the bitterness of an experience it actually becomes the source of our greatest learning.

The river flows

We as a human race stopped listening to the sacred waters that carry our story, we stopped listening to the winds that taught us about the breath of life.

stand beneath stars

We stopped standing beneath the stars at night to receive their healing light.

 Lord of forest

And we turned away from the elders who taught us how to live, walk in balance and communicate with the natural world.  With every storm that comes, there is a teaching as it opens yet another part of our sacred journey.  The Path of the Rose is the way back to our divine sovereign self.  It is the wisdom of Sophia that has been channeled through so many Masters in so many ways.  As the guardian of the obsidian crystal skull the Path of the Rose has carried me back to receive the guidance left in the etheric band by the ancients long ago in sacred lands on every continent.  The teachings are being offered once again in new forms and new expressions but they are the ancient wisdom of working with the earth mother and the dragon.

Stoney Batter NZ

Waiheke Island which means flowing waters holds an ancient knowledge from the stone beings.   These guardian sentinels create a star gate to universal wisdom.

fire stones Tasmania

Tasmania known as the Isle of Apples in the far reaches of the southern hemisphere, also holds a wisdom that is only accessible through the heart.

I will be sharing the Path of the Rose to awaken the dragon heart within each person called to join together as well as to activate the dragon lines that are awakening as Mother Earth opens doorways that have been closed to the human world for hundreds of years.

As part of my move to the Southern Hemisphere the magick of New Zealand stirs inside with a desire to awaken those who wish to journey into the Dragon Wisdom of walking in balance in the full expression of their divine self.  I will be offering sacred journeys of the Path of the Rose on Waiheke during the months of April, May and August as well as the teachings of the Path of the Rose in a one day celebration on Saturday, April 7th.  To register for this event please contact Guy at [email protected].  If you are interested in a private journey to experience the magick of the crystal island please contact me directly at [email protected]

I will be offering the Awakening of the Dragon in Tasmania on April 28th for those who feel the stirring of the Dragon’s Breath within their heart.  It is the dragon’s fire that is the source of the Violet Flame, a powerful tool gifted to the human world and essential to support the eclipse cycle we are moving through.  It is said the dragons always return when the human world is going through a shift of awareness and a quantum cycle of growth.  They are present and awakening around our beloved earth.   To register for the event in Tasmania please contact Guy at [email protected].

I look forward to sharing the magick of the Path of the Rose and the Awakening of the Dragon’s Heart.

A reminder to those of our online subscription series, I have posted a ritual for the upcoming New Moon, Solar Eclipse on February 15th.  This is also the Chinese New Year and we begin the Year of the Dog/Wolf.  If you would like to subscribe to our online Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat Celebration series to receive New Moon and Full Moon rituals, ritual for the Sacred Sabbats and an audio guided meditation please click here.  I am continuing to work on the personal messages for each member that I do every year so if you have not received your message yet it will be forthcoming.

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Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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