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Navigating by the Stars

The Tuatha de Dannan, the tribe of Danu, as well as all ancient people had a deep respect and relationship with the land.  They also had a relationship with the celestial realm and followed the cycles of the moon.  They were wayfarers, navigating by the stars. They knew receiving neutrino energy and observing the movement of the stars could guide their journey.  These are the ways I remember.

Having returned to the red stone magick of Sedona we made a night hike as Guy continues to work with Astro photography.  There is something so surreal when one sits under a dark sky amongst the elder stone beings in the stillness of the night beneath the Milky Way.  One can hear their heart speak and receive guidance for their earth walk.  You are completely removed from the chaos of the fast world and feel showered with an incredible love that flows from the stars.  We were blessed with the most amazing shooting star that moved slowly across the night sky.  Something truly magickal was afoot this night. The temperature was perfect, the sky alive with wonder and only the stirring of a small pack rat crossed my path.

As 2022 winds down, we enter the final eclipse cycle.  We have a New Moon partial solar eclipse taking place in Scorpio on October 25th.  Scorpio is the sign that represents power, death and rebirth, evolution, and the underworld. The underworld is often described as an internal place where we store fear, grief, loss, wounding, and anger, so taking the time to work with these energies can assist us in our own journey of moving forward.

Eclipses are sometimes referred to as “time benders” because they can act as portals that connect us to 19 years in the past. It’s specifically 19 years because the north and south nodes take 19 years to complete one cycle around the zodiac wheel. This means that the last time the north node was in Taurus and the south node was in Scorpio, which is where they are now, was in 2003.  Solar eclipses initiate rapid change and transformation.  This one asks us to review where we were 19 years ago.  What were we experiencing in 2003 to 2004?  How have we grown and changed?

Our beautiful Star Child, Natasha has provided a wonderful newsletter to provide insight into this upcoming eclipse season which I wanted to share.


On this powerful New Moon, I will be charging three new oils I have created since returning from our sacred journeys to Avalon, the emerald green island of Northern Ireland, the place of the Tuatha de Dannan, and the mystical Isle of Iona, Scotland.  For those who were not able to join us these oils carry the wisdom and teaching of the lands. Please see below if you have an interest in ordering any of these below:

iona beach

Dreams of Iona – $60.00 plus shipping

This new magickal oil holds the essence of our time on Iona during the recent  powerful astrological alignments.  Sands from the Back of the Bay, grasses from the top of the Hill of Angels and herbs and flowers from the sacred faery ring and a combination of plant beings from the mystical isle of Iona and Egypt.  Sweet Orange known to uplift the emotions and the mind. Frankincense, considered as food for the gods, used for purification, meditation, spiritual understanding, focus of intention, and assisting in overcoming fears.  Myrrh considered to be one of the most holy plants used for purification, dispelling of negative and harmful energies, protection, psychic sensitivity, protection on journeys to the spirit realm, rites of passage, spiritual understanding, letting go or transcending pain, grief and sorrow, grounding, an essential ingredient of Egyptian embalming lotions. Elemi creates a Rite of passage as one journeys to the spirit realm, important ingredients in ancient Egyptian embalming lotions.  Place on the wrists and rub together breathing in the beautiful aroma.  Place on the medulla oblanganta, the dream chakra.   The oil was charged in the heart chakra of the Sedona hexagram where all 12 dragon lines come together and connect with the mystical isle of Iona enhancing one’s ability to work with the Dreamtime.  Beneath Iona is the crystal library of Atlantis, using this oil in meditation can assist us in remembering.

Dark Hedges

Grandmother Beech Tree – $60.00 plus shipping

This magickal oil was created from the bark of the mystical portal of beech trees known as the Dark Hedges, and the bark of the one yoni tree.  Beech is known as the Queen of the Forest and the tree of learning.  It allows us to gain clarity when we wish to rewrite our story.  It is combined with the bark from Gog and Magog, the ancient oak trees that line the ceremonial pathway in Avalon.  The oak is the tree of wisdom and known as the King of the Forest.  The combination of this mystical oil allows us to enter a deeper state of meditation to gain insight as to where our thoughts and intentions need to be placed to manifest the new reality we wish to create, healing the present and writing a new future. The blessings of Grandmother beech tree deepen our awareness to understand the deeper message behind an event or experience to gain wisdom and insight that supports our earth walk.  She supports the growth within us as she creates the opportunity for us to write a new story, one of generosity, abundance, kindness, acceptance and openness.

Raven sings

 Raven’s Magick – $50.00 plus shipping

Raven is the keeper of sacred law and knows the secrets of the Great mystery. Raven teaches us that there are many worlds other than the one we observe. From raven we can learn how to balance our need for partnership with other areas of our life and how to be at peace within ourselves. The striking black color of raven is the color of the creative potential and why ravens are the birds of magick.  When we use focused intention, raven helps us tap into the creative mystery where our dreams form and become realized.  ravens are the companions of the Black Madonna, the divine mother goddess who we can call upon for support and protection.  Ravens protect those who are spiritual seekers of truth revealing and warning when there is illusion, or untruth present.  This oil can keep us centered and focused, also protecting us from psychic attack.  Part of the base oil is fennel and anise.  Worn into battle by ancient warriors as it was known to be a source of protection.  This is most effective in protecting one from negative energies.  Place on the heart center, third eye and medulla oblangata.  Place a drop on the wrists and rub together to create a seal in your auric field to protect you from outside influences and lower vibrational energies. This oil was created and charged in the heart chakra of the Sedona Hexagram at the base of the Dark Madonna stone which sits on the dragon lines that flow to the Temple of Isis in Egypt and Glastonbury, England identified as the Heart Chakra of the planet.

To order please contact Guy at [email protected].

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As we continue to navigate times of change, remember there is always a time of creative deconstruction where the old systems fall, followed by chaos and confusion, deception, and division as we need to navigate through fear of the unknown.  I continue to offer Soul Life Readings and Personal Retreats to provide guidance and support.  Please click here for more information.

Be gentle with yourself.  Kia kaha… Be Strong

May the eclipse season bring you insight and wisdom for your journey.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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