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Mt. Shasta Journey 2014

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Mount Shasta

 The Mystical Amethyst Mountain

Finding Your Truth

 February 22 – 27th, 2014


Many years ago in the dreamtime, a wise Indian elder appeared, asking me to follow him. We did not verbally speak but I dutifully followed. We climbed a high mountain under a dark moon, which illuminated the stars above me. The elder held in his hand a staff with a brilliant crystal being at the end. He raised the staff to the night sky and in an instant the entire star system began to spiral and spin into the crystal at the end of his staff. He handed the staff to me and spoke words I will never forget. “We gift you with the wisdom of the universe, share the knowledge with others. Use the knowledge wisely for a higher purpose, never for personal gain. This is why you are here!” The elder seemed to vanish into the heavens and my journey began. One that has gifted me with the wisdom of many wise elders, shaman, holy men and women who truly wish to bring the earth knowledge to those who will listen with their heart. Many years later I know that the mountain that I was taken to was the mystical mountain of Saint Germaine known as Mount Shasta.


We begin our lives open and innocent, we tend to lose some of these qualities in the act of growing up. Influenced by the parents we have chosen, the belief systems and religious institutions we are exposed to, significant events and circumstances of our lives, we learn to adapt ourselves to our environment. In the process we loose our truth and forget who we are. These illusions and accepted limitations affect us on all levels, in our bodies, heart and minds. On a physical level our balance is affected due to a disconnect to our heartfelt truth. Injuries and traumas impact our body temple and as a result our bodies can become stiff, misaligned and sore. Our breath becomes dysfunctional and shallow, as we adapt our breathing in response to unwanted or unpleasant thoughts or feelings. In an attempt to console or nurture our selves in times of stress, we eat or drink what can create further imbalance to our body temples. We make emotional decisions and form limiting beliefs about our selves and the world around us in an attempt to guard ourselves against suffering. We become fearful and stop listening to our knowing heart.

We forget that we are made up of spinning energy centers. Every cell in our body constantly emitting an electrical frequency that interacts with others and then reacts. As our minds and bodies are interconnected these reactions begin to influence one another, affecting us on many levels simultaneously. Over time we begin to feel more and more uncomfortable, unhappy, uninspired and finally unwell.


Mount Shasta can assist one in finding their way back to truth and a heart-centered life. Located at the southern end of the Cascade Range, which runs like a dragon from northern California, through Oregon, and through Washington to the Canadian border. Mount Shasta is considered to be the tail of the dragon. Impulses generated from Mt. Shasta, and directed to Mt. Rainier, resulted in the 1947 “UFO” phenomena gaining world attention. This increase in earth chakra transmission was in reaction to humanity’s introduction of atomic weaponry during World War II. There continues to be a great deal of UFO activity as this mountain continues to receive the higher frequencies of light assisting the planet at this time.


Mount Shasta is the most primal of the earth chakras. It is at the “base” of the world energy system regulating the universal life force prior to its integration into individual life forms and species. The energy emanating from the mountain as the first chakra creates an acceleration of life energy, or prana restoring health and well being. The mystical mountain serves as a doorway to the secrets our soul searches for on this evolutionary journey. As the Hopi Elders have spoken, we must learn to celebrate life and unite with all of mankind and the creature beings that share our world. We must end the cycle of separation and approach every part of our earth experience with sacredness.

When the mountain is covered with a white blanket of snow there is a stillness and sacredness not found at other times of the year. It is my most favorite time as it enhances an inner journey of reflection and guidance. For those who wish to experience the sacredness of this time I will be guiding both an outer journey to discover the secrets of the mountain as well as an inner journey of truth.


We will snow shoe to the sanctuary on the mountain as you are given the ancient wisdom. Even if you have never snow shoed before this is simply walking on the surface of the snow and shoes can be rented in town. Experience Grandmother Wisdom Tree as you find guidance from an ancient wisdom keeper. When one discovers how to find their inner balance and listen to their own internal guidance, one can walk a path of beauty upon the earth, free of limitation and doubt, strong in your truth and empowered to step forward into your full purpose. The enchantment and magick of our journey returns when we are living our destiny. Becoming consciously aware and living a heart-centered life requires commitment and is not to be taken lightly. It requires striving daily to live a life of impeccability and humbleness. Never give up on your search for truth. Do not surrender to the forces that have held you in darkness and fear for so long. The truth we search for is in plain sight, waiting for those who have the strength and courage to step forward. Giving up doesn’t get you anywhere. If you keep making the same excuses, choosing the same path, walking around in circles, blaming others for your unhappiness you will continue to spin in circles. If you heart is ready and you have the courage to truly move forward the mountain will support you, bringing clarity, guidance and purpose. When we are not living our purpose we become depressed, lethargic, anxious fearful and settle for far less than we deserve. The mountain can rejuvenate you; heal your mind, body and spirit to set you free.

  • Throughout our five days together you will discover that the truth you seek has been waiting for you.
  • Clear karmic imprints of limitation and fear.
  • Accelerate your light frequency with knowledge of working with sacred symbols and sounds from Lemuria as you unlock deep seeded memory.
  • Discover the blueprint of your soul’s destiny that can serve as a navigational device pointing you in the right direction
  • Shift old patterns that have created illusion and blocks to health, relationship, financial success and passion.
  • Experience nature when it is in its rejuvenating and healing time as you discover a deeper relationship to the great standing tall ones, the stone beings and the earth energies. All of nature goes into a time of inner stillness reminding us to follow the cycles of nature.
  • Discover the power of working with the violet flame to transform your past, giving you insight and vision into the future.
  • Activate the seed of life we each carry as you activate new templates of understanding.
  • Develop a greater relationship with your own Master guides as you activate the pineal gland known as the Seat of the Soul.

If you would like to participate in this journey to the sacred mountain of Saint Germaine please contact [email protected] for details of the itinerary and costs for this all inclusive experience.

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