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Moving through the veil of illusion in the sacred lands of Scotland

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As others would soon join our group of spiritual pilgrims in Edinburg, we left the enchanted lands of Ireland to fly to Scotland. As we began our descent into Edinburg airport, moments before touching down we suddenly began to take off again. A wind sheer had come in and it was not safe to land. I always observe the hidden messages in the events that take place in our life and this certainly was a preview for what was yet to come. Planes and any form of travel such as cars, bicycles, boats, etc symbolically represent our lives. For me the unexpected wind factor was symbolic of those sudden and unexpected changes that ocurr in all of our lives when we least expect it. Perhaps a relationship ending or the loss of a job. Those times when we think we are heading in one direction and suddenly our course is changed at the last moment but an unexpected event.


Because we now had to circle around to make a landing we were given not only a free scenic view of Edinburg but it represented an opportunity for each of us to review our lives from a different perspective before making major decisions.


I knew several from our group had experienced many shifts during our days in Ireland and this would trigger the need to review situations one was moving through, with different eyes to gain a clearer perspective.   I did smile as I pointed out to my husband that it was a woman pilot who had the wisdom to not force a landing.  Instead she chose to circle around attempting a second landing when the winds were calmer.   (Not to say that all pilots,  regardless of gender would make the same choice but it was symbolic).  All cultures of the past had entrusted their knowledge to the wisdom keepers who were women). This being the Year of the Venus Star, the significance of the divine feminine guiding the journey was evident.    My husband rolled his eyes as I giggled.

This part of the journey had a much different energy than the Enchanted Lands of Ireland.  There was a definite male energy.


Even the landscape would prove to be more wild and rugged.   I felt anticipation at what lay ahead for our group and would certainly not be disappointed in the days that would follow.



We traveled the first day to the highlands of Scotland and stopped along the way to connect with the spirit of the land in our own personal way.



Day Two we would take the ferry boat to the sacred Isle of the Druids known as Iona. I had waited with anticipation for this day for months. Iona is considered the most sacred and magickal place in Scotland, said to be the Island of Dreams, a floating island known as an ancient Atlantean temple. It is said that on the Isle of Iona, the veil between earth and heaven are so thin that pilgrims here can easily access spiritual dimensions. A place where the dragon lines join together.


A mist gathered around the boat as we silently crossed through the veils on the way to the mystical island.


A haunting sense of a familiarity came over me as I gazed at the landscape. I had indeed been to this mystical island many times before. The final remnants of pain in my shoulder began to ache and I knew that a final healing was taking place for me.

It had been quite the personal journey of remembering all the lifetimes that needed to be healed. The very shoulder that had begun the magickal journey through China and Tibet. This would be my final healing I was sure. The Goddess was calling us home to the island of dreams.


Once we arrived on the island we began to walk silently to the other side of the bay.


On a very special beach we gathered together to create our altar, entering the world of the unseen.  One can approach a place of magick in one of two ways.  As the tourist approaches or as an initiate of the Goddess.


Together we created a circle of light placing our intentions to enter the realm of the dreamtime.  Iona holds an incredible mystical  energy that one is unable to describe with simple words.   We sent love into the dragon line and asked for guidance from the Goddess.  I could have stayed in this beautiful feminine energy  for days as the magick was so strong.  It was clear that  I would return to this place once again.  A place to connect to ones heart and a knowing of ones purpose.


We would continue to the “Street of the Dead.” The street was the route taken as the funeral procession by those brought from the mainland to be buried on this sacred isle.  The soil in which a person was buried was believed to have magickal properties. The ancient soil was believed to dissolve their sins. We gathered in the ruins of the old nunnery to create a final circle this day with a prayer to join all religions together and end the separation that still existed.

This island long ago had been a place where the religion of those who followed the earth goddess was accepted by the Church of Rome.  Like Avalon  those who followed the Church of the Rose and those who followed the Church of Rome found a way to coexist.   If we could create this vision of oneness on the isle of Dreams once again and anchor our intentions within the dragon lines, the energy could be sent to all places still in darkness where there is war and judgment.


Join us tomorrow as we continue our journey through the highlands following in the footsteps of those who have walked these sacred lands before.

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  1. Onenes

    Thanks very much for your great work ,I have a mystical connection with the highlands of Scotland .i love it very much even if a never binne dhere in this live time .I would like to know more about your work and maybe a find out why looking forward to know more – Namaste – Much Blessings and Light*