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Mount Shasta

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Experience the power of the Total Solar Eclipse

and the Magick of Mt. Shasta

July 20 – 22, 2009

With Robbyne LaPlant-Seaman

Optional visit:  Walk the labyrinth of Grace Cathedral

and visit Nature’s sanctuary in the Redwood Forests

July 18 and 19, 2009

Mount Shasta provides a unique healing experience to nurture and strengthen one’s spirit.  A wonderful opportunity to reflect, revitalize and rejuvenate the body.  Amongst the magnificence of this powerful setting you will learn to place the intent for transforming limitations and self-doubt into the life experience we each deserve. This three day inner journey will combine spiritual teachings and extraordinary experiences in nature’s schoolhouse, as you discover the essence of your true nature and how to work with the gifts so readily available to each of us for a life filled with joy, happiness, abundance, health and love.  The struggles that most of us face, are merely illusions.  This is a result of being disconnected from our truth, the God Source and the unseen world of nature.  Known as the Amethyst Mountain of Saint Germain, this mystical mountain has been sacred to the seeker of truth and wisdom since the beginning of time.  A violet color seems to emanate from the very essence of the mountain providing vision and guidance for the spiritual seeker of truth. Home to the White Brotherhood, the presence of all the Master Teachers that have walked upon the earth can be felt.  This is a holy mountain belonging to everyone and not identified by a religious or cultural belief.

The mystical mountain serves as a doorway to the secrets our soul searches for on this evolutionary journey.  Tools for balance and inner peace, the blueprint for your own spiritual journey home.    If we as a human race are to survive the changes we are currently experiencing on the planet, we must change our way of being. As the Hopi Elders have spoken, we must learn to celebrate life and unite with all of mankind and the creature beings that share our world.  We must end the cycle of separation and approach every part of our experience with sacredness.


The Mount Shasta Bed and Breakfast Inn provides the setting for our experience.  There are four rooms in the Main House, six rooms in the Carriage House and a guesthouse with two bedrooms, living room and private bathrooms, which can accommodate up to six.  If you would like to see a description of the Ranch there is a website available www.stayinshasta.com.  If you are interested in this experience, please register early, as the accommodations are available on a first come basis.  You will need to make your reservations through White Wolf Journeys.

There are three different pricing options for the Solar Eclipse experience as some of you may choose to also join me to first walk the Sacred Labyrinth in Grace Cathedral and be part of an amazing experience in the redwood forests.  For those just choosing the Mount Shasta experience the journey begins Monday, July 20th upon checking in to our wonderful accommodations.  The Mount Shasta Bed and Breakfast Inn creates a feeling of home with their beautifully decorated rooms, fabulous breakfasts, and an inviting sense of community that you do not experience at other hotels.   We will travel to the mountain for a sunset meditation and opening ceremony. The mountain is most enchanting at dusk, at the time known as the “tween” time, a special time just as the day is ending and the night is beginning.   This can be most powerful when the magenta ray-singing bowl is played, as there is a period of absolute stillness when one can experience expansion and actually see into the unseen world. After dinner we will join together back at the Inn for an evening meditation to prepare for the powerful Solar Eclipse energies. You will receive individual guidance how you can best prepare to utilize these energies for your own personal journey.  The next morning, Tuesday, July 21st after a fabulous gourmet breakfast we will travel to Stewart Mineral Springs. This is a powerful experience to prepare for the eclipse energies through the sacred ritual of purification and cleansing.   The Stewart Mineral Springs were sacred to the First Nation people and considered to be one of the most powerful healing waters in the world.    These mineral baths work on the principle of drawing the toxins from the body while restoring the body’s natural mineral balance.  You relax in your own private bathhouse listening to healing music as the water purifies the body.  You will be taught the sacred water ritual honoring the four directions for the healing of the body, mind emotions and spirit.  This is a wonderful experience rejuvenating your life force and a celebration that one will not want to miss.  We will spend some time in the beautiful forests that surround the mineral springs for meditation and quiet reflection.  Again this day is devoted to the inner journey and to create centering and balance to receive the higher vibrational frequencies that are coming in with the eclipse alignment.

After lunch you will experience the power that comes from the amethyst mountain to heal, strengthen and attune to the unseen world.  I will share with each of you the personal messages the mountain and animal spirits have for you and you will have time to be in stillness to meditate quietly and write in your journals.  It is in these moments of quiet reflection that the White Brotherhood is said to come to those who open their heart to receive messages.  Just to be in the energy of the mountain that holds the source of the andara crystal is an amazing experience.   At 6:33pm a most wonderful and singular event will occur for those willing to undertake an even greater inner journey into self-discovery and awareness. This is the longest eclipse in nearly twenty years and will not be exceeded until 2132.  The maximum duration of totality reaches 6 min 3seconds.  The eclipse is not visible here in the United States, only in regions in China, India and Bhutan but the power is felt and the opportunity for enlightenment and advancement on ones spiritual path is heightened in sacred places such as Mount Shasta.  You will most certainly feel the impact of this infusion of light for the duration of the eclipse as I have timed it precisely with the path of the eclipse, which will be over Shanghai, China for the longest duration and exposure to the eclipse energy. We will be in Panther Meadows to connect with the Black Jaguar and the spirit of the Black Madonna.  As I have been shown this is a time when the Black Jaguar will step through the etheric doorway of the unseen world and one will have a tremendous opportunity to examine the shadow energies to be transformed once the eclipse energy opens the doorway to the interdimensional worlds.


This is the Year of the Black Jaguar, and all planetary events we have been experiencing through the year have been building and preparing mankind for this moment.  We will experience sunset on the amethyst mountain to stabilize these energies.  After dusk we will enjoy dinner in the local town and in the evening we will again regroup for a concert of crystal singing bowls and a meditation to integrate all the changes that have taken place in ones cellular structure as a result of the eclipse energies.  You will also have an opportunity to shop at one of the best Crystal stores in Mount Shasta that has a huge selection of magnificent stones and crystals.

Wednesday morning following another gourmet breakfast we will journey to Medicine Lake for a special ceremony of rebirthing and reclamation of power at our closing ceremony.

Because so many of you have very different schedules and requirements you will be responsible for your own transportation unless you are joining me in San Francisco.    There are daily flights into Sacramento, Redding and Medford, Oregon.  From Redding and Medford, Oregon the drive is approximately 70 miles.  From Sacramento the drive is approximately 3 1/2 hours.

For those of you who would like the full experience of walking the labyrinth in preparation for the powerful eclipse journey and would like to join me in the sacred sanctuary of the Redwood forests an optional journey is listed below.

This journey would begin on Saturday evening, July 18th with arrival into San Francisco.  We will stay the night in San Francisco to walk the first of two labyrinths, the outdoor labyrinth of Grace Cathedral that evening under the stars.    For those of you who live in the Bay area and would like to join us Sunday morning we will meet again at 7:00am to walk the powerful Chartres labyrinth inside the cathedral. This amazing cathedral opens it’s doors to people of all faiths and is a living expression of a true place of worship without limitations and judgments of ones personal choices. It is dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of the animals, so it holds a special place in my heart.  From the moment you walk through the doors you feel unconditional love and complete acceptance.  I have to say this is a very different experience than I have felt in most structured religious institutions but you feel it instantly as the guardians are supporting the journey and the enigma of the labyrinth and ones personal journey.  The labyrinth itself is built on telluric energy, which creates the connection of heaven and earth.   The ancient templar knights would seek these places when building their cathedrals throughout Europe, and   always on Goddess sites of worship.  The energy within this cathedral is clearly the Goddess energy as there are no boundaries or limitations.  It is a sanctuary where the Black Madonna’s presence is felt through the guardianship of the cathedral and the dedication to unity in accepting all faiths and all people.   To walk the labyrinth is a most powerful experience and will truly prepare one for the next part of their life journey.   It is a living tool of enlightenment.  Each time one walks a labyrinth you discover more and more about your journey.  Sometimes you walk the labyrinth to heal a deep hurt or wound.  Sometimes you walk seeking guidance or to move through a fear.  It is part of the Cosmic spider web.  When you walk the labyrinth you walk the path inward, which allows you to release and purge that which is no longer needed.  When you arrive in the center you are in the place of oneness and many answers can be revealed.  When you leave the labyrinth you walk with purpose and direction.  There are many ways to prepare for a labyrinth walk, which I will share with you to enhance this amazing experience.  After the labyrinth walk we will travel to God’s cathedral, Muir Woods, located about 25 minutes from Grace Cathedral where we will spend the morning in the sanctuary of these magnificent trees.  There is so much the ancient ones can share with those who pause to listen.    We will perform a meditation and you will be shown how to really listen to these ancient teachers.  We will perform a prayer for world peace and unification of all faiths and beliefs at the same spot the members of the United Nations set their intentions in 1946.  When one performs ceremony in a sanctuary of nature every part of your being becomes attuned to this unseen world of nature. Organizers of the event had hoped that the profound beauty and serenity of Muir Woods would inspire the delegates to pursue President Roosevelt’s program for world peace as they met to establish the United Nations.   The belief that persons who love nature find a common basis for understanding people of other countries, since the love of nature is universal among men of all nations.

For those who would like to participate in the complete experience I will be organizing transportation via vans from San Francisco so you would need to make flight arrangements into San Francisco. Grace Cathedral is located about 25 minutes from the San Francisco airport and about 15 minutes from the Oakland airport.

Those who live locally in the area and wish to participate in the experience of walking the labyrinth and the redwood forests this would be a different charge and those who are planning to just experience the Mount Shasta Eclipse energy this of course would be yet another price.  If you are interested please contact me and I will share with you the individual prices based on the journey you are selecting.

Total cost for the Mount Shasta experience is $375.00, which includes all meditations, rituals, ceremonies, ceremonial tools and private access to the ritual baths at Stewart Mineral Springs for our group only.   You are responsible for your own transportation, accommodations and meals other than the breakfasts. For more information and a registration form, please contact Robbyne at 949/361-7729.  Look forward to sharing this extraordinary event with you.

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