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Mount Cook

After the magick of Castle Hill our journey continued to Mount Cook and a powerful lesson in looking beyond limitations. Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand, reaching a height of 3,754 meters (12,316 ft) lies in the Southern Alps, the mountain range that runs the length of the South Island and very similar to Mount Shasta in Northern California.    The weather reports were not looking favorable this day for our planned flight to the top of Mount Cook. The weather was not clearing; in fact it was getting worse.  I always believe everything happens for a reason and simply asked for guidance.  I remembered that the Aborigines of Australia believe that to climb to the top of their sacred rock known as Uluru shows disrespect to the ancestors and the power is actually found at the base.

We came to the main lodge at the base of Mount Cook and decided we would have a couple of hours to have lunch and explore the village.  I noticed there was a documentary playing about the mountain and was able to get tickets for everyone to see the movie.  As I watched I felt a strange sensation, for me it was a though I was becoming part of the movie, I could almost feel the ice and snow and a chill ran up my spine.  I closed my eyes and felt I stood on top of the mountain as though I had been somehow transported energetically to exactly where I had wanted to go with the snow plane.

Once again I heard spirit speak and share with me that our human mind tends to view everything in our reality as limiting.  If we look beyond the physical restraints we can actually achieve things on a much greater level.  I understood now why this was happening, a great test in how to transcend limitations in the human world and not be stuck in the illusion of what we think we see around us.  In that theater I had one of those Aha moments where you clearly understand that we as humans are so much more than our minds tell us we are.  When the movie was over I decided to find a place in the lodge where the group could gather with a view of the mountain. We did our meditation connecting to the spirit of the mountain but more importantly connecting to the Masters.  Telepathically we experienced being transported to the mountain and each of us received guidance for our journey.  This was so very powerful that over the years when I have actually led circles on top of the mountain I haven’t felt the same sensation of power as I did this day.  It was clear that we were transcending the physicalness of our human experience and had actually stepped through the veil and were fully emerged in the energy of the mountain, which emanated out for miles.

This was a profound experience in bridging the concepts of Quantum Physics with many of the spiritual teachings the Masters have shared with us for eons of time.  We were actually living the experience and I realized what a gift this was for each person that day.    We would need to learn or should I say remember how to do this, as this is the tool that would serve us the most in the years to come as our shifts into another dimension.  This is what the Mayan knew, this is how the Aborigines use the dreamtime, this is what the Shaman and elders would use to see the future and gain insight for their people.    I was feeling my body energetically shift and I could clearly understand how collective focus and intention can alter and change reality.

I also understood even more how the power of each individual joining together in prayer as circles of light are created all over the world was making a difference in raising the vibration of the planet and ultimately supporting the evolutionary shift our planet was experiencing and we as individuals were experiencing.

When I spoke with each person after the experience on Mount Shasta it was clear that powerful messages had come to each individual.

We would finish our beautiful journey in the land of Pandora with several days in Queenstown.  For me the highlight was going to another sanctuary in the forest near the mystical lake.  As we hiked into the forest, clearly marked was a doorway to the faery world. The unseen world invited us in and we had the most profound experience with the elemental kingdom.  Again the lovely fantail came, the messenger from the land of enchantment, and would stay with our group through the entire meditation.  Our wonderful coach driver, Maurice guided us to this magickal place and joined in the meditation.  I smiled to myself as I thought I’m sure he has never had a tour quite like this one.

We ended our journey on a Full Moon a powerful time just as we had begun on a New Moon.  A heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined with me on this journey and those who held the space in focused prayer from your sanctuaries of light.  Also a big thank you to all those who sent pictures of our journey so I could share the images with each of you.  I am grateful.

I will be heading back to New Zealand on June 9th to  begin a wondrous new adventure.  I will be traveling first to  the ancient rain forest in Australia and posting from the lands of Pandora over the next few months.

Wishing each of you magick.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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